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Reinventing Voice & Data Networks

The latest to hit the market in Carrier Grade Linux is CGL 3.2-which comes with a promise of high availability, performance, security, reliability, and hardware optimization

Report: Serving Non-Profits: A Case Study

The challenges of deploying open source in a non-profit environment are real, but not insurmountable. One Georgia business makes a living deploying IT solutions to K-12 schools, and reveals how they have been successful using open source to do it.

KToon: Simple 2D animation

If you are running Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, you have access to many different animation applications, ranging from Adobe Flash to Anime Studio. That is not so for Linux. While many think of animation in Linux as a lost cause, there are alternatives. The relatively new KToon calls itself "the open source animation revolution." KToon has a small learning curve and an intuitive interface, making it an excellent choice for simple animation within Linux.

Howto report bugs the Debian way

So the days are getting shorter, the nights longer (good for hackers and other programmers), and all around the world there will be bug squashing parties, where Debian developers and other interested people will work on the next - latest and greatest - version of Debian GNU/Linux, codenamed “Etch”.

The ethics of Open Source FUD

I don't have to argue here that the FOSS community has been the victim of FUD tactics a number of times. To name a few myths: no support, open to attack, unprofessional, viral licenses and so on. Each and every time the community has answered in a appropriate, accurate and responsible way. But how effective has that been? Well, not. We're fighting it every day.

[I could not agree more. - Scott]

MythTV - Record and playback all your favourite TV soaps in GNU/Linux

  • All about Linux; By Ravi (Posted by dsTst on Sep 14, 2006 12:48 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Roundups; Groups: Linux
This is a brief synopsis of the PVR for Linux that is MythTV. It also contain a number of useful links which help in setting up MythTV in a simple manner.

Removing a major Compiz annoyance

  • Linux Journal; By Nicholas Petreley (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Sep 14, 2006 12:08 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
As much as I love the 3D Compiz/Cgwd, there is one thing I can do without: Wobbly menus. When you pull down or pop-up a wobbly menu, hitting the right menu selection is like target practice. It's even worse if you have to drill down to a sub-sub-sub menu selection because each sub-menu wobbles, too. Here's how to turn off this behavior in the most recent installation of Compiz.

Create your own Planet

Major open source projects like GNOME, KDE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Apache all have something in common -- they all have Planet feed reader sites set up to aggregate developer blog feeds. The Planet software was developed to power Planet GNOME and Planet Debian, but now it's being used by dozens of open source projects. With just a few simple steps, you can set up a Planet aggregator to watch your favorite blogs or to help publicize your favorite project.

Who are the Hacker Bloggers?

If you look at the font of all wisdom - no, I don't mean Wikipedia, but Amazon - you will find stacks of books with titles likeThe Corporate Blogging Book,Blogging for Business,Blog Marketing and the rest.  Whatever the title, the basic message is the same: if you're in business, you've got to be blogging.  Because if you aren't, you're not"having the conversation" with your customers, which means, in turn, that you're not getting your message out or valuable comments back. In many ways, an open source project is just like a business. 

Dual-processor Linux appliance targets convergent apps

Win Enterprises is sampling an inexpensive Linux-based hardware appliance aimed at IP PBXs (Internet protocol private branch exchanges), VoIP (voice-over-IP) routers, and other "converged" applications. The Converged Application Platform (CAP) is based on an Intel reference design that Win Enterprises helped develop, it says.

Animate the Desktop with Xgl and Compiz

To getXgl working well, it is essential to harness the 3-D rendering capabilities of your graphics card and setup the plug-ins with the composite window manager,compiz This excerpt is from Chapter 3: Using SUSE Linux on Your Desktop, from the bookSUSE Linux By Chris Brown PhD, published by O'Reilly Media. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

NFSv4 Delivers Seamless Network Access

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Frank Pohlmann, Kenneth Hess (Posted by IdaAshley on Sep 14, 2006 8:42 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM, Linux
Network File System (NFS) has been part of the world of free operating systems and proprietary UNIX flavors since the mid-1980s. But not all administrators know how it works or why there have been new releases. It is important to know about NFS simply because the system is vital for seamless access across UNIX networks. Learn how the latest release of NFS, NFSv4, has addressed many criticisms, particularly with regard to security problems, that became apparent in versions 2 and 3.

Africa: Africans Need to Develop Open Source Software

Jollitte, who was presenting a paper at the Highway Africa conference, said countries like South Africa have developed a lot of software in different areas using open source, but have been prevented from making further improvements because of copyright laws.

Ichthux 6.09 Screenshot Tour states - Ichthux is an operating system aimed at Christian users. It is based on Kubuntu in order to provide the best desktop environment of the moment, together with Christian programs and settings. The name Ichthux comes from the Greek word ichthus, which means fish. The ichthus fish, drawn with two crossed arcs, is a long-used symbol among Christians... OSDir has some cool shots of Ichthux 6.09 in the Ichthux 6.09 Screenshot Tour.

Mainframe programming and open source -- Where's the

It is now 22 years since a fast-food concern showed a crusty old lady peering between a burger's buns and asking "where's the beef?" And as new approaches such as open source continue to arrive, we continue to ask, where's the real-world value?

Why desktop Linux might not take off

You might expect the article "Why Desktop Linux Will Not Take Off, and Why You Don't Want It To," by self-styled "former Linux evangelist" Martin Girard, to simply be a troll. Girard likens Linux to early transistor-radios with clear cases, enabling users to see their intricate inner workings.

[Sheesh! I should think the more accurate comparison would be one of those dual-mode 4-wheel drive vehicles. They normally drive in 2-wheel drive mode, but you can stop and turn the knob on the wheel a notch to put it in 4-wheel drive mode. Some of those things even let you switch modes from inside the vehicle these days. The additional capability is there if you need/want it. If not, don't use it. That shouldn't be so confusing. - dcparris]

Researchers find (more) severe flaws in Diebold voting machines

A group of Princeton computer scientists has published a study that examines flaws and vulnerabilities in Diebold's AccuVote-TS voting machines.Complete with a video that demonstrates the ease with which the electronic voting machine can be compromised, the study provides chilling insight into the serious risk of election tampering and fraud created by modern voting technology.

Open source creeps into mapping software

Commoditization of Web mapping tools compels Autodesk to release the source codes of its once-proprietary MapGuide software.

[Cool! - dcparris]

Professor gives students the option of purchasing lectures online

  • Technician Online; By phefner (Posted by phefner on Sep 14, 2006 3:39 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Independent Music Online, a music service based on FLOSS, recently started offering the online lectures of a North Carolina State University Professor. On campus, there has been a mixed reaction by both the University and the Students.

[There's a note on the music site that the professor has, for the time being at least, removed the lecture files. Keep your eyes peeled. - dcparris]

Are Open Source Software Tools Better than Commercial?

A recent poll asked to compare the quality of open source and commercial software development tools. And the winner is... not obvious ;o)

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