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Terra Soft Launches Yellow Dog Linux v4.1

Saturday, January 07, 2006: Considered as the most complete and integrated release to date, Yellow Dog Linux v4.1 supports Apple's latest PowerBooks and G5 PowerMacs with dual-core CPUs. The new release offers support for backlit keys, PCMCIA cell phone and modem and Atheros wireless cards.

Yahoo and Google eye bigger role in everyday computing

Yahoo Inc. says it will release software to give people access to its e-mail, map guides and other services from TVs and mobile phones.

The world's most-visited Web property and its chief rival, Google Inc., may not make computers or DVDs, but they want to be an integral part of how people use their devices in the rapidly emerging age of digital, portable media.

Time to Bar Windows From the Enterprise

  LXer Feature: 5-Jan-06

LXer editor, Don Parris, responds to Scott Bekker's article, Seven Reasons Not To Bar Windows From the Enterprise". Bekker's article considers a general mistrust of Microsoft, along with more "practical" (read technical) reasons why Microsoft has not earned a spot in the enterprise workplace. If you're an enterprise customer, there is one solid reason to bar Windows, Office, and Microsoft in general from your business.

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Comment of the Day - January 5, 2006 - Fundamental Mistake in Article About Ubuntu

SNF comments on Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols article: "First, the good news: although they go by different names, there's really no fundamental difference between the Ubuntu brothers. "

[ed: While Steven is one of our readers most popular newswire authors, he writes alot. In this case, I agree with SFN's comment. -tadelste]

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Comment of the Day - January 3, 2006 -

Fritz writes: Here's my conspiracy theory of the day.

Microsoft writes insecure buggy code on purpose.

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Basic Autotools

Setting up software for distribution can be a daunting task. Most of the the time, a well written makefile does the trick. Sometimes a little more is needed - or even expected. The GNU autotools for setting up a software distribution can help iron out some of the problems a programmer might run into.

Password-less Encrypted Connections with OpenSSH

Believe it or not a lot of users out there do not know how to set up password-less encrypted connections with OpenSSH.

Comment of the Day - January 4, 2006 - Why SCOX got another $10M

  • -Article; By number6x (Posted by tadelste on Jan 7, 2006 8:35 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: LXer Features
number6x writes: Am I certain they are criminals? I believe so, and stated that it is my opinion. I believe that Ralph Yarro and others involved in the Canopy companies engaged in activities that will not stand up to investigation by authorities. But I guess that they are not technically criminals, until they are convicted. By law they are innocent until proven guilty.

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Slush Funds, Litigation for Linux Advocates

Opinion: Microsoft cannot afford to lose in their Office Productivity Suite and their influence in Government. Microsoft executives have always referred to Office as their cash cow. They cannot let the OpenDocument Format kill the goose laying the golden eggs.

Secondly, if any governments switch away from Microsoft products, Redmond would lose the lynch pin of its upgrade revenue. So, they just cannot allow someone else to become entrenched where they hold all the keys. They're playing an interesting game in these two areas which few understand.

iAudio Follow-Up: Using GNU/Linux to Make Video For iAudio

  LXer Review: 28-Dec-05

Need to know how to make your video clips work on your iAudio? Check out iAudiophile!

Is The Boston Globe In Agony Over Peter Quinn?

  LXer Feature: 2-Jan-06

LXer editor, Don Parris, responds to an article by Kathleen Parker regarding her editorial, "The Brutal Blogosphere".

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Once again, I delay a switch to Windows

Like all computer users other than a few free software zealots and Mac addicts, I secretly prefer Windows to all other desktop operating systems. I run Linux only out of cheapness and a old-hippie desire to "stick it to The Man." But lately Microsoft has started to embrace open source so lovingly that in a gesture of support for their new open-mindedness I was ready to dump Linux on my two daily-use computers and install Windows instead. Then another Windows security hole popped up. Darn! Once again, it looks like I'm stuck with free, reliable, secure Linux, at least for the next year or two.

Red Hat rebuts CERT vulnerability figures

The open source community is up in arms after the publication of a 'misleading and confusing' report that said more vulnerabilities were found in Linux/Unix operating systems than in Windows last year

[ED: Pretty good write up with a nice ending - HC]

"You should look at the number of critical vulnerabilities. It's a better comparison to look at the critical vulnerabilities that affect customers due to the platform they use. There are fewer critical vulnerabilities, and they are fixed faster in Red Hat Linux," said Cox.

"There is also the issue of timing. With Linux products, critical updates are available within a day. If you look at Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, the average patch time is under a day. With the recent critical WMF (Windows Meta File) vulnerability, it took Microsoft seven days."

Microsoft was not available for comment at the time of writing.

Edubuntu 5.10 Screencast

  • (Posted by VISITOR on Jan 7, 2006 2:15 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Ubuntu
At a new screencast is now available featureing Edubuntu 5.10.

Temporary CIO Steps into Mass. OpenDoc War

Massachusetts has appointed an acting CIO to fill in for Peter Quinn, who's walking away from the job after bringing OpenDocument and a concomitant fire of controversy to the Commonwealth.

[ED: This is an evolving story where some ID* is really needed - HC]

[* ID == "Intelligent Decisions"]

Partition images with Partimage and Partimaged

This is a guide to create or restore images of your partitions using the great open source tool Partimage. It provides information on how to do this locally or across the network, by setting up a Partimaged Server.

[ED: Admission only scanned, but this appears to be a nice HOW-TO for Linux command line users - HC]

Google PC smoke, no fire

The rumour that Google is to release its own Windows-less personal computer has been quashed by the rulers of the Internet search engine market. According to the Los Angeles Times, Google boss Larry Page was planning on announcing its low-cost 'Google Cube' running a Google operating system on Friday at the LA Consumer Electronics Show.

Join the KDE Developers at FOSDEM 2006

FOSDEM, the sixth Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting will be held on 25 and 26 February 2006 in Brussels. KDE will be present there to socialise, hack and take part in the wider Free Software community


MID-WAY through last year Mandrake, the French Linux organisation, bought Conectiva, a Brazilian Linux outfit ... and so was born Mandriva. Check the unofficial Linux league table on http://www.distrowatch.comman - you'll see Mandriva sitting proudly in second place behind Ubuntu.

[Ed: Nice Job in a major newspaper. This could have been published in any major Linux newswire. -tadelste]

Google Pack Scores A Near-Miss... No Linux!

The world swooned at the Consumer Electronics Show unveiling of Google Pack, an easily installed almost-all-in-one Internet experience. Too bad it suffers from the same maladies as the rest of the One Size Fits All packages:

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