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Wine 0.9.35 Released

Wine 0.9.35 was released today. Broken aRts sound driver now removed for good, many fixes to the Quartz DLL sound support, file I/O performance improvements, the usual assortment of Direct3D fixes and bug fixes.

Linux Professional Institute Announces First LPIC-3 Certified Professionals

he Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world's premier Linux certification organization (, announced the world's first recipient of the LPIC-3 Core certification: Kazufumi Ichikawa of Japan.

ActionScript 3.0 and Mozilla's Tamarin

ActionScript 3.0 is a powerful object-oriented programming language that signifies an important step in the evolution of the Flash Player Runtime. The motivation behind ActionScript 3.0 was to create a language ideally suited for rapidly building rich Internet applications. Learn how to Script Adobe movies and applications with the next-generation Flash Player Runtime and Mozilla's Tamarin open source project.

Mobile Phones VoIP services start-up uses Open-Source Technology

Recently, I came across a start-up company offering VoIP services for mobile phones. Apparently, they have built the service using almost exclusively open-source technology, such as Asterisk PBX, Debian GNU/Linux and MySQL. Have you had any chance to test the technology? What do you think about it?

Shuttleworth tips Ubuntu "Gutsy Gibbon" plans

With the release of the next Ubuntu -- version 7.04, aka "Feisty Fawn" -- only days away, Mark Shuttleworth, the distribution's leader, announced plans for the next version: "Gutsy Gibbon." In a note to the Ubuntu developers, millionaire Linux visionary Shuttleworth said that Gutsy Gibbon would be released in October 2007.

Indy 500 and Linux Not Newsworthy?

There's a HUGE piece of news out there for Linux as an operating system...and I have only seen it published on, and LINUX IS GOING TO THE INDIANAPOLIS 500!! This is HUGE for ALL Linux distributions...not just one. This is something that can show all those people out there what the Linux community is all about...collaboration, community, camaraderie, and that can't be found in commercial ventures. But where, oh where, is the community reporting this news? The interesting thing is, they aren't...and It's very odd as to why they aren't there reporting this and rallying around it.

OLPC XO Test Build

We've heard a lot about the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project, which aims to provide a $100 laptop for developing nations, and we've heard a bit about its Sugar interface and other technical abilities, but recently we spent the time with QEMU and a test build of the OLPC XO operating system (Fedora based) to see how it really shapes up.

OSS certification gets lukewarm response

Open source is all the rage but, interestingly, neither Red Hat nor Novell's Linux certifications were among the top 20 professional certifications in ZDNet Asia's IT Salary Benchmark 2006 survey.

Linux and Solaris face off

Earlier this year, we asked our readers why people thinking of Linux aren't also thinking of OpenSolaris (or vice versa), now that both are pukka OSS operating systems.

How To Install Internet Explorer On Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn, Edgy Eft And Dapper Drake)

  • HowtoForge; By Falko Timme (Posted by falko on Apr 13, 2007 1:48 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
This guide shows how to install three different Internet Explorer versions (6.0, 5.5, and 5.0) on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, Edgy Eft and Dapper Drake desktops. This is good for people such as web designers who have switched to Linux but still need to test their web sites in Internet Explorer. In addition to that, there are still a few web sites out there that work only in Internet Explorer.

Debian redefines itself with new release

For much of its history, Debian has been the major noncommercial, philosophically free distribution. Now, as Debian developers and users have deserted the distro for Ubuntu, does Debian have a purpose any more? Debian 4.0, which was released this week, represents a collective effort to answer that question. The philosophy behind the release is best summarized on the home page for the Debian on the Desktop subproject, which states, "We will do everything we can to make things very easy for the novice, while allowing the expert to tweak things."

Shape your traffic with trickle

Trickle is a lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper for users with low-speed Internet connections that lets you limit the bandwidth that a specific protocol is using so that you can maintain multiple simultaneous connections and not end up in a traffic jam.

Google Summer of Code Projects Announced

Google revealed a list of over 900 accepted Summer of Code projects. Ubuntu, as one of the mentoring organizations, lists 20 projects.

Red Hat-based CentOS 5 goes gold

CentOS 5, touted as a "100 percent compatible" rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, was released today, featuring the GNOME desktop and a 2.6.18 kernel. CentOS targets those who need enterprise-class operating system stability without the cost of certification and support, chief maintainer Karanbir Singh said.

Open source's Fast Ethernet router outperformed Cisco's Router

"Twice the performance at half the price:" The emergence of enterprise-class, open source solutions is yet another chapter in a "commodity" vs. "special purpose" battle that has been raging for several decades now. Well on its way to becoming IT's version of The Thirty Years' War, the struggle has gone hot and cold over the years -- but it has never gone away.

Third OpenSUSE 10.3 public alpha available

OpenSUSE announced today the release of the third public alpha of OpenSUSE 10.3, which boasts a 2.6.21-RC5 kernel, a choice of GNOME or KDE desktops, and its usual complete roster of application packages.

Ohloh's Open Source Goods

There are tens of thousands of open source projects in the wild, but how do you determine what's good and what's not? Ohloh, a resource for open source intelligence on thousands of open source projects, has up-to-date information on open source projects and the people who develop them.

LinuxWorld San Francisco invites registration

Attendee registration opened today for LinuxWorld Conference & Expo San Francisco, scheduled for Aug. 6 through 9 at the Moscone Center. More than 100 technical sessions will focus on key themes and technologies that include applications, virtualization, system troubleshooting, Linux/Windows interoperability, and more.

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn release candidate delayed due to validation bugs

The release Date for Ubuntu Feisty Fawn has been delayed due to validation bugs, There is no ETA yet, but the Ubuntu team hopes the delay will be just a few days.

The Linux desktop: boom or bust?

Ironically for Microsoft, Vista is just the shot in the arm that desktop systems with open-source Linux operating systems needed to boost their sales. At least that's the way solution providers see it.

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