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This is Vector. This is Vector on Fluxbox.

Fluxbox seems like an afterthought in most distros. You can add it, sure, but it doesn't look or function that great without some work. I wasn't prepared for how great Fluxbox would be in Vector. Reloaded: Blurring the lines between Operating Systems launches with a better new look and a revised premise. It will blur the lines between operating systems and focus on Free Software everywhere.

HP launches RedHat Linux-based desktops

More bad news for Microsoft: the world's largest PC maker, Hewlett Packard, has announced it will start shipping desktop PCs preloaded with RedHat Enterprise Linux Desktop 5 in Australia from as little as $AU600 ($US486). RHELD5 comes with OpenOffice, Firefox and Evolution included. The clear message from HP is that small businesses can now avoid the licence cost of buying Vista and Office on their PCs while retaining "big PC manufacturer" levels of support.

DIY Linux live CD -- the really easy way!

Thanks to a note from its creator, learned about a new "release candidate" of Custom NimbleX 2 this week. This lesser known Slackware-derived project offers a Web-based tool that lets users concoct, and then download, their own customized live CD Linux images -- in minutes!

Ubuntu Xorg maintainer demonstrates bulletproof X

Ubuntu Xorg maintainer Bryce Harrington recently demonstrated the BulletProof-X feature that is planned for inclusion in Ubuntu 7.10. BulletProof-X provides a failsafe mode which will ensure that users never have to manually configure their graphics hardware settings from the command line. If Xorg fails to start, the failsafe mode will initiate with minimalistic settings, low resolution, and a limited number of colors. The failsafe mode also automatically runs Ubuntu's new GTK-based display configuration utility.

Looking ahead to Kernel Summit 2007

For the past several years, the annual, invitation-only kernel developers' summit has been held immediately prior to the Ottawa Linux Symposium. This year is different, though: the summit is, instead, happening just after LinuxConf Europe in Cambridge, UK. The preliminary agenda has been posted, though, as has the list of attendees. So it is possible to look forward and get a sense for what is likely to be discussed.

The Linux desktop has truly arrived

My last entry talked about the imperative to grow the application base for Linux via greater collaboration among vendors and standardization. In the future, I will have further comments on some of the more challenging aspects of getting this done. But before it gets too late, I wanted to comment on the other major excitement coming out of LinuxWorld San Francisco – progress on the Linux desktop. It has been a year since we shipped Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. What has happened since? We have been building out our ecosystem, reaching a crescendo at LinuxWorld.

Linux Foundation Releases Statement Calling for National Bodies to Vote "No" on OOXML

I'm pleased to note that the Linux Foundation has issued a statement calling for ISO/IEC JTC1 members to vote "No with Comments" on OOXML. The decision to issue the statement follows on the heels of a rising crescendo of reports of last minute additions of individuals to National Bodies which is slanting voting results, and of a similar last minute upgrading of nine (or perhaps by now, more) nations to "P" status in ISO.

Ubuntu Month Of Screencasts 2007

Ubuntu Month of Screencasts is a mad plan concocted by the Screencast Team to produce one full length screencast per day for the whole of one month. That month is September 2007. The goal is that each video will go into one subject in some depth, to help educate new users about Ubuntu. We aim to go into enough detail to be interesting, hopefully without being baffling or boring. There should be enough information to get a new user from "zero to hero" in one month. That's the goal anyway.

Linux, Windows duke it out over energy efficiency

The battles for energy efficiency aren't just being fought by chipmakers, server and PC vendors, and other hardware companies out there. There's a similar battle heating up on the OS layer between Microsoft and Linux. Linux appears to have an advantage at the moment: Big-name vendors like IBM, HP, and Novell are giving the penguin a push in the datacenter, framing it as a flexible and energy-efficient platform.

