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Group launches project to develop 3D animated film about Cebu City

THE Cebu Animators Society for Talent (Cast) is inviting computer science students who are interested in three-dimensional (3D) animation to join its “challenging” project this year.

[Ed: University students using GNU/Linux and “Art of Illusion” to create 3D animations of city in Philipines.]

Five reasons why you should never use PostgreSQL. Ever.

Within the past two years, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft have all released freely available versions of their flagship database servers, a move that would have been unheard of just a few years ago. While their respective representatives would argue the move was made in order to better accommodate the needs of all users, it's fairly clear that continued pressure from open source alternatives such as MySQL and PostgreSQL have caused these database juggernauts to rethink their strategies within this increasingly competitive market.

While PostgreSQL's adoption rate continues to accelerate, why that rate isn't even steeper is somewhat puzzling given its impressive array of features. One can speculate ...

[ED: The points look like an attack, the content gives the facts (real, not the phony sort MS provides) - actual reasons to use these databases. - HC]

Google Hacker Firefox Extension : Advanced Dork

Known as Advanced Dork, this extension provides right-click access to Google’s Advanced Operators like intitle: inurl: intext: site: ext: and filetype.[ED: How can you not love that name! - SR] [ED: Note: The extension itself was created by CP, not Johnny Long as the article states. - SR]

Workplace ported to Linux, but IBM sticking to Windows

No, IBM is not going to replace Windows with Linux on its 300 000-odd desktops. But it has ported its groupware suite, Workplace, to the Linux operating system, according to Joe Ruthvern, IBM SA's Linux and OSS business development manager. He also tells us that about 15 000 IBM employees currently use Red Hat Linux in the company, and that it is available on the IBM intranet.

[ED: Not as positively worded as many here would like, however, were MS to insist on some restrictive conditions IBM might put more effort into making its work force see the advantages of moving to the Linux desktop. Your move MS. - HC]

Rpath Creates Malleable, Serviceable Linux Distribution

The great thing about open source software is that it is so malleable. In the Linux space, you can grab a kernel, and bunch of systems and applications software, and throw it all together and make your own personal distribution. But, ... then you have to support it yourself.

... best of both worlds. ... build your own Linux distribution, [add] systems and applications software stack, and punish someone else with ... testing it, and integrating it with your solution.

This is what the founders of rPath have imagined, and what its rPath Linux and rBuilder tool do.

[ED: Alas - I misread this, I thought it was mailable Linux - just think a positive use of SPAM. Aimed at Outlook, Windows Be Gone(r). Sorry got to go to the patent office - bbs - HC]

Unisys says open source to doom proprietary software

According to IT services provider, Unisys, open source software is set to have a similar impact on the marketplace as the internet did in the 1990s.

[ED: Nice, but will they being saying this next week when they remember their long lost love for all things MS? - HC]

Red Hat enters state of Xen

Races SuSE to slice the penguin

Can Vendors Control Open Source?

I am posting this, despite its cynicism regarding even the existence of an Open Source community. This is an opinion piece where even here, despite the view presented imagines a situation where a company officer pays to develop code that is not critical to its business nor even with the code it shares with others using common business software. All parties gain by its release as (free?) open source code.

I have seen companies make decisions based not upon the quality of the product, but upon their estimate of the likelyhood of the vendor surviving to service its needs. Hence, those that are just takers where whatever community existed shrinks to nearly nothing, later they too may suffer lack of competent support.

Old OEMs, New Linux Tricks?

  • eWEEK Linux (Posted by tadelste on Mar 14, 2006 11:27 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
Opinion: Dell is very unlikely to ever support a desktop Linux until there's either a clear winner, or there's enough in common among the major popular distributions that Dell can support all of them without undue effort. (DesktopLinux)

Fujitsu Delivers PRIMERGY 8-Socket Blade Server Powerhouse for Greater Scale-up, Scale-out Data Center Flexibility

  • PR Newswire; By Press release (Posted by tadelste on Mar 14, 2006 10:40 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
PRIMERGY BX630 Featuring AMD Opteron Processors Offers Lower Power Consumption, Scales From 2 to 8 Processors

SCO Is an Open-Source SCAMP

SCO now has its own SCOServer twist on the LAMP stack. (Linux-Watch)

Upload directories recursively with NcFTP

I recently had to upload some content to a Web site, and the only access available was via http://FTP. I needed an FTP client capable of uploading a directory structure recursively. I found what I needed in an application called NcFTP.

Red Hat enters state of Xen

Races SuSE to slice the penguin

Dual-core not enough? What about 16 cores?

Dual-core is as good as it gets these days and even if you stretch a bit, a workstation with four physical cores typically is the limit even for enthusiasts. Tyan, however, demonstrates a solution that delivers an extra punch of performance: The "Personal Super Computer" (PSC) can hold up to eight Opteron or Pentium D CPUs for a total of 16 physical cores.

Is Radicati Running An Anti-Lotus Push Survey?

A market research firm, Radicati Group, is running an online survey, "2006 Messaging and Collaboration Survey", ostensibly designed to give paying customers preternatural insight into the mysteries of messaging. But the combination of its online nature and questions that ask if you intend to "stick with Domino as long as possible" suggest that the result will look more like a hit piece than a statistically valid survey.

Red Hat to Illuminate Virtualization Initiatives

The Linux vendor is expected to discuss building Xen virtualization capabilities into Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 at a company event, and it may announce a Xen technology submission for inclusion in the Linux kernel.

Securing VoIP Devices

  • (Posted by tadelste on Mar 14, 2006 5:21 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Foreword: This whitepaper discusses the security challenges posed by voice over IP (VoIP) communications in wired and wireless devices such as VoIP servers, gateways, telephones, and mobile handhelds. The author describes a number of techniques that can be used by developers to help protect VoIP devices from security breeches.

Build your own Java performance profiling tool

Profiling is a technique for measuring where software programs consume resources, including CPU time and memory. This article provides a list of best-of-breed features you might look for in an ideal profiler and explains why aspect-oriented techniques are well suited to achieving some of those features. It also introduces you to the JDK 5.0 agent interface and walks you through the steps of using it to build your own aspect-oriented profiler.

Preparing the 2007 (Office) battles

Charles Schulz of the Native Lang confederation comments on the latest happenings on the Office scene, such as Microsoft's press release about MS Office 2007, and talks about the future of

Software RAID on OpenBSD using RAIDframe

Software RAID provides an easy way to add redundancy or speed up a system without spending lots of money on a RAID adapter. OpenBSD includes support for software RAID using RAIDframe, which was ported from NetBSD, and supports RAID modes 0, 1, 4, 5.

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