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Build Your Own Ubuntu

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Feb 6, 2007 11:32 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Ubuntu
With the release of Vista and the curiosity people have with trying other operating systems in light of its release, I have found myself knee deep in a number of operating systems over the course of the past few months. BSD, Linux, even OS X.

Unix vendors get creative in face of Windows, Linux competition

A little less than a year ago, Internet Brands, which operates Web sites for big ticket purchases such as cars, homes and mortgages, was looking to rid itself of the big ticket hardware in its data center.

SCALE finalizes Expo Details.

The Southern California Linux Expo is this weekend in Los Angeles. Here are some last minute details

Novell: 'No One Can Stop Us From Selling Linux'

Responding to a report that its right to sell Linux is under scrutiny by a group that controls key parts of the open source operating system, a spokesman for Novell on Monday said the company does not expect to make any changes to its product line as a result of the tiff. "We're telling customers that no one can stop us from selling SUSE Linux," the spokesman said.

E-learning patent fight leaves open source alone

BlackBoard makes a pledge for users of Moodle and other products, but its lawsuit against a Canadian software firm is still being fought. Take a lesson on the latest intellectual property dispute

Fifth Southern California Linux Expo opens Friday

SCALE 5X, the 2007 Southern California Linux Expo, opens its doors at the Westin Los Angeles Airport hotel Feb. 9 and will continue through Sunday, Feb. 11. The event will include about 50 seminars, 70-plus exhibitors, a high number of BoF meetings, and three days' worth of exhibits and demonstrations.

[I will be there representing LXer. - Scott]

Ensim Pro X for Linux Version 10.2 Ships

Ensim has released Ensim Pro X for Linux - Version 10.2, the latest version of the industry's premier server management and automation control panel.

Latest Linux kernel patch pushes KVM into the limelight

Linux kernel version 2.6.20, released on Sunday, offers access to a new framework meant to provide a user-friendly, high performance platform for Linux virtualization in the future. The framework, called Kernel-based Virtual Machine, or KVM, is a full virtualization technology for Linux on x86 hardware. It consists of a loadable kernel module named kvm.ko and a userspace component. Both components are open source software.

SCALE 5x - Open Source Conferences in Los Angeles This Week

SCALE 5x, the 2007 Southern California Linux Expo will be held in Los Angeles, CA this weeken On Feb 9-11, 2007. It will include: 50+ seminars, 70+ exhibitors, BoFs, and more. Highlighted speakers will include Chris Dibona, Don Marti, Ted Haeger, Jono Bacon, andothers. Exhibitors include: Dell, IBM, Verio, Redhat, GroundWork Open Source, ReactOS, Haiku OS, and PostgreSQL. One lucky attendee will win a Dual Xeon 1U Rackmount Server from Silicon Mechanics. Two other conference to be held on Friday Feb 9th include:Women In Open Source, andOpen Source Health Care Summit.

Five Ways to Create Uniform Namespace with Autofs

Trouble accessing data exported from multiple file servers? Try using open source implementations of autofs and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), with NFS Version 3, to access data under the same global mount point. In this article, study and compare five different methods to create a uniform namespace using autofs.

Amarok 1.4.5 and AWN Issue 6 Released

The long-awaited Amarok 1.4.5 has finally been released. Major changes include an integrated Shoutcast stream directory, the new Magnatune music store re-download manager, support for track labeling, and improved sound quality when using the equalizer with xine engine. Many of the new features are explained in the latest issue of the Amarok Weekly Newsletter.

IW: OpenVistA® 'On The Bubble'

Information Week has an article entitled: 'How To Tell The Open Source Winners From The Losers' and prominently features Medsphere's OpenVistA® as being 'on the bubble' and some factual errors regarding the troubled software:'...OpenVista was posted on SourceForge on June 6. It wasn't a big surprise; the posting had been promised several times by Medsphere, a company founded to commercialize OpenVista. But things unraveled quickly. Within four months, Medsphere sued co-founder and CTO Steve Shreeve, who was responsible for the posting. In a complaint filed in Superior Court of Orange County, Calif., Medsphere charged that Shreeve and his older brother, Scott, Medsphere's chief medical officer at the time, had breached their fiduciary duty as directors, violated confidentiality agreements, and caused the company to suffer $50 million in damages.

Open News Podcast Episode 2 Released

Open News episode 2 hits the net today with stories on 3Com, MySQL, Digium, Sun, Ubuntu, and more...

Understanding the Free Software Foundation

"In this article we are attempting to take a look through the glasses of the Free Software Foundation in order to understand what drives people involved with it and why does it do what it does."

Peugot Citroen says oui to desktop Linux

French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen gave a major boost to Linux desktop legitimacy with its recent announcement to install 20,000 Novell SUSE Linux desktops and 2,500 SUSE Linux servers into its IT infrastructure over the next several years.

First and Ten: Linux 2.6.20 Kernel Goes Virtual

While many Americans were focused on the sports spectacle known as the SuperBowl yesterday, Linus Torvalds was focused on releasing a new Linux kernel. Version 2.6.20 of the kernel includes a bevy of fixes and features, notably the introduction of KVM virtualization to the mainline kernel.

Vendors team up on ATCA/Linux platform

Carrier grade Linux (CGL) provider Wind River has partnered with network equipment provider (NEP) Radisys and high-availability middleware vendor Clovis on a "pre-integrated" ATCA/Linux platform. The platform has already been adopted by Airvana, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer (TEM) serving mobile broadband markets, the companies say.

Putting the Wholes Together

If incoming mail contains the word"identity" it goes to a mailbox I started in late 2004. It has over 7000 emails in it now. The majority of those are from theIdentity Gang list.The Identity Gang got its name when it first met informally on theDecember 31, 2004 editionofGillmor Gang. I've lost track of how many workshops and meetings and other exercizes in convergence we've had, but the progress continues to be amazing.I just looked atwhat Eric Norlin of IDG wrote here, then atwhat Scott Kveton of JanRain wrote here then at whatKim Cameron of Microsoft wrote here— to pick just three out of countless posts, all connected somehow. You can see the progress in just one month.This observation comes in the midst of thinking about a form of Vendor Relationship Management that has the same initials asCRM, but a different meaning: Creator Relationship Management.I would like to relate to creators in a better, less intermediated way.

MySQL Cookbook 2nd Edition

  •; By James Pyles (Posted by tripwire45 on Feb 5, 2007 11:32 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: MySQL

I had reviewed O'Reilly's Learning MySQL by Tahaghoghi and Williams for Linux Magazine (published in Europe and known in the U.S. and Canada as Linux Pro Magazine) and was pondering the difference between 'Learning' MySQL and having a 'Cookbook' on the same subject by the same publisher. I suppose it's the difference between learning the basic principles of cooking vs. vastly deepening your repertoire of cooking styles and recipes. To quote from the Linux Magazine review of Learning MySQL, 'The book is primarily written for readers who "don't know much about deploying and using an actual database-management system...".' To quote from the Introduction of MySQL Cookbook, 'This book should be useful for anybody who uses MySQL...The book should appeal to people who do not now use MySQL but would like to'.

Is Novell losing Linux? No, it's just bad reporting

Commentary: Blame Jim Finkle at Reuters, I suppose. His story is the one that started this large dung-ball of misinformation rolling around the Internet. You know the one, about Novell losing the right to distribute Linux.

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