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Python for Bash scripters: A well-kept secret

Hey you, ya you! Do you write Bash scripts? Come here, I have a secret to tell you. Python is easy to learn, and more powerful than Bash. I wasn’t supposed to tell you this–it’s supposed to be a secret. Anything more than a few lines of Bash could be done better in Python. Python is often just as portable as Bash too. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any *NIX operating systems, that don’t include Python. Even IRIX has Python installed.

The future of XML

The exact time line is a tad uncertain, but where XML is going isn't. XML's future lies with the Web, and more specifically with Web publishing.

XP for OLPC is almost here

It's not like anyone has asked for Windows XP to run on the Linux-powered One Laptop Per Child XO laptop, but Microsoft is getting ready to deliver it to us anyway. In an eWEEK news story by Peter Galli, Orlando Ayala, senior vice president of Microsoft's Unlimited Potential Group, said Microsoft is conducting field trials to make sure that a modified XP Service Pack 2 will run well on the XO. According to Ayala, "We are encouraged by what we have seen of Windows on the XO machine so far, and field trials started at the end of January involving about 200 XO machines running a customized version of Windows XP SP2 with a reduced footprint image."

Open Source Gets a Wall Street Boost

The commoditization of equity trades is giving Web 2.0 open source investment platforms a chance to win converts. An increasing number of Web 2.0 companies are turning to user-generated financial and investing content to give them a strategic advantage in the cut-throat equity trading business.

Hack-the-Mac organisers target Vista & Linux

The organisers of the CanSecWest security conference are talking about giving attendees to this year's event a prize for hacking the two platforms, and another shot at the Mac OS, to "see which one goes first", said Dragos Ruiu, the principal organiser of CanSecWest.

Hitting Microsoft Where It Hurts

This whole cloud-computer effort makes sense for Google to pursue, if it hasn't already grown its own cloud OS in secret. Google already has server-based versions of Google Docs, which duplicate the functions of Microsoft's Office software. However, the Google Apps aren't always as full-featured or heavy-duty as Microsoft's software.

If Torvalds quit Linux would anyone notice?

  • ZDNet Australia; By Munir Kotadia and Chris Duckett (Posted by azerthoth on Feb 7, 2008 8:46 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Community, Linux
If Linus Torvalds stepped away from his position as coordinator of the Linux kernel, it is unlikely many people would notice, according to the man himself.

80% of Software Will Be Open source

  •; By Peter Cliffe (Posted by amazingkip on Feb 7, 2008 7:49 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
IT research company predicts that in just four short years, more than 3/4 of all software will be open source.

New consulting company gambles on KOffice demand

Although KOffice has its admirers, in many people's minds, it runs a poor second to However, some European developers expect that situation to change, and to encourage that change, they have created KOfficeSource, a company incorporated in Germany. The company plans to offer support and training not only for KOffice, but also for Open Document Format, and programming using the Qt toolkit. The company's business plan highlights its founders' hopes that KDE-related technologies will become mainstream, and illustrates the current level of acceptance of free software tools in business.

Howto import Cacert (and other authorities) into your browsers

  • The Debian User; By wjl (Posted by wjl on Feb 7, 2008 6:18 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Community
This is aimed at beginners - or at least, at non-developers. Every so often, we forget to mention the “easy” stuff like this, and people get confused, or - like in this case - downright frightened by warnings like these: ... (continues with screenshots & explanations)

Web pioneer hits critics with Lisp gauntlet

Maverick programmer and venture capitalist Paul Graham is challenging all comers to beat him after finally releasing a working version of his Lisp update – called Arc. Best known for his pioneering early 1990s work on web development and spam filters, Graham announced in 2001 he was working on an economic version of Lisp, one of the oldest languages still in regular use for production systems - with Cobol and Fortran - that’s used in artificial intelligence programming and considered something for “serious” developers.

Subtitle manipulation tools for Linux

Subtitles may not mean much for the English-speaking part of the world, but for the rest of us, they are the difference between truly enjoying a movie or just watching the screen, trying to decipher the events. While Windows has a nice variety of tools to manipulate subtitles, Linux applications too can accomplish such tasks. From editing to ripping to converting, here is a list of some useful tools.

Hotmail doesn't work with Firefox 2.0: Microsoft answers to GNU/Linux users "Switch to Outlook Express"

I contacted the Hotmail support staff (and for the first time since 1997, I actually got an answer) about the matter. Me: Why, exactly, is “Full” disabled if one masks “Win” as the OS in the User Agent string, considering that Firefox doesn’t use any Windows subsystem other than the TCP/IP stack and GDI? On Windows XP, hiding the fact that I’m using Windows in the UA string disables “Full”, while masquerading as Firefox for Windows under Linux X86-64 (and a 64-bit build of Firefox) “Full” works very well. This is their short answer: Hotmail Staff : Mitch, after reviewing the information you provided, I determined that Microsoft Product Support Services Team could best address your issue. They are tasked to provide all the information you need to be able to configure correctly your Windows Live Hotmail through Outlook Express. Yes, you’ve read that correctly: since Hotmail Full won’t work under Firefox for Linux, configure Outlook Express to access your account.

sudo, or not sudo: that is the question

If you've dabbled even a little bit with security matters, you know that giving root rights or the root password to a common user is a bad idea. But what do you do if a user has a valid need to do something that absolutely requires root rights? The answer is simple: use sudo to grant the user the needed permissions without letting him have the root password, and limit access to a minimum.

Mandriva Directory Server On Debian Etch

  • HowtoForge; By Oliver Meyer (Posted by falko on Feb 7, 2008 1:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian
This document describes how to set up the Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) on Debian Etch. The resulting system provides a full-featured office server for small and medium companies - easy to administer via the web-based Mandriva Management Console (MMC).

Report: Fie on Photoshop: Krita, the Real Photoshop Killer

Krita isn't really going to kill anything or anyone. What it will do is meet most of the needs of users who want a modern, sophisticated native paint and image-editing application for Linux. It was designed from the ground up for graphics professionals.

The Top 50 Proprietary Programs that Drive You Crazy — and Their Open Source Alternatives

Not every proprietary program can drive a person crazy, right? Some, like Norton Ghost, are superb tools for anyone to use. But, the fact that these tools are proprietary can drive open source fanatics up a wall. It’s not the price of the software that makes the real difference (although it’s a reason to migrate from one software to another for many people); it’s the idea that proprietary software comes with boundaries that keeps the user experience confined to…well, being the user. That’s enough to drive any developer crazy.

Interview with Hyperic's Javier Soltero

  • Computerworld UK; By Glyn Moody (Posted by glynmoody on Feb 7, 2008 11:19 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview
In the wake of Sun's planned purchase of MySQL, the open source systems management company Hyperic must be high on most people's list of potential acquisitions in the future. Co-founder and CEO Javier Soltero talks about Hyperic's origins, the importance of its community, and what the future holds.

Run Ubuntu and Windows together

The Ubuntu Linux distribution now includes virtualisation software Parallels in its partner repository. The move by Canonical, commercial sponsors of Ubuntu Linux, is a first for Ubuntu as Parallels is a commercial package and not free to use. However, by including Parallels in the partner repository Ubuntu users are able to easily install it should they want to use it. Installing Parallels using the Ubuntu package management tools will make it much simpler for users to install the software rather than installing from the command line.

In Defense and Praise of Debian

Every now and then, someone suggests that Debian GNU/Linux should be more commercial. To further this goal, some create derivative distros like Linspire, Ubuntu, or Xandros, or organizations like the stillborn DCC Alliance.

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