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Kino 1.0 release marks shift into maintenance mode

A few weeks ago, the Kino video editor finally hit 1.0, which is usually a positive milestone that heralds a new era in an application's development. However, Kino developer Dan Dennedy says that he is done working on Kino's functionality for at least a year, and work toward another major release will not happen "for at least a year" unless someone else steps up to fork the application. However, Dennedy says he sees good things ahead for kdenlive, a non-linear video editor for KDE.

Fortran developer John Backus dies

Another founder of modern computing passes away. John W Backus, team leader of the original FORTRAN development team at IBM, died on 17 March at the respectable age of 82.

OOoBasic crash course: Adding GUI goodness

Some macros have rudimentary dialog boxes that allow you to define a few parameters. If you're ready to take your macro programming skills to a new level, you can learn how to create graphical interfaces for your macros. Once you know how to do that, you can build advanced macros that are close to full-blown applications.

Events: Santa Clara U To Host Open Source Symposium

Santa Clara University in California next week will host a symposium on open-souece software. Titled "Virtues and Vices of Open Source Software," the symposium will focus on issues surrounding commercial and open-source software development.

LiU Archetype Editor Release(Java based)

Those interested in theopenEHR archetype approach but who have been missing a platform independent editor might like this announcement: The LiU Archetype Editor, version 0.5.2, by the Medical Informatics group at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Linköping University in Sweden has now been released for public download [url=at]at[/url] This release is historical in the sense that the ongoing harmonisation among different openEHR specification and tool authors has reached a point where the tools are compatible. The official openEHR clinical archetypes [url=at]at[/url] are now in line with the 1.0.1 specifications and all tools.

News: Novell's New Server Products To Integrate NetWare, GroupWise

Novell's rollout this week of a SUSE Linux thin client surely doesn't mean that the richer and only slightly older SUSE Enterprise Desktop (SLED) will be going away, officials said at BrainShare. On the other hand, the new Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2, also launched as a public beta this week, will feature a Linux kernel topped by NetWare, a legacy OS the company is now phasing out.

Is OLPC Putting a Band-Aid on a Gaping Wound?

What does the sitcom "Seinfeld" have to do with One Laptop per Child (OLPC), the project aiming to distribute inexpensive notebook computers to the impoverished, third-world children? Not much, except for the fact that two critics of OLPC -- Linspire President and CEO Kevin Carmony and company Chairman Michael Robertson -- refer to an episode of the show when discussing OLPC. They say there are parallels between OLPC and the 1997 Seinfeld installment "The Muffin Tops."

KDE publishes v4.0 roll-out schedule

On March 21, KDE e.V, the non-profit organization behind the popular KDE desktop environment, announced its schedule to complete its next version, 4.0. If all goes well, we should see a release of KDE 4.0 this Fall. While the group's timeline is subject to change, the project announced "we will try our best to stick to them if possible. The KDE Release Team is acting as the coordinator for the 4.0 release."

Notes from Prof. Eben Moglen’s talk on “The Empire & the iPhone: ‘Technology Platforms,’ the Commons, and the Way We Live Now”

There's an interesting bit in these notes about Tivo finally commenting on GPLv3. Apparently Tivo wants the key signing clause removed. "[They] even offered removal of DRM from the stored video, just as long as they could keep the subscription lock-in by signing the software."

How to install SAP Netweaver 2004 Linux Testdrive on SUSE 9.3 with BW enabled

  • HowtoForge; By Alexandru Popa (Posted by falko on Mar 21, 2007 2:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: SUSE
This tutorial describes how to install the 32 bit Linux Testdrive of SAP Netweaver 2004 on SUSE Linux 9.3 and enable BW functionality. It goes step by step through the distribution installation, environment setup and tasks that need to be done in order to set everything up.

Getting started with the CentOS 4.4 Single Server CD

Recently I needed to set up a server with all the usual server components -- Web, mail, and file sharing. It needed to be rock-solid and reliable. I didn't want to download 4GB of software from the Net, so I turned to CentOS' Single Server CD.

Novell Claims Red Hat Desktop Move Validates Its Strategy

Novell officials are welcoming the news that Red Hat is planning a packaged Linux desktop solution, which they say validates their existing desktop-to-data center offering. Nat Friedman, Novell's vice president of Linux desktop engineering, told eWEEK in an interview that Red Hat's acknowledgment of the Linux desktop's importance is welcomed.

Backup and Restore Ubuntu System using Sbackup

  • only Ubuntu (Posted by gg234 on Mar 21, 2007 12:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
Backup and Restore Ubuntu System using Sbackup

Lightweight Linux That's Both Beautiful *and* Functional

  • Linux Online; By Michael J. Jordan (Posted by h00pla on Mar 21, 2007 12:25 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
The newer Linux desktop environments with their flashy graphics require newer powerful hardware to go with them. But Linux is still well-suited to get more mileage out of that old machine you still have lying around. So don't throw it out. Here's a way to breath new life into old hardware.

GPL Redraws The Rules Of Software Competition

Work on GPL Version 3 continues, but the debate between Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds over new features is less important than the rewriting of the rules that GPL has imposed on the landscape.

Living (and dying) with Linux in the workplace

Are you looking for a Windows alternative for serious office work? Many people are starting to wonder about their non-Microsoft operating system options, especially given Windows Vista's hefty hardware demands, upgrade costs and license restrictions. Scot Finnie, Computerworld's online editorial director, has already examined using Mac OS X in the workplace. Now, I take a hard look at Linux by using an enterprise distribution exclusively at work. I'm not simply playing with a test machine; I've been using Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10+ day in, day out to do my job as Computerworld's online managing editor.

Linux pro turns to Active Directory identity management

Research in Motion (RIM) systems architect Ian Brown wanted to give his administrators the same central identity management authentication functionality for their Linux and Unix machines that they enjoyed with Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory -- but it just wasn't happening.

Skype approves Linux Wi-Fi handset platform

Trolltech Qtopia has been chosen by Skype as the preferred platform for connecting the Skype user interface to the operating system in Skype Certified WiFi handsets and a variety of other devices that deliver a Skype experience. Skype works with handset manufacturers who wish to add Skype capabilities to their devices. As this business expands, it becomes increasingly important that handsets share the same application platform. The Qtopia platform will reduce the time-to-market for Skype devices while ensuring that handsets can be updated easily.

Firefox and Firefox Security and Stability Update

As part of Mozilla Corporation's ongoing stability and security update process, Firefox and Firefox are now available for free download from Due to the security fixes, we strongly recommend that all Firefox users upgrade to these latest releases.

Oh Sure, Everyone SAYS they want Open Source Healthcare Solutions...

Here is an opinion piece about FOSS and the IHEConnectathon:'...This year IBM supported the open source openEMR application participation fees. We will probably not be able to do it next year. I know of open source applications that wish to go to the '08 Connectathon (openEMR, Mirth, Tolven, MirrorMed, and more are coming). They have lots of motivation that comes with considerable barriers in the shape of travel expenses plus the investment in integration, implementation, and passing the MESA tests. From talks with them I understand that the 8K$ registration fees is something they will not be able to swallow, and I assume that it will prevent them from participating in the event...'

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