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VectorLinux releases v5.8 live CD, DVD

The VectorLinux team this week released the live CD version of VectorLinux v5.8 Standard and the first alpha of the live CD/DVD edition of v5.8 "SOHO." The Standard edition features a kernel, and SOHO a newer kernel, which both use the KDE 3.5.6 desktop with Kmyfirewall, the team said.

The dark art of removing the Flash plugin from Firefox in Ubuntu Linux

When I did my Xubuntu install (the same is true for Ubuntu), I immediately started Firefox and went to my first Web page with embedded Flash. And then it happened. Firefox asked me if I wanted to download and install the Flash plugin. Why say no? So I said yes. But how to get rid of Flash? It's not so easy.

Platform promises "write-once, run anywhere" Linux apps

A startup in Alameda, Calif. plans to release a kind of holy software grail the third or fourth week of June. Lina said its dual-licensed Lina virtual Linux machine will run more or less normal Linux applications under Windows, Mac, or Linux, with a look and feel native to each.

Howto Connect MySQL using C API under Linux / UNIX

MySQL database does support C program API just like PHP or Perl API. The C API code is distributed with MySQL. It is included in the mysqlclient library and allows C programs to access a database.

Linux: Compacting Memory

Mel Gorman offered a first release of a patchset that compacts memory,"this is a prototype for compacting memory to reduce external fragmentation so that free memory exists as fewer, but larger contiguous blocks. Rather than being a full defragmentation solution, this focuses exclusively on pages that are movable via the page migration mechanism."

ATrpms for Fedora 7

ATrpms is officially launching Fedora 7 support for i386, x86_64 and ppc.

Developing a file system for AIX

This article sheds some light on the AIX file system framework. You need to understand the framework in order to develop a new file system, or to port an existing file system to the AIX operating system.

Robert Slade Review: "Information Security and Employee Behaviour"

  • (Posted by dcparris on Jun 1, 2007 1:03 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews
Excerpts: "Chapter one addresses employee risk, and the fact that people assess risk very poorly..." "The fact that security professionals are frequently perceived as problem-creating, rather than problem-solving, is h...

One laptop per salesman

Following up on my previous post, and in answer to the recent piece by our own Adrian Kingsley-Hughes on the failure of desktop Linux, I would like to make a modest proposal. An all-in Linux laptop. That is you sell a laptop with a Linux, a user interface, and all the applications you need to happen, pre-installed and ready to go. You click the on switch and it works. This is not hard to do. Ubuntu, GNOME, and Open Office are all easy to get. Add some nifty utilities, WiFi capability, networking, and you’ve got a $500 laptop with no additional software necessary.

Fedora 7 Release Adds Installable KDE Live CD

The Fedora Project has announced the immediate availability of their latest release, Fedora 7 (Moonshine) including, for the first time, a KDE live CD/DVD showcasing KDE and KDE applications, which can also be installed to the hard disk, resulting in a regular Fedora installation with KDE.

Highly flexible Fedora 7 Linux arrives

On May 31, Red Hat's sponsored and community supported open source Fedora Project released the latest version of its distribution: Fedora 7. Besides being a cutting edge Linux distribution, it features a new build capability that enables users to create their own custom distributions. Fedora 7 now boasts a completely open-source build process that greatly simplifies the creation of appliances and distributions that can be targeted to meet individual needs.

Palm unveils Linux-based "mobile companion"

Palm has used Linux to build a "new class" of mobile device. The Foleo aims to expand the email, Internet, and productivity application capabilities of mobile phones such as the Palm Treo, by adding a full-size keyboard and a larger screen. Very few details about the Foleo are known at this point. Opera, which supplied its Opera 9 browser for the device, has confirmed the Foleo to be based on Linux. For its part, Palm has published a few photos and brief videos of the device, while promising to release more details tomorrow.

Novell, Heal Thy Self

What kind of crap is that? They are purchasing software so that the software they've already bought will work. You have the answer to that problem right in the palm of your hand. Why haven't you mortgaged the farm to advertise the obvious answer to their problem?

The Linux programmer's toolbox

Linux, like the other *nix platforms, has a reputation of being a good environment for developers. In fact, Linux and hacking – in the original sense of the word – seem to go hand in hand, so much so that some commentators still find it hard to conceive of it as anything but a server and/or development platform.

SeaMonkey 1.1.2 Released

Robert Kaiser writes: "Yesterday, the SeaMonkey project released a new version of its all-in-one Internet suite. SeaMonkey 1.1.2 closes several security vulnerabilities and fixes several smaller problems found in previous versions. With that, SeaMonkey stays at the same level of security as its siblings Firefox and Thunderbird, which are issuing updates for the same problems this week as well.

Why Google loves developers

Google is in the online ad-service business. Why does it lavish attention on software developers and open-source projects? Kicking offline Web apps into gear

Backups again - Bacula

Just a quick note to mention how impressed I have been with my current backup solution, Bacula (using an Overland Neo2000 tape library, which also does the job nicely). A basic setup is pretty straightforward, and after that it runs smoothly and with very little need for intervention (other than tape switching. I have yet to find software that will pull the tapes out of the fireproof box for me & put them into the tape library…).

Running Linux GUI Super Fast with Old Hardware [Part-II]

We have seen how to design a fast and appealing desktop with old H/W. But what about the application S/W ? We can use KDE and GNOME based tools, but these S/W again slow down our system, specially KDE. Then what is the use to design such a fast desktop ? Well, we are lucky as there are huge linux applications which are not based on Qt but the fast GTK/FOX/PyGtk library. So we can extend the power of our old PC with these superior fast GUI. In this PART-II I like to introduce such fast GUI which are non KDE/GNOME but still appealing with strong features.

Eben Moglen: FSF Next Generation

Our series on Professor Eben Moglen's comments from an interview at the Red Hat Summit continues today with his explanation of why it was time for him to depart from the board of the Free Software Foundation.

Palm's new Linux Foleo

Mobile device specialists Palm have stepped away from the handheld device market with the launch of the larger, Linux-based Foleo which is a lot more like a notebook than a handheld device. But will it catch on?

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