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Microsoft, Novell, and now Ubuntu join to boost Apple and Debian

You've read more than enough already about how Novell and Microsoft signed an agreement that's supposed to help Novell sell Linux to Microsoft customers and help Microsoft customers integrate Linux -- as long as it's Novell Linux -- into their IT environments without fear of patent lawsuits. Part of the yammer was an open letter from Novell's CEO claiming that deal didn't really mean what you thought it did, followed by a statement from Microsoft that said Novell's CEO didn't really mean to say what he said or was wrong about some of it. Or something. Then Mark Shuttleworth jumped into the mess by offering a new, Microsoft-free home for openSUSE developers who didn't want to truck with Novell any longer because of its Microsoft deal.

A French Paradox

The Assemblée Nationale, an institution that is meaningful to any freedom-loving, truth and justice-seeking french citizen, chooses Linux, and OpenDocument on its desktops. This can be seen as a major victory in France, but although I applause these news, I am, just like many of my fellow citizens involved in the fight for digital freedom and independence quite skeptical on the progress of the Linux Desktop in France.

Cook up Web sites fast with CakePHP, Part 1

  • na; By BlueVoodoo (Posted by solrac on Nov 27, 2006 10:49 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: PHP
CakePHP is a stable production-ready, rapid-development aid for building Web sites in PHP.

Using eCos with CMake

Foreword: This detailed, technical how-to explains how eCos developers can use CMake to simplify and streamline the chore of writing makefiles manually. It discusses both simple, single-application eCos build environments, as well as those with multiple targets, such as production and debug builds for actual and virtual hardware.

Red Hat dumping Nasdaq for NYSE

The Linux seller announces plans to shift from one stock exchange to another.

Linux for Windows users

  • Manila Standard Today; By Chin Wong (Posted by dcparris on Nov 27, 2006 9:11 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
SHIFTING to the Linux operating system can be pretty daunting for long-time Windows users who have grown accustomed to doing things a certain way.

openSUSE holds public IRC Q&A on Microsoft/Novell deal

OpenSUSE project developers held a public IRC meeting at noon EST today to discuss the recently announced and highly controversial Microsoft/Novell agreements. Nat Friedman, chief technical and strategy officer for open source at Novell, fielded most of the questions, with assistance from Andreas Jaeger, openSUSE project manager, and others.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 68

In this issue, we have following articles: 1 Fedora 7 Artwork Proposals 2 Peace In Our Time 3 VanLUG Report 4 SCALE Readies 'Non-Commercial' Open Source Conference 5 Review: Fedora Core 6 6 Review: Fedora Core 6 7 Fedora Weekly Reports 2006-11-20 8 Fedora Core 5 and 6 Updates 9 Contributing to Fedora Weekly News 10 Editor's Blog

Mps: Open source faces exclusion in schools

A group of MPs have accused a government agency of restricting schools from deploying open source software.

‘it’s Linux’s Time’: So Says IBM’s Top Executive Focused ...

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – November and the last few days of October in 2006 will be remembered in years ahead as the time period in which Linux took on an unstoppable momentum as an open-source rival to proprietary systems such as Microsoft and Oracle.

Chat to Novell at Cape OSS event

  •; By Staff Writer (Posted by dcparris on Nov 27, 2006 6:15 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Novell
A chance to pose questions directly to Novell's regional manager, Peter Hunter is one of the highlights of the event that Cape Information Technoloy Initiative (CITI) are holding next week.

Trusted Computer Solutions' Cross Domain Linux Product Now Part of Accredited System at U.S. Coast Guard

U.S.C.G. Intelligence Program Implements NetTop2 - Thin Client to Provide Access to JWICS and SIPRNET from a Single Desktop

Mozilla vs. Debian: A Crazy Dispute

Unless you have been living under a rock, by now most of you have likely heard about the trouble between Debian and Mozilla with regards to the Firefox logo. In many ways, the argument is stupid and valid at the same time.

Software patent conference outlines problems, possible solutions

  • NewsForge; By Samuel Kotel Bisbee-vonKaufmann (Posted by dcparris on Nov 27, 2006 4:38 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
On November 17, Boston University Law School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology hosted the "Software Patents: A Time for Change?" conference. A unique gathering of geeks and lawyers, the 10-hour conference consisted of a series of panels ranging from the perceived problems with software patents to possible solutions.

Saipan Linux Users Group website goes online

The website for the Saipan Linux Users Group or SLUG is already up, with website address

[On behalf of LXer and Linux User Groups everywhere, I would like to extend a warm, hearty welcome to the newest penguinistas! - dcparris]

Linux hot, standards not with China, Taiwan

Earlier this year, members of Chinese and Taiwanese IT associations announced broad plans to work together to jointly develop and promote Linux as well as home-grown standards for certain IT components.

Yellow Dog Linux launches for PS3

Sony has been saying that it sees its new next-gen machine, the PlayStation 3, as more of a computer than a console. Terra Soft Solutions is now making Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 available for download for the PS3, taking that idea a step closer to reality.

Uxcomm Adds Open Source Support

  • Northwest innovation (Posted by dcparris on Nov 27, 2006 2:30 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Beaverton, Oregon-based uXcomm, a provider of systems management platforms, said today that it is supporting the popular Nagios open source hosting, service, and network monitoring program.

Zune Now Works With Mac OS X and Linux (Well, Almost)

Up until now, Mac OS X and Linux users had been left out of the social—that is to say they haven't been able to use the Microsoft Zune with their operating system. "Until now" because the library libmtp is actually able to read the Zune's crazy filesystem on other, non-Microsoft OSes. How big a deal is this?

[O.k., so if a loved one or acquaintance is unfortunate enough to receive one of these for Christmas, you might stand a chance of getting it to work with GNU/Linux. True, they'd be better off exchanging it for an iAudio, but hey... - dcparris]

Korean court rebuffs Microsoft in patents case

The old bilingual switcheroo: Microsoft has taken another slap from the authorities in Korea, after a court decision in a patent dispute raised the prospect of Office being taken off the shelves in the country.

[The story addresses a patent issue. First, Miscrosoft threatens to withdraw Windows. Now the Koreans are threatening to pull Office off the shelves. There's more than one way to skin a cat - and the Koreans seem to be trying a few of them. - dcparris]

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