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Microsoft and open-source backers: best 'frenemies' forever?

Ballmer's statement that Linux "uses our intellectual property." -- along with follow-up claims by Microsoft executives that they had found violations of 235 patents in Linux and other open-source software -- caused a sudden refrosting of what had been a slowly thawing relationship between the company and the open-source community. By dangling the threat of patent-infringement lawsuits over the heads of users and vendors alike, "Microsoft opened up a can of worms with the open-source community that they have been attempting to close since then," said Charles King, an analyst at Pund-IT Inc. in Hayward, Calif. So the two sides remain wary "frenemies." And their friend-or-foe relationship has continued to evolve in both directions this month.

Pepper Computer: "we're not dead"

Pepper Computer, manufacturer of the original Pepper Pads and developer of the Pepper Linux OS, has admittedly seen better days. After months of silence from the firm's executives led forum members to write the company off as dead, CEO Len Kawell has finally responded to users' pleas and posted a summary of Pepper's current state of affairs -- but not before we left a message at headquarters stating our intentions to write up a deathwatch piece this week.

Vistification - a temporoary drive to Linux?

Rupert's just said again what I've been hearing in various places: Vista's awkwardness is going to drive people to Linux. That's something I heard when Specavers moved to Linux. They'd been thinking about moving before, but there was always a barrier - the cost of retraining. That's the theory at least - but let's not forget that home users now effectively cannot get Windows XP. They're pushed towards Vista Home Premium, and that means here's a generation who will go through the Vistification process at home on their own time, at their own expense.

SA Government to standardise on ODF

From Tectonic, the South African government accepts ODF as the document standard. The adoption of ODF (Open Document Format) in our government is indeed great news, and hopefully it will have an effect on other developing countries when decisions like these are made. What disturbs me though, is the criteria for what qualifies as an open standard, according to the MIOS document.

SCO gets offer for Unix biz

The SCO Group, which earlier this month filed for bankrupcy protection, says it has received an offer for its Unix business. A group of New York investors, backed by York Capital Management, are willing to pay $36m. This includes a $10m credit for lawyers' bills.

Virtual Bridges announces major update of Virtual Desktop Server (VDS) product

Virtual Bridges, a provider of desktop and enterprise virtualization solutions for business, announced today the release of a major upgrade to its Virtual Desktop Server product. Virtual Desktop Server, Virtual Bridges’ Educational/SMB and enterprise product, allows an organization to deploy multiple Windows desktop sessions to PCs, Workstations and thin clients from a non-Windows server such as Linux and Solaris.

How low can you go?

What’s the lowest price you can find for a desktop PC? Next time you run out of baked beans, beer or …. big bunches of bananas (Alliteration too!) and nip to that shopping behemoth known as Tesco, you’ll be pleased to hear you can fill your basket with a PC for £139 as well! However this isn’t just a PC like any other … it’s running Ubuntu (V6.06).

AMD/ATI Drivers Looking Good: Driver Release 8.42.3

Seems that ATI/AMD has made some serious progress on their drivers since the announcement of their new-found Linux enthusiasm. With driver version 8.42.3, you can find these awesome new additions..

Novell Appoints Tim Wolfe as President, Novell Americas

Novell today appointed Tim Wolfe as president, Novell Americas, responsible for the execution of Novell's strategy across the Americas. Wolfe, who brings nearly three decades of software, technology and consulting leadership experience to the role, most recently held the position of vice president and general manager of Novell's East region in the United States. He will play a key role in Novell's transition to a greater focus on customers and partners in implementing the company's go-to-market strategy.

FTTB is coming

  •; By wjl (Posted by wjl on Oct 24, 2007 10:56 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
Today’s big news: Alice will bring Fiber to the building (see Wikipedia’s “Fiber to the premises” entry) to Hamburg, as does Netcologne in, well, Cologne, and M-Net in Munich. Now if they would only understand that it’s not all about triple play (read: TV over Ethernet) for end-customers, but a really distributed and symmetric internet. That would be innovation indeed then. Give us Gigabit to the homes, and we will give back Gigabytes of useful information for the rest of the world.

