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Being at the top isn't always a good thing, especially if your not ready to be.

I am betting Andrew is cursing the millisecond in time that found his mouse finger clicking the "send" button at the bottom of that processing field. Up until that moment, we could only ASSUME he was a dunce. Now we have recorded proof.

Make your own packages for Debian-based systems

For the uninitiated, creating Debian packages is a mysterious process that looks much harder than it really is. To make it a little less mysterious, let's take a look at two methods of building Debian packages: using standard Debian packaging tools and the CheckInstall utility.

Zend Core enabled web apps using Ajax with Dojo and DB2

This tutorial shows you the advantages of the Ajax approach and see a step-by-step implementation.

Linux: Syslets& Threadlets

Announcing the third version of his syslets subsystem patches, Ingo Molnar noted that he has implemented many fundamental changes to the code including the introduction of threadlets, "'threadlets' are basically the user-space equivalent of syslets: small functions of execution that the kernel attempts to execute without scheduling. If the threadlet blocks, the kernel creates a real thread from it, and execution continues in that thread. The 'head' context (the context that never blocks) returns to the original function that called the threadlet." As threadlets are only moved into a separate thread context if they block, Ingo refers to them as 'optional threads'. He also describes them as 'on-demand parallelism', "user-space does not have to worry about setting up, sizing and feeding a thread pool - the kernel will execute the workload in a single-threaded manner as long as it makes sense, but once the context blocks, a parallel context is created. So parallelism inside applications is utilized in a natural way."


  •; By Ross Barrett (Posted by evoman142 on Feb 22, 2007 9:59 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Gentoo
A security researcher who was a windows administrator in a past life shares his thoughts on Gentoo linux.

MS dirty tricks archive trickles back to life : Good hosting men needed

  •; By Andrew Orlowski (Posted by henke54 on Feb 22, 2007 9:12 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Microsoft
The 3,000 document archive from the Comes antitrust trial, which disappeared from the web abruptly when Microsoft settled the case last week, is beginning to trickle back into view. A week ago the site was placed under password protection, Microsoft withdrew its own account of events, and so-called internet "archive" apparently also pulled its mirror. Now author Andrew Schulman, who provided the most interesting testimony (report to follow) in the epic trial, has begun to host some material on his personal server.

More mid-market firms choose open-source ERP

When Mark Alperin went looking to replace his aging ERP system in 2006, he found himself in the same place as many CIOs of midsize companies -- not feeling terribly sought after by software vendors who prioritize large enterprise accounts, and facing few choices. Alperin serves as COO with CIO responsibilities for Vertex Distribution, a manufacturer and distributor of rivets, screws and other fasteners. He wasn't happy with the two main packages for his industry, from Activant Solutions and Microsoft (neither of which he was using, nor did he want to use.)

Etherboot's leaders are breaking new ground

  •; By Robin 'roblimo' Miller (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Feb 22, 2007 7:35 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Etherboot is an open source project that gets little public notice, but is essential to almost any other open source project that relies on thin clients or network booting. Here's a lightly edited log of an IRC conversation with Etherboot project leader Marty Connor and primary Etherboot developer Michael Brown.

SA government to switch to open source

The South African Cabinet today announced that it had approved a free and open source strategy and that government would migrate its current software to free and open source software.

Vulnerability in Trend Micro's ServerProtect for Linux

Security service provider iDefense has reported that a design flaw in user authentication on the web interface of Trend Micro's ServerProtect for Linux allows attackers to switch off the virus scanner on the server or change its settings. The integrated server listens in on TCP port 14942 by default and is protected by a user-configured password.

AXIGEN Makes Its Way into Canada

Bucharest, February 21, 2007 – AXIGEN, the professional mail server vendor, announced today the successful conclusion of a new business partnership in Canada, with Calgary-based Getica e-Solutions.

Mtr Blog: The Vista Out My Windows- Linux by Tanker Bob

Our first entry is written by no other than our Tanker Bob. While everyone is on the hot trail of Windows Vista launch, Tanker Bob took another path: moving from Windows to Linux. Follow the link below to Tanker Bob's The Vista Out My Windows.

KDE at FOSDEM This Weekend

This weekend, the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting will be held at the Université Libre in Brussels, Belgium. FOSDEM, being one of the biggest European Free Software events usually attracts several thousand people each year. The schedule for the KDE devroom is now published. Highlights this year include talks about the semantic desktop, a workshop on educational software and naturally an overview of the status of KDE 4. For the first time we are running a series of cross desktop talks together with Gnome where you can hear how desktop search engine Strigi works. KDE and friends also make appearances in the Lightening Talks track with topics including CMake, OpenWengo and Amarok. If you are planning to visit FOSDEM, add your name to the FOSDEM 2007 Wiki Page.

NTFS driver for Linux finishes beta phase

Version 1.0 of NTFS-3g, a free NTFS driver for Linux, has been released. Project manager Szabolcs Szakacsits has declared the driver ready for productive use after the release candidate published two weeks ago was not changed. Szakacsits is also the author of the ntfsresize tool used in a number of partitioning tools and Linux installation routines.

Nifty shell tricks for new UNIX users

The objective of this tutorial is to show new users how to use and implement many of the shell's methods for providing automation at various levels.

Yahoo! Pipes creator encourages developer feedback

When Yahoo! released its latest Web-based application, Pipes, earlier this month it was deemed everything from "innovative" to a "milestone in the history of the Internet." According to Pasha Sadri, Technical Yahoo!, Pipes Development, overall feedback on the new tool has been positive, but he says he's particularly interested in what the programming community has to say about it.

Fast and Secure FTP Server with Vsftpd in Debian

  • (Posted by gg234 on Feb 22, 2007 2:28 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian
Fast and Secure FTP Server with Vsftpd in Debian

First female Turing Award winner named

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has named Frances E Allen as the recipient of the 2006 A M Turing Award.

Ps3 available pre-installed with Linux

Linux distributor TerraSoft is accepting pre-orders for Sony Playstation3 gaming devices pre-installed with Linux, alongside the PS3's native gaming OS. Additionally, TerraSoft, IBM, RapidMind, and Vivendi game publisher High Moon Studios are offering seminars to help game developers exploit the PS3's Cell architecture.

OSS apps keep up to date in SA's 11 languages

In celebration of International Mother Tongue Language Day on February 21, the Department of Communications and the CSIR announced that they would fund to update and maintain South African language translations of, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird for three years.

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