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QtCentre - Providing Answers for Two Years

Two years ago the QtCentre site was launched. The goal was to provide the leading forum on the internet for encouraging the exchange of Qt experience and to provide a meeting point to the community. The response to this has been beyond our wildest expectations - all thanks to all our visitors and contributors.

McAfee Issues Warning Over 'Ambiguous' Open Source Licenses

McAfee warned that license terms governing open source software "may result in unanticipated obligations regarding our products."

OpenVZ to Release Pre-made Ubuntu VMs

OpenVZ Project, the open-source community branch of SWsoft, the virtualization company behind Parallels and Virtuozzo, will release on Jan. 8 pre-made Ubuntu 7.10 server and desktop virtual machines. Here's how it works. Users will download an Ubuntu software template from OpenVZ. With this template, they can then set up OpenVZ VMs (virtual machines) of either Ubuntu server or desktop on an existing Linux system.

Hunting Linux at CES

It's never easy to find great Linux stories at CES, even though LInux is everywhere. One big reason is because CES is one of the world's largest trade shows, with thousands of events and booths spread across millions of square feet in convention halls, exhibition spaces and hotel rooms up and down and away from The Strip in Las Vegas — which is already The Most Distracting Place On Earth. The other big reason is that Linux is now so commonly used that it stands out like 2x4s in a housing development. That is, you know it's there, but you usually can't see it Consumer Report.

"We Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may of had, and Thank you for your informative review. At your earliest convenience please contact me with your order information so I may make this right for you as we truly care about each and every customer like family here at Newegg and really hate to hear any negative feedback or bad experiences as we try to make every customer’s purchase a positive enjoyable one."

gOS: A wake up call for Free Software marketing

"Think gOS. It might not be such a bad advice after all. It's been hyped up, but it sold out. And there may be lessons in its deployment and success for all of us Free Software and GNU/Linux advocates!"

ODF V. OOXML: War of the Words Chapter 5 - Open Standards

One of the two articles of faith that Eric Kriss and Peter Quinn embraced in drafting their evolving Enterprise Technical Reference Model (ETRM) was this: products built to "open standards" are more desirable than those that aren't. Superficially, the concept made perfect sense – only buy products that you can mix and match. That way, you can take advantage of both price competition as well as a wide selection of alternative products from multiple vendors, each with its own value-adding features. And if things don't work out, well, you're not locked in, and can swap out the loser and shop for a winner.

Is Red Hat still relevent? You bet.

  •; By Scott Dowdle (Posted by dowdle on Jan 5, 2008 2:36 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Fedora, Red Hat
I recently attended a Linux Installfest and the primary distribution recommended by those heading up the event was Ubuntu. That's all well and good but during their Linux dog-and-pony-show a statement was made regarding Red Hat that struck me. I don't recall the exact wording that was used but it was something along the lines of... Red Hat used to be very popular but not anymore. I wasn't really offended by the statement nor do I completely disagree with it... but a lot remains to be said about the importance of Red Hat within the Linux community. Red Hat is certainly king in the "Enterprise" space with Novell a respectable second... but not everyone seems to be aware of just how much Red Hat contributes to the development of many projects and how they are a major mover in the progression of Linux.

Speaking Hangman is fun for the whole family

Speaking Hangman is a cross-platform bilingual game that's both fun and educational, and suitable for the whole family. You'll need to have a Java 2 Java Runtime Environment installed on your system to play the game. If you're not sure if the version of Java you're running is adequate to the task, you can test it on the page you download the program from.

The Most Hated Company In the PC Industry

Who in the hell is Asustek, and why does Microsoft hate them more than any other company in the industry? Why does Apple, Dell and Palm Computing hate them? And why does Intel love them?

Sorting Photos

We all know the right way to sort photos is to do them right after you take them. We also know that doing a disk backup before your drive fails is the right way to do backups. But, we don't always do things the right way. Enter my situation. I have close to 10,000 photos takes with my digital camera over the last seven years.

Intel pulls out of OLPC project.

The OLPC project has, reportedly, not had the anticipated level of demand for its laptop. Added to that, Intel has been selling its own lowprice laptop, the Classmate, in the same market. When OLPC asked Intel to stop doing this and concentrate solely on their project, Intel refused.

Linux Mint 4.0 Fluxbox Screenshots

This is the first ever release of a Fluxbox-based Linux Mint Community Edition! Linux Mint Fluxbox CE aims to be lean and fast. It should be able to run on older hardware allowing people with weak to mediocre machines to enjoy the awesomeness of Linux Mint. Linux Mint Fluxbox CE aims to be easy to use. Wherever possible we provide comprehensive GUI tools catering for both new and veteran users. Linux Mint Fluxbox CE aims not only to play the part, we aim to look the part. Linux Mint is famous for looking slick and totally awesome, and we aim to please. Check out the screenshots by The Coding Studio.

AMD Releases Additional R600 GPU Programming Documentation

In the second NDA-free documentation dump, AMD has just released programming data on the M76 and RS690 graphics processors. While the RadeonHD developers have already had these documents, this information will help the free software community in understanding the internal workings of AMD's graphics processors. In this article, we have information on this just-released data as well as what else the community can expect in the way of documentation in the near future.

When Enlightenment met Ubuntu

Many Linux distributions try to be visually appealing. Some use Beryl-Compiz for cool 3-D effects on resource-laden boxes, while others turn to desktops like Enligtenment [sic] for a little bit of gloss at the expense of functionality. Geubuntu is a new distro that combines the best of those two worlds, equipping Enlightenment with bits from GNOME and Xfce on top of Ubuntu.

Dependence vs. Independence. That's the choice.

The matter of Scoble vs. Facebook is not about either. It's about the deeper choice we face in all the relationships we choose on the Net: the choice between dependence and independence.

User-modifiable Linux phone upgraded

The second version of the Free Software mobile phone OpenMoko "Neo FreeRunner" has been announced and will be on display at the CES in Vegas next week.

A handful of desktop utilities for snipping multiple clips

You might imagine that a utility as simple as a multiple clipboard would have become standard on the GNU/Linux desktop. All it needs is the ability to copy and paste text and some popular graphics formats, plus some basic controls to set the number of stored items and to clear the memory. Yet, although at least six multiple clipboards are available, choosing which to use is a matter of trade-offs that depends partly on your desktop environment and partly on which features you want.

Dealing With Contentious Kernel Blobs

The issue of binary kernel blobs cropped up on the gNewSense Mailing list recently. The discussion I saw was friendly enough, but the real benefit for me was that I got to see just why kernel blobs are so, well... contentious.

Interoperability Still Stumbling Block for Open Source in 2008

Enterprise customers want open-source solutions to continue to work together over update cycles. Enterprise customers are using open-source software more and more, but issues of interoperability are still a stumbling block to widespread adoption, say customers and open-source software vendors.

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