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Back Up (And Restore) LVM Partitions With LVM Snapshots

  • HowtoForge; By Falko Timme (Posted by falko on Apr 17, 2007 8:07 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
This tutorial shows how you can create backups of LVM partitions with an LVM feature called LVM snapshots. An LVM snapshot is an exact copy of an LVM partition that has all the data from the LVM volume from the time the snapshot was created. The big advantage of LVM snapshots is that you do not have to worry about open files and database connections, and you do not have to interrupt/halt services on the live partition because a snapshot is usually created in fractions of a second, so your users will not notice any disruption, and your snapshot holds consistent data.

Open Source Centre's head to talk at Open Tuesday

Nhlanhla Mabaso will talk on government's implementation plan for open source at tonight's Open Tuesday event in Sandton. All who are interested are welcome to intend.

Azereus BitTorrent Client Review for Linux

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Apr 17, 2007 6:04 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
If there is one constant thing between the different platforms, it’s the abundance of BitTorrent clients for each of them. But there is one application that has quite literally redefined how we look at this method of file transfer. Did you know that some people are using it to watch television shows that they may have missed in their how country? As crazy as it sounds, it's true. Check this out.

Microsoft's 'Men in Black' kill Florida open standards legislation

It was just a bit of text advocating open data formats that was slipped into a Florida State Senate bill at the last minute with no fanfare, but within 24 hours three Microsoft-paid lobbyists, all wearing black suits, were pressuring members of the Senate Committee on Governmental Operations (COGO) to remove the words they didn't like from Senate bill 1974.

New Book on KDevelop

If you are able to read German and use or plan to use KDevelop, it is now possible to get the help of a newly published book. In "KDevelop - Einführung in die Entwicklungsumgebung" KDevelop contributors Jonas Jacobi and Robert Gruber will not explain in great length that "The 'New File' menu entry opens a new file", but concentrate on less self-explatory topics like advanced code navigation, documentation with Doxygen or using Valgrind with KDevelop. The book, published by Munich-based publisher Open Source Press, uses KDevelop 3.4 as a reference.

KDE-Forum Romania Launched

After the rise of, and, Romanians wanted a forum of their own, and KDE-Forum Romania was born. Destined to unite all Romanians under one roof, KDE-Forum Romania is going to join its brothers on the boat for the upcoming KDE 4 release.

Puppy Linux 2.15CE has a few new tricks

Given how similar Puppy 2.14 was to 2.13, I was wholly unprepared for how different the latest Puppy release, 2.15CE (community edition), is from its predecessors. First of all, it looks completely different. That's because IceWM is the default window manager for Puppy 2.15, although the old standby JWM (Joe's Window Manager) is still available. And aside from the radical change in GUI, the desktop background is darker (and less "puppy" themed) than in distros past. Still, the Menu key on the bottom left does have a paw print.

KDE App of the Month is Back with kdesvn

After one year of silence we are back with another issue of App of the Month. This time we selected a developer tool, kdesvn. It is a well integrated KDE client for subversion. The overview takes a look at some basic functions. We also have an interview with kdesvn's developer Rajko Albrecht, covering the development process and much more.

IRC Linux Support, through burnout and beyond.

I've been doing support on IRC for more than three years now. Overall, it's been a rewarding experience, and, an important learning experience for me as well. Calc functions, part 2: Working with formulas

A formula is a spreadsheet function entered in a cell, complete with its arguments. They're one of the two or three major applications that first spearheaded the acceptance of the personal computer in the 1980s, and the main tools of advanced spreadsheet use.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 83

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 83 for the week of April 8th through April 14th, 2007.

KDE Commit-Digest for 15th April 2007

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: The Summer of Code begins, with 40 KDE projects. Registration opens for Akademy 2007. Hosting proposals invited for Akademy 2008. Further progress in the KBattleship rewrite with sounds and network play integrated, and theming support added to the Bovo game. More work on Strigi file analysers. Drag-and-drop and porting work in Mailody. A new CVS plugin for KDevelop 4. KSquares moves to kdegames. A new game, Kollision, is imported into playground/games.

Greenphone Developer Challenge

Trolltech today announced the start of the Qtopia Greenphone Developer Challenge, a global contest for innovative development of Linux-based mobile phone applications. Entrants can create their applications using either the community or commercial version of Qtopia Phone Edition.

Transfer files to your Gmail account with Gspace

One thing that's made Google's free Gmail online messaging service popular is its multiple gigabytes of storage space. There are several tools that let you use the more than 2GB of space as a virtual Internet drive, the most popular being GmailFS. If you'd prefer to use software that's independent of your base operating system, try Gspace instead. It's a Firefox extension that's easy to install and use.

Pardus 2007.1 — Almost Perfect

  •; By Piotr Maliński (Posted by michux on Apr 16, 2007 7:17 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Pardus is a unique distribution which has its own solutions which work very well. I think that the distribution deserves far greater renown than it has currently and if it keeps up such innovation and quality, it’ll be an important player in the category of extensive desktop distributions.

Is a closed-source version of Ubuntu practical?

While announcing the name of Ubuntu's next release for October, 2007, founder Mark Shuttleworth spoke of a new version of the Ubuntu distribution to be released alongside Gutsy Gibbon. This release, he says, will not include any firmware, drivers, applications, and even sounds and imagery which are not completely open-source and include full rights of modification and redistribution. This ultra-orthodox version of open-source sounds very attractive to open-source supporters, but is it practical?

An open letter to Corporate Linux

It was decided by a few that I can say with assurance that this letter represents millions of Linux Users.

Configuring Debian/etch on a Dell Latitude D520

A new job brings new toys :-) My new employer has supplied me with a Dell Latitude D520 laptop for programming. It came loaded with Windows XP professional which—ofcourse—had to go. After installing Debian/etch I found a few small problems though. I'll describe them here, and what I did to fix it, so I can hopefully save other people the headaches.

When GPL software goes bad

Users of a popular open-source accounting system may have just updated to a license they would never have agreed to had the author actually told them it had changed. What's more, the author is actively censoring attempts to advise the userbase of the license change, and appears to be making an attempt to retrospectively re-license all prior versions as well.

When Flex met Apex

Following hard on heels of last week's move intocontent management, has joined forces with Adobe to offer a Flex Tool kit for its Apex development platform. Launched today at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, the two vendors say the new toolkit enables developers to build so-called ‘rich Internet’ applications using Flex features and deliver them as on-demand applications through Apex.

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