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Save $360 with free software

You just bought a new PC. Good for you. But don't get too excited, the job's not done. You need software to get full functionality and good security on your PC. You want to create and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents, right? Don't forget the antivirus and antispyware programs.

Intel and Red Hat Launch Linux Global Solution Acceleration ...

Boston, Massachusetts - (The Hosting News) - April 10, 2006 - A global program to help customers plan for, accelerate and optimize their deployments of Linux solutions has been developed by Intel Corporation and open source and Linux provider, Red Hat.

Pentium-powered LCD/TV runs SUSE Linux

Hong Kong-based systems integrator Quataris is shipping a flat-panel PC/TV that runs a multimedia OS based on SUSE Linux. The QuaNext PC is based on a Pentium 4, and has a built-in, widescreen 19-inch LCD flat-panel display, along with a PAL-format (European) TV receiver.

Idealliance Announces Keynote Speakers for XTech 2006

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- IDEAlliance (, an established industry organization that develops, educates and validates best practices in publishing and information technology, announced today the keynote speakers for XTech 2006 (, the premier European conference for developers and managers working with XML and web technologies. Industry leaders will present keynotes on topics including new and emerging web services for developers, building software with human intelligence, and current web technologies. Mozilla Corporation and W3C are co-hosts for XTech 2006, and current sponsors of the event include Justsystem, IBM and Adobe. XTech 2006 will be held May 16-19 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Field Report LinuxWorld 2006 a Complex Mix Driven By Innovation

Naturally, Linux support was the thread through almost everything, but the event was about a very broad range of current topics and trends, including infrastructure, hardware, applications, open source, grid computing, virtualization, security, mobile, and many others. It was visually clear that these are all interdependent, and that Linux is here to stay.

Linux Terminal Server Project releases 4.2

Boston, Mass. -- The Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), which makes it easy to connect thin client terminals to a Linux server, announced the 4.2 release of the software at the LinuxWorld Conference& Expo. The new release adds improved local device support, reduces memory requirements, and offers scanner and multi-head support and a 2.6 kernel.

Bill Hilf blog attracts anti-Microsoft posters

Microsoft's Linux expert has launched a company sanctioned blog in an outreach attempt to the Open Source community but all it seems to attract are irate anti-Microsoft posters.

Well, it's difficut to resist the temptation to hit such a vulnerable target. I think that, before I let my server touch their port 25, they need to kill that infestion of viruses and worms that causes their anti-competitive behavior. And ridding themselves of the bug(s) that spews forth all those lies about GNU/Linux and FOSS licenses wouldn't hurt, either. Then, and maybe then, I'll connect to their port 25. - dcparris

Linux: Preserving Oops Data Through Resets

James Courtier queried the Linux Kernel mailing list on the feasibility of restoring the kernel ring buffer after a reset. He proposed simply writing the ring buffer data redundantly to memory in the hope that not all RAM is erased at boot time, allowing the buffer to be reconstructed. The kernel ring buffer is typically viewed with the dmesg command. Referring to the method of collecting data from an oops through a serial connection, James explained, "the main advantage of something like this would be for newer motherboards that are around now that don't have a serial port." An existing solution to this problem is usingkexec to boot a special lightweight kernel after a crash to collect a kernel crash dump.

The general consensus to James' query was that data written to RAM before a reset will not be available after, though exactly how much of the RAM is overwritten was debated. Kexec author Eric Biederman explained, "clearing the memory can be done at full memory bandwidth which can happen in seconds. On systems with ECC you need initialize all of the check bits so some kind of write to memory needs to happen." He then went on to note, "in practice a reset does not clear the memory and only a few bits tend to get flipped." Andi Kleen offered an alternative solution, "define a generic interface that allows drivers to register memory storage handlers. Add a entry into the oops die and panic notifiers that saves the kernel log into these backends." As an example, Andi suggested that video drivers could make available a small portion of video card RAM which could be used to preserve crash data across reboots.

Lessons from the Browser Wars

In a famous example of how first movers can lose their advantage, second-mover Microsoft won the Web browser wars from Netscape and continues to dominate the market today. But that competition was the subject of another "war," this one among researchers who study how technology is diffused into the market.

Linux desktop gives Novell the edge on Red Hat: Hovsepian

Novell president and chief operating officer, Ron Hovsepian believes the company’s new Linux desktop, based on Suse Linux 10.0, has made Novell an enterprise player while its competitor Red Hat has been marginalised for ignoring the space.

Is Hovsepian taking a misinformation note from Ballmer? I thought Fedora Core was the testing version of Red Hat. I could be wrong; I'm human after all.

SourceForge community loves the blue frog's community has spoken: its favourite open source application is the Azureus Bittorrent client. The results of the 2006's Community Choice Awards, announced late last week, saw two South African open source projects nominated, but not placing in the top three.

Letux Releases its First Distro for Handhelds

Toulouse, Oberhaching – The Letux project is happy to announce the first release of its commercial distribution of free software, aimed at off-the-shelf handheld devices.

Red Hat-JBoss Acquisition Will Affect Customers, Products

In this TestRun podcast, eWEEK Labs' Jim Rapoza and Jason Brooks discuss the possible effects of the acquisition. (Podcast #67)

KDE 3 - All About the Apps

"All About the Apps" puts the spotlight on the classics of KDE's applications as well as new and promising applications from the KDE community that can make your KDE desktop more productive. We will also keep you informed about development in current KDE 3.5 series.

Security Watch: New Phishing Hook Found in Internet Explorer

Until furter notice, don't trust the Address Bar in IE, it lies like a rug. Plus: Critical patches coming Tuesday from Microsoft.

O.k., I think it's time for a different perspective on Internet Explorer. I suggest Microsoft ditch Internet Explorer and ship Windows Vista with Firefox. That may be a bitter pill for them to swallow, but at least their users will be safer - or at least as safe as you can be on a system that relies too heavily on remote procedure calls. - dcparris

Mailman with Postfix Configuration

  •; By (Posted by gg234 on Apr 10, 2006 5:00 PM EDT)
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Mailman with Postfix Configuration

Nokia's journey with Maemo, 770, and open source

Nokia is "product" company, product manager Ari Jaaski told listeners at LinuxWorld last week; it never publicly released the source code to anything before. Yet in conjunction with the launch of its 770 Internet tablet, Nokia has started an open source application platform, dedicated programmers to existing open source projects, sponsored developers already working on open source, and expended resources to promote open source software.

Rethink the way you hire IT professionals

  • NewsForge; By John Murray (Posted by dcparris on Apr 10, 2006 4:00 PM EDT)
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Some organizations, in spite of their best efforts, are not able to attract high-caliber IT personnel. In the increasingly competitive world of business, IT plays a critical role in the success of the enterprise. Failing to attract highly skilled IT employees takes a competitive toll over time.

Microsoft helped write Oklahoma computer law

It’s supposed to protect you from predators spying on your computer habits, but a bill Microsoft Corp. helped write for Oklahoma will open your personal information to warrantless searches, according to a computer privacy expert and a state representative.

Is this the same Oklahoma that sits just North of Texas in the United States, or some other Oklahoma in a parallel universe? Oklahomans need to burn up the telephone wires to some legislators! - dcparris

Life Insurance Corp. of India to Deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat India announced that Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has chosen to implement Red Hat Enterprise Linux across its desktops and servers. LIC will migrate all its mission critical business applications to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, across all its locations in India and abroad.

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