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China president at Gates house, not White House

The first lavish dinner of China President Hu Jintao's historic visit to the United States next week will be in a big, secure house in Washington where the host is one of the world's most powerful men. The White House? No.

X11R7 and what this transition means for you

  • Mailing list; By Steve Langasek <> (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Apr 16, 2006 6:22 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story

"Any" Legal OS Translates to Microsoft Windows.

  •; By helios (Posted by helios on Apr 16, 2006 5:41 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Community
The most powerful man in China makes his first trip to the United States to meet with President Bush. This is a historic moment. On his first night in the United States, he is not going to the White House. No, He will be the in-home guest of Bill Gates. You make the connections.

Gutierrez on the Record: A Good Man in a Storm

When Peter Quinn announced the adoption of the new Massachusetts Enterprise Technology Reference Model (which included the OpenDocument Format) in September of last year, he specified January 1, 2007 as the conversion date for ODF. But did that make sense?

Articles from Helios: The People's Republic of China IS OwNeD

It was done without firing a shot. Firearms or missiles were not used in this victory, China's defeat, while not violent, was equally as pernicious. China laid the Sword of Surrender at the feet of Bill Gates.

Triple Boot with Boot Camp

The more, the merrier they say. If you can dual-boot with Boot Camp, why stop there? The people at have managed to get triple-booting working with OS X, Windows XP, and Gentoo Linux. There are instructions at their site, with, of course, the normal caveats.

Damn Small Linux plus pendrive equals portable paradise

I recently acquired a 256MB USB pendrive that I use for storing personal documents and work-related stuff. As a Linux fan who wanted to make the most of his new toy, I went looking for the simplest, smallest distro I could find that could boot from a pendrive. I found Debian-based Damn Small Linux, whose long list of bundled applications fits into a meager 50MB. The more I use it, the more I like it.

Firefox fix brings many needed changes

If you are using Firefox, whether on Windows, Linux or Mac, it's in your best interest to go and get the latest version from Mozilla's site!

Innovation in Linux: An extraordinary Linux review

There are plenty Linux reviews, though almost none of them are about Linux. You see, Linux is only a kernel, but most Linux reviews are about KDE, SuSE, the desktop and so on. Those reviews aren't about Linux, strictly speaking. In contrary, this review IS about Linux, made for the people who normally don't configure and compile their own kernel. In a previous LXer feature, my colleague Tom Adelstein said Linux is a me-too technology. That may be true for the desktop, but it is not fair to judge the whole Linux technology on its desktop. I hope to show, Linux (the kernel!) is full of innovation and peculiar features, which sometimes even sound like secret language, and is preceding its Big Competitor when it comes to features.

Time May Be Right for Government Agencies to Adopt Linux

Whether an agency is replacing legacy systems or deploying new servers, a combined open source solution from Intel, HP and Red Hat is the most scalable, manageable and reliable alternative.

Solved! A New Way To Find Help

  LXer Feature: 16-Mar-06

LXer launches Solved! feature to offer readers a different kind of help column. Instead of readers getting help from the publication, the editors and readers post solutions to problems already solved. Readers can scour the Solved! articles in order to see how someone else solved a similar problem.

Why I Like Microkernels

Right in between a car crash and Easter, I knew I had to write a Sunday Eve Column. So here I am, digesting vast quantities of chocolate eggs (and I don't even like chocolate), craving for coffee (for me about as special as breathing), with the goal of explaining to you my, well, obsession with microkernels. Why do I like them? Why do I think the microkernel paradigm is superior to the monolithic one? Read on.

KDE Commit-Digest for 16th April 2006

  • KDE Dot News; By Danny Allen (Posted by ralph on Apr 16, 2006 9:03 AM EDT)
  • Groups: KDE; Story Type: News Story
Furious activity in Digikam, KmPlot and amaroK. Compile and linking fixes for applications in /trunk with CMake. Multi-platform porting fixes. KSmileTris is removed from /trunk/KDE/kdegames/.

Christian endorsement of Free Software increases

Last November I described the Free Software's Surprising Affinity with Catholic Doctrine. Since then, several important things happened, from feedback by Stallman and other Free SW users to the birth, or acceleration, of some projects specifically based on the concept that Christians have even more reasons than others to adopt Free Software.

Open SUSE Linux virtual image CD launched

ValueSYS, the leading promoter of Linux and Open Source Solutions from Novell and Loghat Al-Asr Magazine, the most popular IT magazine in Egypt has announced the launch of Open SUSE Linux virtual image CD to the Arab World. Loghat Al-Asr Magazine has launched Open SUSE Linux virtual image CD on its April issue. It introduces the easiest way to run Linux on windows-based computers to facilitate users' interaction with Linux operating system and enable Linux users to install and run Linux in a safe and easy way with the minimal need of technical support.

Nas/media server reference platform runs Linux

Freescale is shipping a home NAS (network-attached storage) / media server reference design that runs Linux and targets power-efficient, always-on consumer products. The MPC8349E mITX Reference Platform includes a PowerQUICC-based mini-ITX board, along with a standards-based Linux software stack and SDK from Mediabolic.

Support Change Spells End For Mozilla Firefox 1.0.x

Mozilla Corp. Thursday outlined a new support policy that includes a "sunset" provision which will quash any further security updates to the Firefox 1.0.x, Thunderbird 1.0.x, and Mozilla Suite 1.7.x product lines. "[Firefox 1.0.8] marks the end-of-life of the 1.0.x product line," Mozilla said in an online statement

Free Software Foundation to target DRM

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is planning a large-scale campaign against Digital Rights Management (DRM). Peter Brown, the executive director of the Free Software Foundation, said a campaign will be organised to target both consumers and manufacturers after the second draft of GPL 3 is released. GPL 3 will include provisions against Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology.

Will Lotus Notes Lead Microsoft To Linux Desktop

IBM's upcoming release of Lotus Notes for Linux is, according to Novell survey responders, among the most eagerly anticipated events in Linuxdom. And rightly so.

My sysadmin toolbox

I started experimenting with Linux for fun, first with Slackware, but in the last few years more with Debian and its derivative distributions. Lately I've been using Linux increasingly in my job. As I've gotten more experienced with Linux, I've started teaching Linux courses to colleagues. Connectivity and fast package and file management are important components in my administration toolbox.

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