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Krita 1.6: State of the art

The KOffice raster image editor Krita reached version 1.6 along with the rest of the office suite earlier this month. But don't be misled; although Krita comes bundled with KOffice, it is not a second-tier productivity accessory like Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Krita is a fully-loaded raster graphics workhorse that stands on its own.

Using DB2 developer workbench, pureXML and Java

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Anson Kokkat (Posted by solrac on Oct 31, 2006 12:53 AM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Take a look at how to integrate this powerful technology into your Java applications and make development easier with the new DB2 Developer Workbench.

Helmi Technologies Joins Open Source Collaborative Eclipse Foundation

Helmi Technologies today announced it has joined forces with the Eclipse Foundation, an open source development community, as an Add- In Provider. Helmi enterprise and developer customers can now rest assured that integrating Helmi's Ajax-based Platform leverages existing skills and the familiar Eclipse development environment. Using the Eclipse environment and Helmi's Platform allows customers to rapidly create browser-independent, high- impact web applications, while cutting development time by over 50 percent.

Joomla Continues Winning Ways

The credits just keep rolling in. Joomla, a leading Open Source CMS, has won its second consecutive award for Best Linux/Open Source Project at UK Linux and Open Source Awards 2006, in London last week. And recently, it was announced that Joomla is in the final five for the Best Open Source CMS Award 2006, along with Drupal, e107, Plone, and Xoops.

HOW-TO: Configuring Your Mouse To Work With All 5 Buttons

The problem I had was that the mouse (Logitech MX518 by the way), did not work as intended by the manufacturer. More specifically the back and forward buttons on my mouse didn't do what they should when I was browsing (in any browser). Ofcourse it works fine in Windows and I bought the mouse because I wanted a good gaming mouse, but since Linux (Fedora Core 5) is my main OS I wanted those buttons to work as expected.

Red Hat seen generating strong cash flow

Shares of Red Hat Inc., a provider of open source Linux software and services, jumped in morning trading on Monday after an analyst speculated that even if the company does cut prices on some of its services, it will still have healthy cash flow. The speculation is in response to a statement Friday by Red Hat's CEO, who implied that the company does not currently plan to cut prices to compete with a support service offering from database and software maker Oracle Corp.

BSP Marathon continues in Helsinki, Finland: 11th-12th November

On the weekend of 11th and 12th of November, we're going to have a Bug Squashing Party in Helsinki, to help us release Etch.

Fedora Core 6 Common Issues

Here is a list of a commonly reported issues that have come up in Fedora Core 6 along with workarounds.

Oracle welcomes Linux users with support site crash

So very breakable. Oracle today dished out a rude awakening to the Linux users it hopes to support over the long-haul. Its MetaLink support site crashed.

["Seems like the options for Linux users these days are running pretty thin" - Is she kidding herself? - Scott]

Linux, Virtuozzo top IDC virtualization report

Virtualization has been dominated thus far by the likes of VMware Inc., the market leader in x86 server virtualization, but a new report from analyst firm IDC shows that perception could be changing with the help of Linux.

openSUSE 10.2 Beta 1 Report

As you know openSUSE released the first beta in the 10.2 developmental cycle on the 26th and tuxmachines has been checking it out in preparation for our report. This feature and version freeze release came with quite a few annoying bugs, but most didn't apply to my testing. I did encounter a coupla problems of my own and little or no new eye candy was found. But how did the system perform overall?

IBM Releases Free Application Server for Linux

New WebSphere Application Server Community Edition Version 1.1 is now available for download. Version 1.1 preintegrates Tomcat and offers support for Ajax, PHP, and JSE 1.5 to accelerate your application development.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 64

Welcome to our issue number 64 of Fedora Weekly News.

The Linux Action Show! - Episode 20 - OGG

HP says there be money in Open Source, Novel gets OEMs to preload Linux. Sun drops the open Java bomb, Ubuntu Edgy is out we discuss some of the highlights, Unbreakable Linux - Just what is up with it? The City of Chicago switches to Linux and saves a ton doing it.

Linux leaders call for open source license simplification

The free and open source software industry should follow the lead of the Creative Commons project to make it easier for developers to understand and choose open source licenses.. That was one of the main messages that emerged from a debate on open source licensing at LinuxWorld in the UK last week, with Jono Bacon, Ubuntu community manager at Canonical Ltd, leading calls for the simplification of open source selection.

This week at LWN: GPL-only symbols and ndiswrapper

The "ndiswrapper" module has been featured on this page before. It is a special sort of glue module which allows Windows NDIS drivers to be loaded into a Linux kernel. It can be found on systems using hardware (wireless adapters in particular) which is not well supported by Linux drivers; by gluing in the Windows driver, ndiswrapper allows this hardware to operate. But, since it is a mechanism created to stuff the most proprietary of binary modules into Linux, ndiswrapper was always going to raise some eyebrows.

Two Million Firefox 2.0 Downloads in First 24 Hours

Firefox 2 is reported to have over 2 million downloads in the first 24 hours with demand as high as 30 downloads a second at times. The Firefox team is well on the way to overshadowing the 3 million in 4 days that downloaded IE7. It takes a few days to update the statistics, as they need to get the figures in from the mirror sites, the company said.

Pointers and memory leaks in C

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Manish Virmani (Posted by solrac on Oct 30, 2006 3:40 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM
In this article you'll learn about the types of pointer operations that can cause memory corruption and you'll also examine some scenarios that show what to consider while working with dynamic memory allocation.

Does free software taste great, or is open source less filling?

  • Free Software Magazine; By Scott Carpenter (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Oct 30, 2006 3:06 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Which do you like best: the satisfying, rich taste of principle in free software? Or do you prefer the less morally filling and pragmatic goodness of open source? Do you wish people would stop endlessly rehashing the whole question of "free" versus "open source?" Or do you enjoy the chance to talk about goals and philosophy? As you might suspect, since I'm bringing it up...

ZyabaCafe alpha version out

ZybaCafe, a complete, multiplatform tool for managing internet-cafes and cybercafe's, has been released as an alpha version. Developer A.J. Venter has said that he would like to give user a chance to try and test it out for themselves before he declares the release stable.

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