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Sun Introduces New Offering to Simplify IT Inventory Management

Sun Connection Inventory Channel Makes Solaris and Linux-based Systems Easier to Deploy, Scale and Manage; One-Click Discovery Helps Eliminate Manual Data Collection

KDE Commit-Digest for 10th June 2007

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: Umbrello gets a code generator for the D programming language. Further work in Plasma. Initial work to allow the Dolphin file view component to be embedded into Konqueror. More work in the KOrganizer Calendar and KRDC Summer of Code projects, with the start of the Icon Cache, TextTool Plugins in KOffice and Kopete Messenger update projects. Start of a Solid interface in Amarok, with breakthroughs in support for the Jamendo music service. KDevelop begins to be ported to the KDevPlatform structure.

Expert opinion confirms manipulatability of voting computers

"The Chaos Computer Club has submitted to the German Federal Constitutional Court a 54-page expert opinion detailing serious flaws in the voting computers manufactured by the Dutch company Nedap,..."

[Looks like they have the same problems we have with our voting machines, closed source and hackable. - Scott]

Fedora Weekly News Issue 91

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 91 for the week of June 3rd through June 9th, 2007.

Turn Vim into a bash IDE

By itself, Vim is one of the best editors for shell scripting. With a little tweaking, however, you can turn Vim into a full-fledged IDE for writing scripts. You could do it yourself, or you can just install Fritz Mehner's Bash Support plugin.

SGI Joins Bio-IT Alliance to Help Advance Scientific Discovery

SGI Collaboration Will Aid Cross-Industry Group's Integration of Science and Technology

[Not specific to GNU/Linux, but may be of interest to some in our audience. - dpcarris]

aKademy Keynote Speakers Announced

  • KDE Dot News; By Jonathon Riddell (Posted by dcparris on Jun 11, 2007 3:04 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: KDE
The aKademy 2007 team is pleased to announce the keynote speakers for this year's conference.

Cape Town based online web editor launched

Six Cape Town based developers last week launched the alpha preview of Synthasite, an online web site development tool.

[Not necessarily FOSS, but it seems kind of interesting, nonetheless. Looks like another step toward the subscription-based computing model - dcparris]

KOffice 1.6.3 Released

  • KDE Dot News; By Cyrille Berger (Posted by dcparris on Jun 11, 2007 1:29 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: KDE
The KOffice team today released the third minor release of the 1.6 series. As the development focus has shifted to the next major release, this new version was aimed at polishing and fixing bugs.

[If you fix the bugs, there's not much sense polishing them, is there? Sorry, couldn't resist. - dcparris]

BrainAcademy 2007: are you smart enough?

No winners last year, the gauntlet is downBrainAcademy, the competition that hands out bursaries to promising computer science students, is kicking off again this summer. Last year the challenge proved too tough for the entrants: no one managed to survive all three elimination rounds to claim the prize.

[Is this Microsoft's equivalent to SoC? Looks like they ran last year's event like they managed Vista - setting their goals too high. - dcparris]

Qt Jambi v4.3 Released

  • KDE Dot News; By Matt Smith (Posted by dcparris on Jun 11, 2007 11:54 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: KDE
Trolltech has announced the final release of Qt Jambi version 4.3 (corresponding to Qt v4.3.0), the Java binding for Qt.

Can intelligence really help business get out of a hole?

BI want to break free

Whitepaper Business Intelligence (or BI) is often promoted as "get out of gaol free" card - “ surely, intelligence in business is a good thing (although perhaps we wouldn't know, we haven't met much of it), so paying lots of money for a BI package is a no-brainer?"

[This whitepaper may be of interest to our BI users - dcparris]

The easy to install Gentoo with bling-bling. No, the other one!

Gentoo is a source-based Linux distribution that helps users put together a streamlined custom system. But Linux users spoiled by the see-before-you-try Live CDs would often shy from Gentoo. Then along came Kororaa. Kororaa is a pre-configured binary Live CD for Gentoo Linux that also features an installer. Kororaa's package selection not only makes it an all-round Linux desktop, but has also ruffled feathers of Linux kernel developers.

Linux: Translating Kernel Documentation

The translation of a some kernel documentation into Japanese led to a discussion as to whether or not it was appropriate to include translated documentation with the kernel source code. One concern that was expressed was that as the number of included translations grows, so would the size of the kernel. Another concern was the liklihood that as time passes the various translations might become out of date.

Zimbra Joins CalConnect

Support for CalDAV Standard Cited as Key to Enhanced Calendaring Experience

Installing The PHP-MSSQL Module On CentOS 5.0

  • HowtoForge; By Tim Haselaars (Posted by falko on Jun 11, 2007 7:44 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: PHP, Red Hat
As you might have noticed on Centos 5.0, there is no PHP-MSSQL module/extension available in the default yum repositories. So if you want to use it you can alter the PHP binary or you can compile an mssql module/extension. In this article I will explain how to compile the mssql module/extension.

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn — Cool, Fresh and… Unstable

  •; By Borys Musielak (Posted by michux on Jun 11, 2007 6:03 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Ubuntu
This will not be another “I just installed Ubuntu — it beats Windows — try it yourself” type of review. It is going to be rather a report from another successful upgrade, pointing out the biggest surprises and the most miserable failures of the latest release of Ubuntu Linux, codenamed Feisty Fawn.

Nixstaller and the inconvenience of do-it-yourself

Nixstaller 0.2.2 is a command-line tool for creating graphical installers for archived files on Unix-like systems. If that sounds paradoxical, it is. Although Nixstaller is easy enough to learn that you can produce your first installer within half an hour of installing it, much of the process is sufficiently painstaking that it cries out for the automation usually associated with a graphical interface.

Linux gets more mobile

The Linux Phone Standards Forum will today release its first specifications, hoping to encourage developers to build more applications for Linux-based mobile phones.

Red Hat makes a security bundle with Symantec

Red Hat last week continued its appliance assault via a partnership with Symantec.

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