Next version of Ubuntu announced: The Hardy Heron

Announcing the Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04), the next version of Ubuntu that will succeed Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu 7.10, due for release in October 2007). Not only will the Ubuntu community continue to do what it does best, produce an easy-to-use, reliable, free software platform, but this release will proudly wear the badge of Long Term Support (LTS) and be supported with security updates for five years on the server and three years on the desktop. We look forward to releasing the Hardy Heron in April 2008.

Micrososft: Linux Keeps Losing - NOT!

Okay, I’ve watched a few of these articles floating about that apparently don’t speak any new information, but do try to come across as authoritative. It’s basically a waste of BLOG time and space. I always have to look with a critical eye when it appears the “chicken” is telling the “fox” everything is “okay” for them, and bad for that old “fox.” There is an interesting reality that is not captured by financial analysts, Gartner, or Microsoft.

Mini Linux box gains online storage, backups, updates

Zonbu has sweetened the pie for Linux enthusiasts wishing to purchase its low-cost, silent, eco-friendly, PC outright -- without committing to an ongoing service contract. The $250 Zonbox PC now includes OS upgrades, 2GB of free online storage, automatic backup services, and root access. Zonbu launched the Zonbox in July, priced as low as $100 when purchased with an ongoing service contract with monthly fees.

Ready for a new K: an inside look at KDE 4.0

Iyou ask a Linux (or BSD, or *nix) user what their favorite window manager is, there is a strong chance that they will tell you that they use KDE. The good people at KDE are set to release their next major version - KDE 4.0 - currently slated to drop on October 23, 2007. I spoke with Wade Olson, the North American contact for the KDE project about what we can expect. Wade has been in the software industry for 14 years as a programmer in C, COBOL, SAS, shell scripting, Java, and PERL.

Linux: Relicensing Code

In a recent series of patches posted to the Linux Kernel mailing list, it was proposed that some imported Atheros wireless device drivers be re-licensed, some from a dual-BSD/GPL license, others from a modified BSD license, all to a pure GPLv2 license. Christoph Hellwig asked,"is this really a good idea? Most of the reverse-engineering was done by the OpenBSD folks, and it would certainly be helpful to work together with them on new hardware revisions, etc.." Luis Rodriguez suggested that there was no choice,"technically the best we can do is to leave the license as dual licensed, but keep in that technically that means nothing and is just for show, the GPL is what would apply as its derivative work and is the most restrictive license."

My Application of the Day: Kochizz for Apache2 Configuration

As anyone who ever tried to set up an Apache2 web server may know, this can be an insanely complicated task, because the thingie can use multiple configuration files at once, which are included and nested into each other with (you guessed it?), Include directives. Kochizz makes that job much easier now... [....] get Linux, Windows as well as Mac OS X versions... for free. Not least because the license is GPL v2...

German universities embrace Linux

North Rhine-Westphalia has selected Novell for the supply of its IT infrastructure. Novell already supports 300,000 students in the states of Bavaria and Thuringia; the new deal will add another 560,000 students and thousands of employees. It's not clear how many of the students actually will use the desktop Linux software. Forty percent of all German students now use Linux systems, according to Novell. The company said the universities chose its Linux offerings to deliver cost savings and flexibility, while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Installing phpGroupware (v.

Need a virtual office? You can try phpGroupware, which is an official GNU Project. If you're not sure how to install it, just follow along with Don Parris as he installs the latest phpGroupware on a hosted Debian GNU/Linux System.

FSF says Microsoft not exempt from GPLv3

The Free Software Foundation released a statement on Tuesday saying that Microsoft is not exempt from the requirements of the latest version of the Gnu General Public Licence, version 3.

The open source road to 100 MPG

The Society for Sustainable Mobility, formerly known as the Open Source Green Vehicle project, is one of the official teams registered for the Automotive X-Prize competition. The X-Prize Foundation got a lot of press in 2004 when it awarded $10 million to the first private team that built and launched a vehicle carrying three people 100 km above the earth. This year, the foundation has been working to get the funding for the Automotive X-Prize: another $10 million to the team that can build a marketable 100 MPG vehicle. Will open source win the prize?

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