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Asterisk Creator Gets Venture Backing

Digium, the company that spawned open source PBX and telephony software, Asterisk, has received $13.8 million in Series A funding from Boston-based telecom specialist venture fund, Matrix Partners.

Linux Professional Institute and Free Standards Group join forces

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), (, the world's premier Linux certification organization and the Free Standards Group ( will combine forces in Latin America to promote Open Standards and professional certification
. The two organizations will initiate this relationship through their key participation in a five city IT tour in Brazil beginning in August 2006 which includes such leading companies as IBM and Novell, local LPI training partners and other IT organizations.

Open source vs. traditional enterprise software, part II

  • ZDNet; By Dan Farber (Posted by devnet on Aug 10, 2006 12:15 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Matt Assay responded to the Enterprise Irregulars postings, which I summarized here, on the question of whether open source will crush, extinquish, vanquish traditional, proprietary enterprise software.

[note: This is an interesting call and response from CMS developers of both proprietary systems and Open source ones - Scott]

Eliminate memory leaks with Rational PurifyPlus for Linux

With PurifyPlus you can automatically pinpoint hard-to-find bugs, application performance bottlenecks, and identifies untested code.

Free and Open Source Software Development Education Materials (for Free!)

I've been asked a few times over the past month for a set of references on free and open source software by people hoping to teach or learn about the concepts and mechanics of community development. They are not interested in a business model primer, although many of the references below would be invaluable to understanding the culture for a business person interested in open source software.

6u PPC CPCI SBC runs Linux

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is shipping a 6U CompactPCI SBC (single-board computer) powered by a Freescale 1GHz MPC7447A or 1.4GHz MPC7448 PowerPC processor. The "C2K" features flexible I/O expansion, the company says, and is available with Linux in standard or ruggedized, conduction-cooled versions.

Chaper 4: Nagios Basics

Chapter 4 - from the book Nagios: System and Network Monitoring by Wolfgang Barth -- Reprinted by permission from No Starch Press and Open Source Press. Available at booksellers now. Full book details are at the bottom of the article.

Is Apple Serious About Open Source?

When Apple announced that it was moving Mac OS X to the Intel platform, one thing that didn't get much attention was that Apple would not be open-sourcing the Intel Darwin kernel. Now, Apple has reversed its course and has quietly announced that it will open-source the kernel after all.

Open-source framework integrates AJAX and JSF

The final release of open-source AJAX4jsf framework 1.0 is now available. The project, sponsored by Exadel and hosted on, extends the benefits of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) functionality to component framework JavaServer Faces (JSF), which supports UI development for J2EE applications.

Mozilla invites users to pre-test a test

If you're interested in supporting Mozilla or OSS projects in general, Mozilla is actively soliciting people to participate in testing their new calendar systems.

Debian Weekly News - August 8th, 2006

Welcome to this year's 32nd issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for the Debian community.

[wjl made it into this issue. :) -- grouch]

Dive Into Linux with the Linux Starter Kit

The Linux Starter Kit is a complete package bundling a full version of SUSE Linux 10.1 on DVD with a Quick Start Guide and an electronic reference guide. The kit has everything a beginning Linux user needs to try out Linux and quickly get up to speed with a new operating system.

GP2X: It's all fun and games

The GP2X is an open, Linux-based handheld games console manufactured by Game Park Holdings of South Korea. It has a typical handheld control layout, a good quality backlit screen, built-in stereo speakers, headphone socket, and several connectivity and expansion options. My son is completely taken with the device, and it has won me over too. At£125 (or $190), you're not going to find a less expensive handheld device that can be expanded into a full-blown computer.

Linux router distro available as bootable CF image

Italian developer Fulvio Ricciardi has produced a GPL-licensed x86 Linux router distribution available as a live CD or bootable CompactFlash (512MB) image. The ZeroShell Net Services distribution includes a Web-based configuration interface, and can provide "the main network services a LAN requires," Ricciardi says.

PPC AMCs support Linux, target telecom

Embedded Planet has announced a family of PowerPC-based AMCs (advanced mezzanine cards) and an AdvancedTCA (ATCA) carrier board. The "AMC Platform" product family will support RapidIO or gigabit Ethernet backplanes, and work under Linux and other popular embedded OSes in standards-compliant wireline and wireless infrastructure products, the company says.

[I'm a sucker for gadgets. -- grouch]

Hands-on book helps with LPI levels 1 and 2 certification

O'Reilly Media has published a new edition of its Linux certification volume. LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell, Second Edition is modeled after the Linux Professional Institute's job-based certification program, which currently focuses on two-year (Level 1) and four-year (Level 2) experienced candidates.

Defending Against New Rootkits That Beat BSD, Linux, Mac, Vista, AMD and Intel

The new breed of rootkits is operating system-agnostic. 64-bit implementations of BSD, Linux, MacOS X, Windows Vista are all considered vulnerable, as long as they're riding atop the wrong chips from AMD and Intel. VM rootkits quietly sieze control of the chips' virtualization technology to control or pervert any and every process the attacker chooses. Current defense possibilities are depressingly mechanical.

Open Source Pioneer Digium Secures $13.2 Million in VC Funding

Digium Inc., the creator of the Asterisk open source PBX, on Wednesday announced it has secured $13.2 million in its first round of venture capital funding from Matrix Partners, a well-known VC firm within the open source community.

KDE 3.5.4 VMware Image Available

A VMware Player image of KDE 3.5.4 with KOffice 1.5.2 running on SUSE Linux 10.1 is now available. The image is fully functional and can be upgraded and tweaked as needed. The VMware Player necessary to run it can be downloaded for free and is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

[VMware is not free/libre. See the comments following the announcement. -- grouch]

PassMark BurnInTest Linux

An application to test stability when building new systems or in case of operating problems. It starts several resource-demanding tasks simultaneously. The individual tasks may be turned on or off. After the expiry of the set runtime, a detailed table broken down to threads summarises the results. It is ideal for determining hidden problems and for thermal tests.

[Note this application is marked, "Shareware". Without the source, you can't be sure what it is doing. -- grouch]

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