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'Cider' could see PC/Linux/Mac game releases

A new porting programme could see games released simultaneously for the PC, Mac and Linux.

PC-BSD: The Most Beginner Friendly OS

FreeBSD, perhaps the last OS that is really open to discovery as the Linux adoption rate continues to climb. With this belief in mind, I decided to take the OS known as PC-BSD for a spin. After all, their website was pretty clear that PC-BSD was designed with the 'casual PC user in mind.'

Bits from the DPL: Looking back

[DPL == Debian Project Leader]

64-bit special Linux

64 Studio is a special Linux version for creating digital contents. It is a software collection based on Debian, containing many 64-bit audio and video editing applications.

Intel Releases Next Generation Open Source Graphics Driver

The Intel Open Source Technology Center graphics team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of free software drivers for the IntelĀ® 965 Express Chipset family graphics controller. Designed to support advanced rendering features in modern graphics APIs, this chipset family includes support for programmable vertex, geometry, and fragment shaders. These drivers include support for 2D and 3D graphics features for the newest generation Intel graphics architecture.

[Let's hope that AMD now follows by open sourcing the ATI drivers - Sander]

Savoir-faire Linux Inc and ZABBIX Announce Partnership

Savoir-faire Linux Inc is proud to announce its partnership with the top monitoring solution provider in the world, ZABBIX. This partnership is intended to provide Canadian businesses with the tranquility they deserve.

Openlogic looks to help businesses succeed with open-source

Open-source software stack vendor OpenLogic Inc. today unveiled its OpenLogic JumpStart program, which is designed to help companies better organize and plan their use of open-source software alongside proprietary applications.

LinuxWorld to Focus on Virtualization, Strong Enterprise Adoption

Many CIOs are now implementing Linux and open source software as policy within their organizations, a sign of how deeply those technologies have penetrated the enterprise, analysts say. readers: 37% Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer has substantially lost ground in recent months to Firefox within the user community. A whopping 37% of users are now browsing with Firefox. Another six per cent use Apple Safari.

MythTV and AM2 on Linux war stories, a continuing saga

As you may recall from my last entry, I exchanged my cable box from a Scientific Atlanta 8000HD to a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD. The latter, new box continues to output a signal from the cable connection even if I have it in HDTV mode. It probably also continues to output AVI and S-Video. This finally opened up a way for me to use my cable box with a MythTV box.Thanks to a serious (and mysterious) spinal injury (I say mysterious because I haven't figured out how I did the damage), I can only work on the project for a half hour at a time, at most. I have discovered some interesting things in those short segments.

A Coverity Eye on Firefox Code

Mozilla has long relied on its community to help it identify bugs within applications. Now it has another ally in the fight against bugs. has learned that Mozilla will announce that it is using Coverity's source code analysis software, which extends beyond the confines of Coverity's Department of Homeland Security grant to improve open source software code quality.

Emacs tips: Customize your Emacs experience

One of the principal advantages of Emacs over competing editors is how flexible and customizable it is. In fact, in several other "Emacs tips" columns, you may find references to customizing your setup. It's a big topic, so this is a quick start guide to the fundamentals: the .emacs file and basic customization techniques.

Passwording a file using Apache

Sensitive information that only certain people need to have web access to must be secured. If sensitive or proprietary information is located on your web site and you do not want public access to this information, you must password it. An obscure file name with no links to it anywhere on the site will not keep the information secure. Security through obscurity does not work.

Lenovo embeds Linux in high-end and low-end notebooks

Lenovo recently made headlines by adding Linux as a pre-installed OS option on its top-of-range T60p. Now, InterVideo has revealed that InstantON, its Linux-based quick-booting media-player environment, is shipping in a lightweight Lenovo notebook. InstantON offers immediate access to media functions, before Windows boots.

The LBCN Linux Business Campus Nuremberg

The association founded in May is responsible for establishing an Innovation Center for Young Companies developing Linux-based or open source-based software in the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg. The Innovation Center located in Maxtorhof offers young companies an attractive welcome package. This includes the first three months rent-free, a very attractive rent and the use of a joint infrastructure equipped to a high technical standard.

Report: LinuxWorld Analysts Cite Hottest Open Source Trends

What are some of the hottest trends in the Linux/open source market today? Avid activity among some resellers, abundant virtualization, and a growing tendency to mixed open source/proprietary deployments, according to a trio of top industry analysts, who helped to preview LinuxWorld San Francisco.

Second FLOSS Usability Sprint: Extreme Usability, August 22-24, 2005

Aspiration and Blue Oxen Associates is hosting "FLOSS Usability Sprint II: Extreme Usability" on August 22-24, 2005 at 1366 Mission in San Francisco, California.

Valgrind receives Google-O'Reilly Award; Releases 3.2

Julian Seward, father of the the famous Valgrind, an opensource tool for debugging and profiling your applications, won this years Google-O'Reilly Open Source Award for "Best Toolmaker". This years ceremony was the second of the annual event. Congratulations, Julian! In other news, Valgrind 3.2 has been released. The two most notable changes are huge speed and memory gains in Memcheck (up to 30% faster) and the addition of the popular Cachegrind. Additionally, the valgrind-based profiler frontend KCacheGrind is available as a seperate package.

Essential Tools and Techniques for Debugging Cell BE Systems

Software development for new architectures can be an intimidating prospect, but the Cell Broadband Engineā„¢ (Cell BE) SDK 1.1 provides the debugging tools you need to tackle it for the Cell BE architecture. This article describes how to use new versions of the GNU Debugger (GDB) to diagnose problems in both PPU and SPU programs.

Medical Manager Sold

  • GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News; By Fred Trotter (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 10, 2006 4:36 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Medical Manager has been sold again! ApparentlySage hasagreed to purchase Emdeons"Practice Services" for $565 million in cash Practice Services includes both Medical Manager and Intergy. This is of course very good news for the mm2mm project and MirrorMed. Which have sucessfully positioned themselves as an Open Source Medical Manager alternative.

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