XenSource preaches the joy of platform virtualization

Interop The virtualization hypervisor belongs in server hardware - not in the operating system. So says Xensource, friend and partner of the operating system giants Microsoft, Red Hat and Novell. "Hypervisor will be delivered in hardware. In my view, it's a separate layer [from the operating system] because it's part of the box," Crosby told several hundred people gathered for his Interop keynote at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. "Platform virtualization is here to stay."

ZFS Puts Net App Viability at Risk?

About a month ago, Network Appliance sued Sun to try to stop the competitive impact of ZFS on their business. Their objectives were clear - number one, they'd like us to unfree ZFS, to retract it from the free software community. Second, they want us to limit ZFS's allowable field of use to computers - and to forbid its use in storage devices. So later this week, we're going to use our defensive patent portfolio to respond to Network Appliance, filing a comprehensive reciprocal suit. As a part of this suit, we are requesting a permanent injunction to remove all of their filer products from the marketplace, and are examining the original NFS license - on which Network Appliance was started. By opting to litigate vs. innovate, they are disrupting their customers and employees across the world.

A look at making Ajax easier with AjaxTags

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Daniel Wintschel (Posted by solrac on Oct 24, 2007 9:21 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
This article describes a compact little JSP tag library that uses some external JavaScript to bring easy-to-use Ajax support to your JSP pages, and how AjaxTags makes an excellent choice for quick, easy, and sophisticated Ajax applications.

ReviewLinux.Com: First Look at Sabayon Linux 1.1 Professional Edition

Sabayon Linux is an up and coming Linux OS. The artwork of this Gentoo based Linux distribution is wonderful. Packed with software I think this distribution is one that everyone would enjoy.

Microsoft-based consultancy builds business on open source software

R2integrated (R2i) is a Microsoft shop that has discovered how well open source software and communities can build a solid business. Principal Chris Chodnicki says it was a customer request that turned the technology consultancy toward DotNetNuke (DNN), an open source Web application framework. R2i began using and contributing to DNN about a year ago after Snyder's of Hanover asked the company to consider using DNN to build Snyder's corporate intranet. Since then, "We went from this little five-man company to 50 employees, all due to the alignment with this open source product."

2.6.24-rc1,"One of the Biggest -rc Releases Ever"

"This may count as one of the biggest -rc releases ever. It's humongous. Usually the compressed -rc1 diffs are in the 3-5MB range, with occasional smaller ones, and the occasional ones that top 6M, but this one is *eleven* megs," Linus Torvalds announced the first release candidate of the upcoming 2.6.24 kernel. He summarized some of the changes, "in short, we just had an unusually large amount of not just x86 merges, but also tons of new drivers (wireless networking stands out, but is by no means the only thing - we've got dvb, regular wired network, mmc etc all joining in), and a fair amount or architecture stuff, filesystems, networking etc too."

Tips from an RHCE: Splitting tar archives on the fly

Contributed by Alexander Todorov Splitting big files into pieces is a common task. Another common task is to create a tar archive, and split it into smaller chunks that can be burned onto CD/DVD. The straightforward approach is to create the archive and then use ’split.’ To do this, you will need more free space on your disk. In fact, you’ll need space twice the size of the created archive. To avoid this limitation, split the archive as it is being created.

South Africa adopts ODF as govt standard

The South African government yesterday announced the adoption of OpenDocument Format (ODF) as a standard for government communications.

New KDE Distro Releases: Mandriva 2008 and Kubuntu 7.10

Within the past couple of weeks two Linux distributions came out with new releases, featuring the K Desktop Environment. On October 9th, Mandriva Linux 2008 released their latest version to the masses. KDE 3.5.7 and Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 are just a couple of the updates with this latest release. Head on over and take a Mandriva Linux 2008 Tour. On October 18th, Kubuntu 7.10 was released, marking its 6th major release. Kubuntu includes the last KDE 3.5.8, making it the first distribution to release the 8th maintenance update to the KDE 3.5 branch. There were many other updates in this latest release as well. Mandriva is the first distribution to include QtJambi, while Kubuntu adds Qyoto C# bindings.

SA E-Commerce Award nominees announced

The nominees for the second annual South African E-Commerce Awards have been announced. All are now invited to vote for their favourite sites until November 23.

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