BSA Offering Rewards of $50,000 for the First Time in the USA

Posted by tadelste on Feb 13, 2006 7:16 AM EDT; By Tom Adelstein
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The Second World War has come and gone and most of the people alive during it have died. But, the BSA has continued a practice used by the Hitler Youth Organizations to turn in their parents for being against the Fuehrer.

Now you to can sing songs from "The Producers" and turn in someone you know. And for the first time in the United States, BSA is offering rewards of up to $50,000 for qualifying reports received via its hotline or online reporting form before midnight (PST) on Tuesday, February 28, 2006.

The BSA (not the Boy Scotts of America) has a simple way for you to report someone you know. The nice thing about this is that the BSA can invade your privacy if it has "a belief" that you violated one of their members copyrights. Thank you GWB for setting free a monopolist on the America people. We especially like the rule that an offender has to pay the BSA's legal fees as they accumulate from Day 1 if you fight them in court. That's fair and will cause people to fight back in court. Did someone say "tort reform"?

Here's howto do this. First, you must click on this link. Then you chose who to report. You get three choices: 1) END-USER 2) DISTRIBUTOR or 3) INTERNET. You can easily find this form because they advertise it through our good friend's advertising system. (This link is not for a google ad).

This is a solid way to earn that new car you've been wanting. Recently, BSA released this report: Portland-Area Organizations Settle with Software Watchdog. The article discusses the apprehension of vicious people who were not incompliance. In additional the article states:

Confidential reports can be made by visiting or by calling 1-888 NO PIRACY. Reward payments are subject to eligibility requirements, the details of which are available on the Web site.
We wanted to bring your attention to this since the BSA has managed to target LXer in its advertising. If you're going to ruin someone's life, here's an opportunity to do it without having to do it from the LXer Linux News site.

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