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Networking 101: Understanding Internet Routing and Peering

  • Enterprise Networking Planet; By Charlie Schluting (Posted by tuxchick2 on Jun 21, 2006 10:14 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
What exactly is the Internet? This article will explain the concepts required to understand BGP, our next Networking 101 topic. Shipping packets around the Internet requires the cooperation of separate organizations, so it isn't as straightforward as learning about an IGP routing mechanism.

Ten tips for new Ubuntu users

Ubuntu has become the most popular Linux distribution for new Linux users. It's easy to install, easy to use, and usually "just works." But moving to a different operating system can be confusing, no matter how well-designed it is. Here's a list of tips that might save you some time while you're getting used to Ubuntu.

The mother of all recommended Eclipse reading lists

This list is compiled from a variety of sources and is intended for anyone who wishes to find centralized reading material about Eclipse. One of the biggest challenges new Eclipse users face is where to find the right information for a task. This article provides a small step in solving that problem.

Emacs tips: More fun with outlines

In an earlier article, I covered the basics of making outlines in Emacs, but there's a lot more that you can do with them. In this article I'll show how to export and print outlines, customize outline heading line colors, and use outline mode's special features in everyday documents -- such as numbered lists, traditional outlines with Roman numerals, and even book manuscripts containing chapter and section headings.

Translate Haskell into English Manually

Write a program in Haskell that translates C type declarations into English.

Implement MySQL-based transactions with a new set of PHP ...

Transactional support has long been on the wish list of most MySQL developers and, with the release of MySQL 4.0, this wish was finally granted. Not long after MySQL 4.0, PHP 5.x was released with a new MySQL extension, MySQL Improved, which allowed PHP developers to access these new transactional capabilities using native PHP functions. This brief tutorial will show you how to use these MySQLi functions to implement MySQL-based transactions with PHP.

Quinn’s Revenge

Why the state may finally be poised to stick it to Microsoft

Six months after political territorialism and big-money lobbying threatened to ice Massachusetts’s first-in-the-nation adoption of OpenDocument standards, the revolutionary (and unbearably geeky) tech proposal is, amazingly enough, still alive. Pretty much, anyway.

World Cup for geeks

World Cup fever has hit the IT world. Tectonic reviews some of the coolest technological spin-offs from the world's biggest sporting event.

Ballmer's right hand man waves goodbye to Microsoft

The executive who coordinated Microsoft's anti-Linux campaign has quit the company less than three months after moving to a position revamping MSN's marketing.

[What a crock! This article says, 'Microsoft's "get the facts" campaign saw Taylor amass a body of fact-based evidence [...]'. What facts? What evidence? TheReg sure has deteriorated, IMO. -- grouch]

New Xandros Linux desktop arrives

Xandros 4.0, the first new version of Xandros Inc.'s desktop Linux distribution in a year and a half, arrived on June 20. Xandros 4 is based on Debian Sarge Linux, with LSB (Linux Standard Base) improvements courtesy of the DCC Alliance's Common Core.

Anti-DRM campaign targets the RIAA

The Defective By Design anti-Digital Rights Management (DRM) campaign is urging supporters to participate in a day of action on Friday, June 23. This time, supporters are being asked to call the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and similar organizations around the world to complain about DRM. After making the call, supporters will have the chance to share the results of their call with other participants.

Foresight 0.9.5 RC1 Screenshot Tour

DistroWatch reports - Ken VanDine has announced the release of Foresight Linux 0.9.5 Release Candidate 1, an updated version of the desktop-oriented distribution based on rPath Linux: Announcing the 1st release candidate for Foresight 0.9.5 (0.9.5.rc1). What's new you ask? Nautilus defaults to browse mode; new GTK/Metacity theme; new GDM theme. What's been updated? GNOME updated to 2.14.2, Ekiga 2.0.2, Evolution 2.6.2; Firefox, GIMP 2.3.9, MySQL 5.0.22, PostgreSQL 8.1.4... OSDir has some great shots of super-slick Foresight in the Foresight 0.9.5 RC1 Screenshot Tour.

Linux kernel goes Niagara

The open source community has rallied to Sun Microsystems' Niagara flag by releasing an updated Linux kernel supporting Niagara.

Computers can now speak Bhutan's Dzongkha

The tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has developed a computer operating system in its national language Dzongkha, thanks to a free software being increasingly used in Asia to localise computing.
After awaiting a solution from Microsoft, Bhutan's ministry of information and communication launched the DzongkhaLinux project two and a half years ago.

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show, episode 145:
We talk to several core members of the Gentoo Project
Ted Haeger from Novell Open Audio joins us for a bit
The debate over net neutrality heats up
Disappointment with Parallels for Linux
And much, much more

Be sure to check us out live every Wednesday night at 8:30 PM, EDT
Just point your favorite media player to any of the following streams:

You can also check out previous episodes from the download section of our home page

Former FreeBSD project releases Linux live CD alpha

The GNU-HALO project team, which had been working on a new FreeBSD operating system distribution for several months but ultimately decided to switch over to a Linux core, finally released its first edition, GNU-HALO Alpha 0.1 Linux live CD, on June 19, a team spokesman said.

Linux heads for mobile

With a flurry of activity in the sector, Linux on the cellular phone still has some hurdles to jump – not the least of which is a standard software stack.

OpenLab Linux ships v4.1 live CD, solicits testers

Developer A.J. Venter has announced the first development release of OpenLab GNU/Linux 4.1 ("Conina"), a Slackware-based desktop distribution developed in South Africa. It features a kernel and the KDE desktop.

When AJAX Happens to Old Browsers

  • SYS-CON Media; By Jeremy Lund (Posted by grouch on Jun 21, 2006 12:38 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Community
One of the latest crazes in Web development is AJAX. Unless you've been living in a cave for the last year, you've heard of this old, yet currently popular, technique for making HTTP requests to a server without refreshing the Web page. While claims of smaller bandwidth, faster response, and highly interactive user interfaces may intrigue you, one must ask, "Will it work for my user base?"

MCT creates open source centers

Venezuela's science and technology ministry MCT has started up an open source academy (ASL) in the capital district and in the states of Tchira and Carabobo to promote the production of open source solutions, the government said in a statement.

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