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New Sun Portal Tracks Open-Source Java Progress

Sun Microsystems took another step toward its promised open-source Java this week, launching a portal site to talk with the Java community about the process of setting Java free.

Splendidcrm 1.1 Now Available for Novell Suse Linux

SplendidCRM has created what it says is the ideal "compile-once, run everywhere" cross-platform application with its release of SplendidCRM 1.2 for Microsoft TechNet and SplendidCRM 1.1 for Novell. The company used Novell's Mono open source Latest News about open source toolset to leverage Microsoft's .NET tools, according to president Paul Rony. "It is the same binary that you would install on Windows," he told CRM Buyer. "It copies Linux and then it runs."

Readers Chime In On The Greatest Software Ever

Our article on the Greatest Software Ever stirred many reader responses, from a variety of sources, including one from a writer who has a picture of himself next to a running Colossus machine--the machine that cracked the Nazi codes--at Bletchley Park, England.

grep 'Reboot The User' FOSSBiz

LXer Feature: 18-Aug-2006

Reboot The User is a small shop located in Omaha, Nebraska. Jay Swackhamer, the man behind the company, was willing to take time out of his hectic schedule to answer our questions. Despite the numerous fluctuations he sees in his business, Jay says he sees interest in GNU/Linux picking up, generally.

Yet more LinuxWorld videos

  • NewsForge; By Robin 'Roblimo' Miller (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 17, 2006 5:49 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Today we have the winner of the (un)coveted NewsForge "best swag" award (for propellor beanies), a visit to the LTSP booth, a chance to meet Ross Turk, one of the folks behind, and a moment of brilliance and hilarity with Marty Connor of EtherBoot.

Mandriva rolls out new 2007 beta

French Linux distributor Mandriva on Aug. 16 released the second beta of the next version of its Linux desktop -- Mandriva Linux 2007, codenamed "Thor." This new beta is based on a 2.6.17 kernel and comes with a choice of either the KDE 3.5.4 or GNOME 2.16 Beta 2 desktops.

News: rPath's Linux Stack Hits Real Production with Ingres, Other ISVs

rPath, a start-up founded by two former Red Hat execs, used the forum of LinuxWorld this week to talk up the first major release of its product, a Linux-based software stack and toolset that ISVs are now using for building real appliances that cut application development time and support costs.

SQL - stored procedures, views, and dynamic sql generation

  • Advogato; By Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 17, 2006 3:27 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
I first started getting significantly involved in SQL back in 2000. Within six months I had written pysqldb (one of the many reinvented dynamic SQL generators available) because hard-coding SQL statements I immediately concluded to be insane. I was constantly battling the management of the project because they wanted to create Views - and to get me to use them. I am now, once again, on a major SQL project, this time involving stored procedures. This article describes the SQL experiences - positive and negative - and outlines some of the advice that I've encountered from different sources.

Mobile Linux gains momentum

Trolltech's launch of a 'fully reprogrammable' Linux phone could boost use of open source in the mobile industry

Hoosier Daddy? Indiana Schools Adopt Linux

How's this for back-to-school fashion: More than 20,000 Indiana students are now Linux-enabled under a state grant program to roll out low-cost, easy-to-manage workstations, which are running various flavors of the open-source operating system.

Software Freedom Day: Not just for geeks

The third annual Software Freedom Day (SFD) will take place worldwide on September 16. Project organizers say the event, designed to raise awareness about the benefits of using free software, is drawing more interest this year than ever before, with participation from 150 countries.

IBM takes potshots at OpenSolaris

"Sun holds it all behind the firewall. The community sees nothing," Dan Frye, the IBM vice president who runs the company's Linux Technology Center, said Tuesday in an interview at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. "It's a facade. There's lots of marketing, but no community to speak of."

MySQL Powering Web 2.0

The MySQL open source database has become the database-of-choice for the new generation of highly-popular Internet companies pioneering new “Web 2.0” innovation. Leading Web 2.0 sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Habbo Hotel, Linden Labs, CyWorld, Technorati, Facebook, FeedBurner, Feedster, Wikipedia, Digg, LiveJournal,, SimpleStar, PhotoBucket, 37signals,, Trulia, Neopets, and Zimbra have all selected MySQL to power their explosive growth -- due to the database’s speed and ability to easily “scale-out” on low-cost hardware.

Day two at LinuxWorld: Red Hat is MIA, but Golden Penguins A-OK

SAN FRANCISCO -- LinuxWorld picked up considerably on Tuesday, starting off with an energetic keynote by Professor Larry Lessig, and continuing with the opening of the exhibit floor. The main question of the day, however, seemed to be "Where's Red Hat?"

SYSGO Unveils Industrial Grade Linux

SYSGO, the European vendor of reliable device software, today announced the release of ELinOS v4.1, the first Industrial Grade Linux solution. ELinOS v4.1 serves the need for an Industrial Grade Embedded Linux solution in the market: Field proven technology, support for all industrial hardware platforms and dedicated industry software components in combination to a traceable qualification process ensure the highest development standards.

Cell processor is key to IBM's open source plans

  •; By Richard Wilson (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 16, 2006 8:36 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Cell processor technologies are being closely coupled with IBM’s, for open source operating systems and development software.

Emacs tips: Cross-platform Emacs

As much as we love Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, we are sometimes forced to work on others -- Windows, perhaps, or Mac OS X. Fortunately, the world's best editor is available on all of them -- though as is sometimes the case with free software, there are several competing versions, with their own pros and cons. Let's take a look at the options, and decide how to pick the best non-Unix Emacs for our daily work routine.

Unit test your PHP code at every level

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Jack D. Herrington (Posted by solrac on Aug 16, 2006 7:31 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM, PHP; Story Type: News Story
Find out how to unit test your PHP code at the module, database, and user interface level.

Sun to coders: Open source Java won't change your life

Sun's decision to make Java SE open source won't make any difference to the majority of Java programmers, according to the company's chief open source officer. Simon Phipps, speaking at a breakfast briefing in London on Tuesday, told Builder UK that he's long held the belief that coders working with Java don't care whether the source code is available for their platform or not.

Kick-Start Your Way to the Movies with PHP and DB2

Explore PHP and XML development using the Eclipse IDE, DB2 Express-C 9, and WebSphere Application Server Community Edition. Learn how to install and configure these applications, part of a program designed to kick-start your application development, to develop a Web-based movie information database. This is part one of a two-part tutorial, covering the installation and configuration of the tools, along with some basic proof-of-concept code development.

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