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OpenBSD: Stealing Versus Sharing Code

OpenBSD project creator Theo de Raadt detailed his concerns regarding BSD-licensed code and Dual-BSD/GPL-licensed code being re-licensed under only the GPL as previously discussed here, "honestly, I was greatly troubled by the situation, because even people like Alan Cox were giving other Linux developers advice to ... break the law. And furthermore, there are even greater potential risks for how the various communities interact."

How Linus copes with criticism

So, you want to be a kernel hacker. Before you go down that path, or get involved with any other free or open source development project, you should know that it's often a wild, raucous place where -- no matter what level of coding skill you possess -- your tolerance for criticism or rejection might constantly be tested. Even Linus Torvalds isn't immune to criticism.


Most of the time developers forget to checkin or update the file/folders from server, With this bash script file will automatically update from server, then lock and open in vi editor whenever developer save the file it will ask for commit message and checkin in server after that it will unlock for other developers.

Montavista reveals Linux debug secrets

Set aside an hour on September 11th or 12th and learn how to debug those complex Linux applications without leaving your desk. Linux application tool vendor MontaVista has scheduled a live online 'webinar' to show off the debugging features of its DevRocket integrated development environment (IDE) for Linux. It says the IDE will help developers build better Linux applications and deliver them to market quickly.

Wade Olson Interviewed About KDE 4

Gartner Webdev has published an interview with KDE's very own marketing renegade Wade Olson. Wade talks about KDE 4, what makes it special and what KDE's role in the software market is. He sheds some light on the user's point of view and discusses his vision about the way the computer and software industry is moving.

Red Hat unveils Developer Studio beta

Red Hat has announced the beta release of Red Hat Developer Studio, the new Eclipse-based IDE for the Red Hat family of solutions, including JBoss Enterprise Middleware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

How to setup apache high availability cluster?

This is how to setup the apache high availability cluster in debian with NFS as data storage, In this setup you can add many servers in cluster.

The next 'business' Ubuntu is on its way

The next Ubuntu Linux distribution with long-term support, "Hardy Heron," Ubuntu 8.04, will be released in April 2008. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, like Red Hat with Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell with openSUSE and SUSE Linux, releases both a community version and a version for businesses or individuals who want to rely on a distribution with long-term technical support. Unlike Red Hat and Novell, though, Canonical doesn't separate the two versions with different names.

PSA: HCHIC Inaugural Fundraising Event

Public Service Announcement: The not-for-profit Harris County Health Information Cooperative (HCHIC) isannouncing its inaugural fund raiser at, St. Arnold's brewery September 20th, for a Houston, Texas area, county-wide or state-wide, non-proprietary EMR:"Much like a lighthouse benefits all of us, your tax-deductible contribution to HCHIC will be used for desperately needed Electronic Medical Record (EMR) unification with proven and robust non-proprietary software that will be implemented, developed and promoted in Harris County and Texas. If you cannot attend the event, your tax-deductible contribution can be sent to HCHIC 4010 Blue Bonnet, Suite 202 Houston, Tx 77025. Individual memberships starting at $100 are available as well as silver ($500), gold ($1000) and platinum ($10,000) Sponsorships. Membership and Sponsorship donations received prior to October 31st will be 'founding' memberships. Membership allows voting rights as well as access to internal communications. Current goal: $80,000. 3 year budget goal: $2 million." All implementation and development products will be FOSS licensed.

Linux: Killing Tasks On Frozen NFS Mounts

"I've long hated the non-killability of tasks accessing a dead NFS server," Matthew Wilcox said along with a prototype patch to fix the issue based on a 2002 posting by Linus Torvalds. Matthew added, "I've only added one real user of the killable concept to this patch -- try_lock_page(). However, this is enough for 'cat */*/*' to be killable with a ^C when I unplug the ethernet cord between it and the nfs server."

Simplify your kernel extensions with AIX 6

Discover why you need to change your applications and build environments that supply 32-bit-only kernel extensions to accommodate IBM AIX Version 6. In this article, apply two easy solutions to help you make the transition and start reaping the benefits of the simplified kernel environment.

Linux: The Really Fair Scheduler

During the many threads discussing Ingo Molnar's recently merged Completely Fair Scheduler, Roman Zippel has repeatedly questioned the complexity of the new process scheduler. In a recent posting to the Linux Kernel mailing list he offered a simpler scheduler named the 'Really Fair Scheduler' saying, "as I already tried to explain previously CFS has a considerable algorithmic and computational complexity. This patch should now make it clearer, why I could so easily skip over Ingo's long explanation of all the tricks CFS uses to keep the computational overhead low - I simply don't need them."

Understand: Fork Bombing Attack

  •; By Anand Jahagirdar (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Sep 1, 2007 6:08 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story Thanks to Anand Jahagirdar for this feature! As the variety of attacks and threats grow, you need to be prepared. In this HOWTO, get a feeling for the Fork Bombing Attack, what it is, how it works, where it comes from, how to deal with it and more.

Meet Mark Radcliffe: The man who rules open source law

As one of his clients told us, "Mark Radcliffe is the law when it comes to open source software." Radcliffe, an attorney at giant DLA Piper, has lurked behind some of the most important shifts in the open source world over the past few years. He helped Sun Microsystems open source the Solaris operating system, developing Sun's CDDL (Common Development and Distribution License) license. He crafted SugarCRM's controversial attribution license and then did similar work for a handful of significant open source players. This year, he teamed with SocialText to push the CPAL (Common Public Attribution License) through OSI (Open Source Initiative) approval, while at the same time advising the OSI as legal counsel. And Radcliffe worked with the Free Software Foundation on v3 of the General Public License (GPL).

Microsoft Antitrust Settlement Is a Success!

Opinion: The Department of Justice has declared Microsoft's antitrust settlement to be a success, and if they say so, it must be true!

SIS nixes OOXML approval

Voting irregularities, it appears. The Swedish Institute of Standards (SIS) has invalidated the vote that controversially approved the OOXML standard at a meeting this week.

Email marketer harnesses the power of Gentoo

Gold Lasso uses an open source infrastructure to power its email marketing business. Cofounders Elie Ashery and Michael Weisel say open source is the only way to keep prices down and"truly compete in the current marketplace." And, they say, Gentoo Linux is the only way to keep their system truly secure. But finding employees who can manage a system built on Gentoo has been a challenge.

Classic UNIX tricks offer help for modern problems

This article presents a collection of simple techniques that you can combine into a system for more digestible feeds containing only updated records. You should be able to assemble a solution for your particular needs from this information. This is a nice batch of ticks for solving many problems.

P Country Upgrades Continue - as do Document Committee Signups as Well

Earlier this week I reported that there were nine new, last minute "P" members of ISO. I also predicted that the number could rise. Well, now that we're down to the wire on the ISO/IEC vote on OOXML, it has. In the last three days, two more countries have made the list: Malta and Cote-d'Ivoire. That assumes that the list if up to the minute, and I won't be surprised to see the count rise by the end of the day.

Review: Vector Linux 5.8 Standard

Thinking back to my Vector Linux 5.8 Standard install of a month or so ago, I decided to try it again. This time I wouldn't use the Puppy 2.14 live CD to make my partitions and would instead use the Vector CD all the way. First of all, while I like the installer overall, it makes you do your own partitioning in Cfdisk with no provision for a "standard" partitioning scheme, the latter option -- available in many other distros -- very helpful to new users and those uncomfortable with manual partitioning.

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