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Sun injects NetBeans into Ubuntu

Sun has hitched its open source and Java developer fortunes to Ubuntu by inserting NetBeans into the latest version of the fast-growing distribution.

Phoronix To Support Solaris OS

Our primary focus at Phoronix has been and will remain on covering the GNU/Linux hardware scene; however, the Solaris OS will become standard for use in a majority of our reviews and other hardware articles. We have been monitoring the Solaris landscape for quite some time and we see today's adoption as an important milestone for Solaris desktop users and the alternative operating system community in general. Our goal is to provide Solaris users with the most detailed information when it comes to compatibility and performance for desktop and server hardware.

Tux Takes His Place on Chastain Motorsports Indy Car

Tux, the cherubic penguin mascot of the Linux computer operating system has just taken up residence on the front nose of the Chastain Motorsports Panoz / Honda Indy car. Driver, Stephan Gregoire, and team owner, Tom Chastain, applied the ceremonial first decal yesterday to the distinctive two-tone blue, 225 mph Indy racer that Gregoire will pilot for this year’s 91st running of the famed Indianapolis 500 mile race on May 27, 2007.

ScienceLogic appliance leverages open source for network management

ScienceLogic launched three years ago with a mission to bring to market an IT appliance that could monitor every aspect of a company's network infrastructure. CEO David Link calls it "dial tone service quality," a term that has come to mean high reliability and easy accessibility. To accomplish that mission, Link knew that open source software was the key, both internally and in ScienceLogic's flagship product, the EM7.

Configure IBM LDAP netgroups with Windows Active Directory server

This article explains how to configure netgroups on the IBM Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) client (AIX) with Microsoft Active Directory server.

Microsoft's $3 anti-Linux weapon

In Beijing, Bill Gates announced this week that Microsoft's "Unlimited Potential" initiative will now include offering a software package, the Student Innovation Suite, to governments and students in emerging countries across the world at a price of just $3. This suite, available in the second half of 2007, will include Windows XP Starter Edition; Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, Microsoft Math 3.0, Learning Essentials 2.0 for Microsoft Office, and Windows Live Mail desktop. However, Microsoft has no takers for its offering yet.

First Mobile Linux Development Kit (MKitTM) Is Now Available

Unicon Systems has started shipping its Linux-powered development kit based on "chip-on-film" technology similar to that used in Motorola's ultra-thin "Razr" phones. The "MKit" design includes an application-ready Linux OS and tools, and targets consumer devices such as portable media players, PDAs, and UMPCs (ultra-mobile PCs).

Kubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) Released

Kubuntu 7.04, development codename "The Feisty Fawn", was released today. Free CDs are available through ShipIt. Kubuntu prides itself on working towards the perfect KDE GNU/Linux solution, and with this latest release the development team worked harder than ever to do just this. 7.04 includes many updates, new features, and the latest releases of your favorite applications. KDE 3.5.6 is of course the desktop of choice, with K3b up to the milestone 1.0. The development team has worked hard to incorporate the best usability and accessibility features, to tame the edginess, and to provide a stable and secure computing environment for everyone. So stand with us and congratulate the Kubuntu development team and its many users in a job well done.

GNOME Mobile and Embedded Initiative launched

The GNOME Foundation is scheduled to announce the GNOME Mobile and Embedded Initiative (GMAE) today at the Embedded Linux Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. The initiative is aimed at bolstering GNOME usage as an embedded and mobile development platform. Founding members include open source organizations and commercial interests such as ACCESS, Canonical, Intel, Debian, Nokia, Red Hat, Fluendo, the Linux Foundation, and Maemo.

Ubuntu 7.04 arrives with optional Java stack

Who needs Vista, when Canonical Ltd. the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, has just released the latest version of the popular Linux distribution: Ubuntu version 7.04? Despite concerns that this release might be delayed by last minute, fine tuning of ATI graphic card drivers and the network manager panel applet, Ubuntu 7.04 made its release date.

GoodBye Windows XP Forever and Ever

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Apr 20, 2007 12:08 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Microsoft
It's actually kind of funny how the news of Windows XP being phased out was received by most people. It seems that most users are concerned that they will be completely out of luck when it comes to obtaining XP should they wish to avoid Vista for the time being. To these concerned souls, I would point out that I can still find copies of Windows 2000 Pro incase I want to avoid XP and Vista.

Thunderbird 2.0 email client goes gold

Mozilla today released the final version of Thunderbird 2, the next generation of the organization's open-source email client. Key new features include message tagging, message history, and a new function to search for content within messages, among numerous other enhancements.

Protect net neutrality, Lessig tells geeks

Technologists must involve themselves in Internet policy making or risk losing a free Internet, Creative Commons founder says.

How to Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in Ubuntu

  • (Posted by gg234 on Apr 19, 2007 9:17 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
How to Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in Ubuntu

Taxed Net Sales Are Perfectly Fine

  •; By Gundeep Hora (Posted by gsh on Apr 19, 2007 8:36 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Community
Now, I’m not 100 percent in favor of taxed net sales. After all, one of the great benefits of shopping through online retailers is to find great deals and avoid taxes simultaneously. That’s an absolutely ingenious concept that has allowed online shopping to grow at an amazingly fast rate. But things are looking gloomy, and we might as well brace ourselves for the inevitable: taxed net sales.

Up.Time 4 More Than Minor Upgrade

Emmett is impressed with the additions to the latest up.time upgrade. Find out why he's calling this the"best browser-based monitoring software".

Debian/Ubuntu Package management Using dpkg

Debian/Ubuntu Package management Using dpkg

Education dept eyes stronger free software policy

The South African department of education will likely look at a stronger free and open source policy in light if the recently-adopted national free software strategy, department director-general Duncan Hindle said this morning.

Get things done with ThinkingRock

The Getting Things Done (GTD) method of time management is one of the simplest methods I've found, but until recently I hadn't had much luck in finding any Linux-compatible applications to help me stick to using GTD. A few weeks ago I stumbled on ThinkingRock, a Java-based app for following the GTD methodology, and tried it out. I've been pleased with its simplicity and ease of use.

Microsoft says Samsung can offer Linux

Computerworld reported yesterday that Microsoft and Samsung have signed a new cross-patent protection agreement which specifically provides Samsung rights to any of the unspecified patents which Microsoft claims are being violated by Linux usage. In return, Microsoft is given rights to Samsung's extensive patent portfolio.

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