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How To Run Windows And Linux On A Single System

This Recipe will tell you how to install and optimize VMware Server, a software virtual machine emulator that lets you run Linux and one or more other operating systems at the same time, each in a separate window. In most cases this means Windows, though other OSes can be run as well.

Tutorial: Keeping a Lid on Linux Logins

When asked about security on a multi-user Linux system, a wise man once said "everyone is root if you allow them to login as a user." There is plenty of truth in that, but embracing imminent compromise isn't always acceptable. Charlie Schluting takes a look at how you can limit your exposure while letting unknown and untrusted users login with a shell.

Motorola touts new Linux/Java phone platform

Motorola is showcasing its Linux and "kJava" based music phone for U.S. and European markets, at the 3GSM World Congress this week in Barcelona. The MotoRIZR Z6 is said to be based on a "new Linux operating system that incorporates kJava."

LA hosts laid-back Southern California Linux Expo

LOS ANGELES -- The fifth annual Southern California Linux Expo last weekend at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel brought in more than 1,200 paying attendees. SCALE featured a wide range of talks on topics from Inkscape to OpenNMS, and an exhibit hall with about 70 projects and companies from the Linux and open source community. While the quality of the talks varied, the show was a good opportunity to meet and learn from other Linux users.

KateOS 3.2: Installation Made Easy

  • Phoronix; By Michael Larabel (Posted by phoronix on Feb 12, 2007 10:49 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
With today's new KateOS Live 3.2 release it finally included a new installer. The new KateOS installer is graphical (a first for the KateOS project) and should be a huge improvement over its text-based installer for new (and even existing) users. I couldn't help but to try out the new KateOS Live 3.2 Beta, so in this blog entry I have a few thoughts to share about this new installer.

Zend Raises The PHP Platform

  •; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Feb 12, 2007 10:17 PM EDT)
  • Groups: PHP; Story Type: News Story
The open source PHP language is intensifying its enterprise challenge to Java this week, thanks to a new version of the enterprise class Zend Platform.

Biology Goes Open Source

  • Forbes; By Matthew Herper and Robert Langreth (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Feb 12, 2007 9:36 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Some of the world's biggest drug companies are finding that their genetic research is worth more to them if they give it away.

Plans for the next Linux kernel revealed

Linux kernel maintainer Andrew Morton last week revealed some of his plans for the next kernel version, a few days after the final release of Linux 2.6.20. Developers are currently revving up the development phase of the 2.6.21 kernel, with major additions planned for the next week or two, before beginning to lock down and stabilize the software. In a message to the kernel developers' mailing list, Morton indicated what some of the major new components will be in 2.6.21. One change will be improvements to the KVM virtualization system, which made its debut in 2.6.20, along with an implementation of paravirtualization.

FSFE's Fiduciary License Agreement is no panacea

This week FSF Europe (FSFE) announced the release of its Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA), a form of copyright assignment in which a free software project can place its collective copyright under the control of a single organization or trustee. The agreement is designed to reduce the problems in managing copyrights in large projects, and to reconcile differences in copyright worldwide. However, exactly how important, useful, or necessary the FLA is depends upon whom you talk to in the free software community. To some extent, FSFE even seems to be operating contrary to the advice of the original Free Software Foundation in the United States.

Mash Apache Derby with a new OpenOffice 2.0 feature

Document storage is hot, hot, hot! There has been an explosion of methodologies and tool sets -- both open source and proprietary -- to fulfill the demand for quickly locating and searching documents. Mash Apache Derby with a new OpenOffice 2.0 feature> to create a repository that lets you store, search, and extract ODF documents in a standards-based manner.

Alterpoint CEO Scott Harmon: Time to Open Device Management

Network configuration management provider AlterPoint is a new member of the Open Management Consortium, offering both proprietary and licensed software. "Companies that do not build their software on top of open source will go the way of the dodo bird," said company CEO Scott Harmon. "I do not think you can afford to have a 100 percent proprietary product."

Datafox: Firefox Extension to monitor bandwidth usage on BSNL DataOne

A member of the Indian Broadband Forum, Brian Fernandes has released the first public release of a Mozilla Firefox browser extension which helps the customers of BSNL DataOne broadband connection to monitor their usage.

VBA project for OpenOffice to become open source

Instead of working on different solutions for getting VBA macros from Word, Excel & Co. to run in the free Office suite, Sun and Novell now want to merge their hitherto separate projects and enlist the help of the open-source community in developing the solutions further. Given that the two projects despite different approaches had to a great extent come up with the same or similar solutions, a suboptimal situation had emerged, the companies declared.

IBM delivers Linux desktop with Open Client

IBM is to launch its first official foray into the Linux desktop market with the launch of its Open Client offering for Linux and Windows.

New WLAN Linux driver by Intel without proprietary appendage

On the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) Intel developers have presented a reworked WLAN driver for the IPW3945 WLAN hardware, which is to be found in, among other devices, the up-to-date Centrino notebooks. Unlike the IPW3945 driver for the chips presented a little less than a year ago the new one functions on its own, hence no longer requires a proprietary program in user space.

Multilingual about to form "GNU/Linux Matters" association

Now translated to the fourth language, Catalan, and with more to come, announces a formation of the "GNU/Linux Matters" association based in France, in order to promote the adoption of GNU/Linux.

Ten more Cape schools get Linux labs

Ten schools in the Northern Cape have been added to the list of over 200 schools using the Shuttleworth Foundations Linux-based tuXlabs through a sponsorship by Absa and Engen.

Linden Lab To Open Source Second Life Software

inden Lab®, creator of 3D virtual world Second Life® (, released the code of its Viewer application to the open source software development community. Developers can now access the source code to the Second Life end-user software in order to make modifications, enhancements and to add new features. The move marks Linden Lab’s continued commitment to building the Second Life Grid as an open, extensible platform for development, rather than a closed proprietary system.

Firefox Site Gets a Relaunch

On Monday, The Mozilla Corporation, which oversees the development of all things Firefox, is relaunching the Firefox add-ons community site. With the redesign, the organization hopes to enhance the ability of add-on developers to collaborate and test each other's creations.

Learn to Export Database Schema as XML in PHP

Sometimes it can be useful to have a dump of the current database schema. The script below reads the schema from a MySQL database and outputs XML that describes the schema.

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