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More updates on ACCRC

Got a very nice letter from the EFF and am trying to put together an appointment to discuss options. The dtsc situation is under control for the moment, May light up again later next month when they look over our proposed solutions. In addition the next waste board stakeholders meeting has re-use on the agenda.

Linux Foundation establishes partnership with Japanese government

The Linux Foundation has announced a new collaborative agreement with Japan's Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA), a government research institute that promotes information technology development and broadly supports the use of open standards and open-source software. The collaborative agreement is part of a plan to mutually assist in promoting open standards and the acceleration of open-source software adoption in Asia. The Linux Foundation will be participating in the upcoming IPA Forum 2007 User Conference in Tokyo.

GPL defenders say: See you in court

For years, violations of the General Public License, or GPL, have been met with quiet discussions to resolve compliance problems that can result when open-source software is used improperly. Now, however, the Software Freedom Law Center is taking a hard-line approach, filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against Monsoon Multimedia for allegedly failing to abide by requirements of the GPL. "Simply coming into compliance now is not sufficient to settle the matter, because that would mean anyone can violate the license until caught, because the only punishment would be to come into compliance," said Dan Ravicher, SFLC's attorney on the case.

Tales from responsivenessland: why Linux feels slow, and how to fix that

Desktop performance on Linux computers has been a hot-button issue of late, and a source of longstanding fights among the Linux developers. Today, I want to show you how I boosted (and you can boost) desktop performance dramatically.

Planned Features For X.Org 7.4, 7.5

Last month at the X Developer Summit in Cambridge, Eric Anholt, Adam Jackson, and Daniel Stone had talked about the future of X.Org releases for the next year. Over the weekend, Daniel Stone had updated the XDS 2007 Notes at with the latest plans for X.Org 7.5. The current schedule for X.Org include the X server 1.4.1 release coming out on the first of November followed by X server 1.5.0 in March of 2008. Planned for X.Org 7.4 and X server 1.5 is XGE, XACE, RandR 1.3, PCI rework, XKB 2, _X_EXPORT, DRI memory manager, GLX 1.4, and Glucose.

Laptop With a Mission Widens Its Audience

Despite all the obstacles and doubters, O.L.P.C. has come up with a laptop that’s tough and simple enough for hot, humid, dusty locales; cool enough to keep young minds engaged, both at school and at home; and open, flexible and collaborative enough to support a million different teaching and learning styles. It’s a technological breakthrough, for sure.

Apache virtual hosts quick and easy

  •; By Frank Neugebauer (Posted by fneagle on Oct 4, 2007 4:04 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
Virtual hosts are used to run more than one web site on a single machine. Virtual hosts can be "IP-based", meaning that you have a different IP address for every web site, or "name-based", meaning that you have multiple names running on each IP address. You can also run your web pages on different ports like 8080 or 8090. The fact that they are running on the same physical server is not apparent to the end user. This workshop describes the different setups based on an OpenSuse 10.2 server.

Puppy 3.00 runs on the $0 Laptop

After being disappointed by Puppy 2.16 and Damn Small Linux 3.3's lack of ability to run on the $0 Laptop -- a Gateway Solo 1450 -- and then being able to run Zenwalk 4.6.1 but neither Vector 5.8 nor Slackware 12, I didn't hold out much hope that the new Puppy 3.00 -- said to be compatible with the current release of Slackware -- would run at all.

ARM finds friends for mobile Linux

ARM today flexed its mobile muscle by revealing a fairly broad coalition focused on developing a version of Linux well-suited for future smart phones.

RadeonHD Weekly Progress Report

As there's been a RadeonHD article at least once a week (from the Ubuntu installation to the Conntest utility) on Phoronix since the RadeonHD driver was introduced, it's almost becoming a weekly progress report here for this official AMD open-source R500 and R600 driver.

The first Freedomware Gaming Festival warming up!

After more than 20 players already signed up to participate, we are issuing the final call for players on all platforms, be it Windows, GNU/Linux or Mac OS, to join us as we commence with the first Freedomware Gaming Festival!

Can Linux save the UMPC from extinction?

UMPC has hardly set the world on fire as gadgets go, can Linux fan the flames?

Networking 2.6.24 Merge Plans

"I'm a bit behind after investigating the TCP performance issues that turned out to be HW specific problems. It's a bit of a disappointment, I thought maybe there was a cool bug to fix in TCP :-)" explained David Miller, posting hisnetworking merge plans for the upcoming 2.6.24 kernel. He noted,"I merged in Jeff Garzik's and John Linville's latest and I'm running the current tree on my workstation most of today with good results so far." David added,"I plan to commit my Neptune driver in it's current state, and that's the last new feature going in."

Comfortably Debian

After futzing around with the $0 Laptop for the past week or two, I'm tired. So I left the damn thing in the car (it's running Xubuntu 7.04 after display issues made me give up on Slackware 12). I don't quite know what to run on it. I'll probably put Ubuntu 7.04 on it in anticipation of 7.10. So I fired up the converted thin client -- the Maxspeed Maxterm with VIA C3 1 GHz and 256 MB RAM -- and ran Debian Etch. It's like a comfortable, old shoe.

Workrave fights repetitive strain injuries

Taking frequent computer breaks can save you from a debilitating repetitive strain injury (RSI). However, if you're like most people, you probably get caught up in your work and forget to take breaks as often as you should. The Workrave desktop applet can keep you on track.

Pluggable Schedulers vs. Pluggable Security

In a continuing discussion about the difference between pluggable security and pluggable schedulers,Linus Torvalds added "the arguments that 'servers' have a different profile than 'desktop' is pure and utter garbage, and is perpetuated by people who don't know what they are talking about." Regarding the comparison between pluggable schedulers and pluggable security, Linus stated: "Really - not only is the whole 'desktop scheduler' argument totally bogus to begin with, quite frankly, when you say that it's the 'same issue' as with security models, you're simply FULL OF SH*T."

Setting time the right way, the Linux way

"Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care?" It's a fine song lyric for Chicago, but when it comes to computers, the answer is, "Yes, we really care. We, really, really care that our all are computers' servers logs, e-mail date and time stamps, and our backups agree on the date and time." How do you do that, though? The usual answer on SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) networks is to have each PC call in over the Internet to a NTP (Network Time Protocol) server. That's fine, but it does waste a few bits of network bandwidth and with any modern Linux you can set up your own personal NTP server for your PCs.

Microsoft's Open-Source Trap for Mono

Microsoft is claiming that releasing the .NET Framework reference source code under the Microsoft Reference License will give developers the opportunity to understand more about .NET. That sounds good for open source, doesn't it? Wrong! Microsoft's so-called opening up of .NET Framework is setting a trap for open-source programmers. Open-source developers should avoid this code at all costs. If you ever, and I mean ever, want to write open-source code, I recommend you not come within a mile of Microsoft's .NET Framework code or any other similar projects that the boys from Redmond "open" up.

Firefox 2.0 XML and RSS pain

Learn about updated XML features in Firefox 2.0, including a controversial change to the handling of RSS Web feeds and the well-known workaround.

Enhanced Logging With rsyslog On Debian Etch And phpLogcon For Viewing

  • HowtoForge; By Miguel Brams (Posted by falko on Oct 3, 2007 4:30 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian
Well everybody knows the issues of reading and searching in log files. If you have more than one machine it even gets worse. This tutorial describes how to install and configure rsyslog on Debian Etch, but it can be adapted to other distributions.

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