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Solid Performance for Firefox Download Site

The download site for Firefox is performing well following the release of a widely-anticipated update of the open source web browser. Firefox version 1.5, which was released Tuesday night, features "dozens of enhancements," according to the Mozilla Corporation, including improvements in popup blocking, RSS integration and updating.

Damn! This is one small Linux distribution

A very nice review of the tiny Linux distribution which has caught the linux users fancy. Really entertaining read.

Ruby Weekly News 21st - 27th November 2005

  •; By Tim Sutherland (Posted by Tsela on Nov 30, 2005 10:54 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter
Ruby Weekly News is a summary of the week's activity on the ruby-talk mailing list / the comp.lang.ruby newsgroup, brought to you by Anonymous. (Thanks whoever it was, this week's newsletter would have been a no-show without you.)

Zope and Plone blaze open source path at Epson

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Nov 30, 2005 10:30 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Epson Electronics America (EEA) launched its Web presence in 1998 with a then-typical static HTML Web site running on a Windows server. But by 1999, exorbitant licensing and maintenance costs, coupled with the company's need to create a dynamic site, led EEA's Executive Director for New Business Roy DaSilva to begin a migration to a site built with open source tools running on a Linux server.

How to revive a dying business model? Easy- get mean and nasty!

So here we have an entire industry exerting considerable effort to exclude a whole class of customers, because we use a computing platform that they cannot control. Sure, Microsoft will be happy to screw over its end users by including all manner of DRM nastiness. But in the end it won't matter anyway- customers who choose to view their legally-purchased DVDs on Linux will easily, if illegally, find a way. What sort of madness is this?

The RIAA - Hollywood - DRM - Linux Suicide Pact

Linux to power 'son of Star Wars'

  •; By Iain Thomson (Posted by tadelste on Nov 30, 2005 9:58 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Lockheed Martin is to use Linux as the operating system for the missile defence program Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) program, dubbed 'son of Star Wars'.

Mozilla Updates Firefox on Schedule

Mozilla Reorganizes
Firefox 1.5 is available now at and The Mozilla site is the "new home" of Firefox and Thunderbird, replacing as the download address for Mozilla's browser and open-source e-mail application.

A Mozilla spokesperson said is now home to Mozilla, a taxable corporation spun out from the Mozilla Foundation in August. Mozilla will handle all of the consumer-facing software from the open-source group, as well as merchandise such as Mozilla T-shirts.

KDE browser pips Firefox in Web standards test

The people behind the latest version of the Linux desktop environment, KDE, say the main benefits will be better standards support in its Web browser, Konqueror.

The KDE project team said on Tuesday that the browser in KDE 3.5 has passed the Acid2 test from the Web Standards Project (WaSP). This test examines a browser's support for W3C recommended standards including CSS1, HTML4 and PNG.

Members Approve XML Catalogs as OASIS Standard; Debian, PTC ...

BOSTON -- OASIS, the international e-business standards consortium, today announced that its members have approved XML Catalogs version 1.1 as an OASIS Standard, a status that signifies the highest level of ratification. XML Catalogs defines mechanisms to facilitate machine processing of XML entities associated with external identifiers, allowing references to web resources, such as files, images, stylesheets, and schemas, to be mapped to other resources.

CSIR fights fire with OSS

The CSIR Satellite Applications Centre's mapping technology, built on open source software, tells users where fires are breaking out across South Africa in near real-time.

IBM Weighs in Behind ODF in MA

While there certainly has been little reason to doubt where IBM stands on ODF, it was reassuring to see it pledge its support today in a letter delivered to Massachusetts Secretary of Executive Agency Finance and Administration Thomas Trimarco. The letter is signed by IBM's VP of Standards and Open Source, Dr. Robert Sutor (it was Bob, you may recall, who hosted the Armonk Meeting back on November 4.

Bob's letter doesn't hesitate to establish IBM's right to make its opinion heard. It opens as follows:
With all the recent activity around document formats and the strong leadership position taken by Massachusetts, I'm writing to you to reaffirm IBM's full support for the OASIS OpenDocument Format for Office Applications (ODF) standard. IBM, with our nearly 5000 employees in Massachusetts, is pleased to continue our active participation in the open, community-driven OASIS standardization process as well as our support for this important global standard in an upcoming version of our IBM Workplace product. Massachusetts is one of the epicenters of IBM software innovation, which will continue to be a key growth engine for our company. Lotus, Rational and Ascential all call the Commonwealth home and are developing the next generations of customer solutions based on open standards.

News: Novell To Launch 'Linux Awareness' Program Next Year

In 2006, Novell plans to further capitalize on its Linux product line with the launch of a "Linux awareness" program meant to migrate more customers, resellers, and development partners from NetWare and Microsoft Windows to open source alternatives. Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Why Google funds open source development?

This is the question I've asked to the GNOME's marketing-list this morning. 31 minutes later (midnight in Mountain View - California) we got the response from Chris DiBona, Open Source Program Manager at Google Inc. and responsible of Google's Summer of Code:

Rare review of open-source software rules set to begin

  • International Herald Tribune; By Steve Lohr (Posted by tadelste on Nov 30, 2005 6:28 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
NEW YORK The rules governing the use of most free software programs will be revised for the first time in 15 years in an open process that was to begin Wednesday.

Free Software Foundation Releases Guidelines for Revising the ...

First Public Discussion Scheduled for January

BOSTON and NEW YORK, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) today released a document specifying the process and guidelines for revising the Foundation's GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). The FSF will release the first discussion draft of the new license for comment at the International Public Conference for GPLv3 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on January 16 and 17, 2006.

Track phone position with GoogleMaps and Java

Mologogo uses GoogleMaps with a Java and a GPS-enabled cell phone to show a target phone's position on a GoogleMap, allowing you to track it from your own phone or through the Web. This artcle provides insight into Mologogo and other Web 2.0 contenders and their privacy issues.

Open standards push Mannheim to Linux

  • ZDNet UK; By Ingrid Marson (Posted by tadelste on Nov 30, 2005 5:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups:
"We want to decide our IT strategy in Mannheim and not have Microsoft make the decision for Mannheim," declares Gerd Armbruster, the IT infrastructure manager at the German city. For in Mannheim, open standards — not cost — is the main driver of the software strategy.

DNS Gets Its Very Own Star Registry

Here's what the world needs: Yet Another DNS Boss. That's what UnifiedRoot hopes to become with its Dot-comless alternate root server registry, at just $1,000 per domain name issued.

Debian Weekly News - November 29th, 2005

  • Mailing list; By Martin Schulze (Posted by tadelste on Nov 30, 2005 3:30 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter; Groups: Debian
Welcome to this year's 48th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for the Debian community. Andreas Schuldei sent out a [1]reminder for the DebConf call for papers. Martin Krafft [2]announced a [3]bug squashing party that lasts until December 14th and rewards 25 bug squashers with a [4]book.

Review: Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5

Firefox 1.5 is finally out the door, and Thunderbird 1.5 won't be far behind. The new releases sport some interesting new features, including faster page navigation, redesigned preferences dialogs, a new update system, and much more. Let's take a look at what the Mozilla Foundation has been up in the year since the first major release of Firefox.

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