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Emacs tips: Checking spelling and syntax

Even the Emacs-enlightened are still but humble human beings who may err. We make spelling mistakes in our writing, and syntactical mistakes in our structured documents. So let's take a tour through Emacs' built-in tools for preventing, catching, and correcting mistakes.

The open source approach to education

A new report from Futurelab suggests that the open source model of peer-reviewed collaboration could radically transform educational practice for teachers and learners.

New Linux Drivers for Digitizer, AWG and Fast Digital PCI, PXI and ...

Supports kernel 2.6 versions of RedHat, SuSe and Fedora. Driver source code is available.

Strategic Test Corp has announced the release of new Linux drivers for kernel 2.6 versions of RedHat, SuSe and Fedora distributions. The kernel 2.4 drivers have also been updated. Linux kernel 2.6 gives increased stability and near to real-time operating system performance, useful for measurement and signal generation applications.

IBM to support SLES 10, Xen

IBM has extended its portfolio of middleware and systems platforms to support Novell's new Suse Linux Enterprise 10 offerings. Particularly exciting from IBM's perspective is the Xen virtualisation feature.

solidDB for MySQL Beta Now Available

Solid Information Technology, a provider of fast, always-on and affordable databases used in more than 3,000,000 mission-critical deployments worldwide, today announced the availability of the beta version of its open source product, solidDB ™ for MySQL. solidDB for MySQL is covered under GNU Public License (GPL) and is downloadable from and

[That wasn't working when I tried it. -- grouch]

Trying to keep e-mail safe and sound

  •; By Paul McNamara (Posted by grouch on Jul 26, 2006 4:14 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
Directed by Hoffman and John Levine, the organization intends to work together on best practices and technical solutions, in particular the promotion of the Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) approach being championed by Yahoo and Cisco.

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show, episode 150:
Chris & Bryan fromThe Linux Action Show tell us why they switched to Linux from Mac
Dan installs trixbox after our Asterisk server flakes out
Pat uses Opera for a week and likes it
Linc gets into Arch Linux
And much, much more

Be sure to check us out live every Wednesday night at 8:30 PM, EDT
Just point your favorite media player to any of the following streams:

You can also check out previous episodes from the download section of our home page

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 in December

The Debian project confirms plans for its next release in December this year. The team also announces the new release will include support for AMD64 systems.

Will Linux Rule The Digital Home?

For consumer electronics industry, digital home is the next big pot of gold, a pot so big that it has everyone from Apple (AAPL) to Microsoft (MSFT) to Intel (INTC) licking their chops. But it is Linux could emerge as one of the biggest winners in this bonanza.

Server Farms Live Off Open Source

To the many oft-sung virtues of open-source software you can add this: it saves electricity.

[Well, except in the homes of geeks. 'Fess up folks: How many old computers do you keep running, without real need, just because free software helps you do it? -- grouch]

Variables Won't Constants Aren't:

A random walk through constant values in C++I first read the lament to the capricity of programming in the title of this piece inCreative Computing, years before C was devised. But it’s still true that there is no way, not even one, of being absolutely sure that a value you set in C or C++ won’t change.…

Understanding the Zend Framework

The Zend Framework provides a new IP-certain way to build your PHP applications, aiming to improve your PHP coding experience. In this four part series, we'll use the Zend Framework to build an RSS/Atom feed reader. In Part 1 you will get a high-level view of the Zend Framework, In Part 2 see how to use the framework to create the online feed reader, and get familiar with the MVC pattern. Then in Part 3 you will implement the online feed reader portion of the application, and finally in Part 4 incorporate Web sites that do not support RSS feeds into the online feed-reader interface.

Go beyond the basic browser with Rich Internet Applications

Developers and architects might be particularly interested in this discussion of Laszlo, XUL, XForms, Macromedia Flex, and Dojo

How Does Open Source Software Stack Up on the Mac?

This overview of Mac applications could keep even the most dedicated software enthusiast busy for days. Some of them are proprietary, such as iTunes; others are pure open source. So how does Apple's software, and that of other proprietary companies such as Adobe, compare to their open source counterparts? Matthew Russell gets the conversation rolling with this extensive collection, and even assigns grades for overall categories. We know there are great apps that aren't on this list and hope that you will add the ones (in the Comments section) that you think are important. Try to include URLs if possible. So with no further delay, let's get going.

Mobile Linux DVR targets law enforcement, security

Amptronix used Linux as the embedded operating system in a 4-channel mobile DVR (digital video recorder) targeting high-end security applications in law enforcement, aviation, military, and public transportation. The DVR-354 uses MPEG-4 compression, has GPS and GPRS radios, and offers numerous alarm options.

Create GUI dialogs for GNOME and KDE

We have already discussed how you can create text user interfaces for command-line tools using dialog. This time, we are going to look at Zenity and KDialog, which allow you to create GNOME- and KDE-specific front ends for scripts.

The Secret Army of Operation Open Source

  • Fossystems; By Ronnie Whisler (Posted by odat on Jul 26, 2006 10:15 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
The massive take over of open source software on older hardware is the first and most important opportunity of massive open source software adoption.

Secure Debian System Using FireHOL Firewall

Secure Debian System Using FireHOL Firewall

Pie Box Linux dishes out Update 8

PixExcel Ltd. released Update 8 of Pie Box Enterprise Linux 3 on July 24, its first update since March 16. The GNOME/Red Hat-based Linux desktop uses a 2.4 kernel and is aimed at users who desire a stable OS with a long lifespan, but don't need a bundled support contract, according to spokesman Michael Evans.

Easy local and remote backup of your home network

I hate making backups by hand. It costs a lot of time and usually I have far better things to do. Luckily GNU/Linux comes with all the tools you need to backup your machines automatically and wide availability of broadband make it possible to have remote backups as well — to a friend's place for example.

This article will show you how to set up fast, fully automated local and remote backups for a small home network using standard GNU/Linux tools.

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