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Sun's Latest Turn With Open Source Nuts And Bolts

Sun Microsystems has updated its Java Enterprise System, a software suite the company offers to prop up customers' Web services, composite applications and collaboration tools. Java Enterprise System is Sun's answer to IBM's WebSphere and BEA's WebLogic infrastructure software suites. The three rivals try to lure customers with building blocks for service-oriented architectures that support newfangled Web 2.0 services, such as wikis, blogs and mashups.

SIDUX 2007-01 Linux LiveCD Screenshots

Three months of development has created SIDUX 2007-01, which is now available for download. New in this ex-KANOTIX developer release is a rewritten distribution framework, further efforts dealing with hardware support/detection, and lite and full editions of SIDUX. Check it out at Phoronix.

[I just downloaded and burned a CD if Sidux, I will be putting it on my Duel Boot macine in the next week or so, I'll tell you all how it goes. - Scott]

The Road to KDE 4: Dolphin and Konqueror

As some of you who monitor the KDE news sphere may have noticed, there has been a recent addition to the kdebase module. The Dolphin File Manager has been added to complement Konqueror's browsing capabilities. Read on for more information about this new File Manager and its relationship to Konqueror and the rest of KDE.

Graphics Made Simple with SWG for Eclipse

Simplify the task of including business graphics in rich-client applications with Standard Widget Graphics (SWG), a set of standard graphic objects built into the SWT from Eclipse. SWG provides new widget controls and an animation framework that share a common programming model with the existing controls in SWT.

Tresys Nails 'Hardened Security' With Brickwall & Upcoming Razor

After releasing Brickwall Security Suite in January, open source security specialist Tresys Technology is forging ahead on a user symposium slated for March, plus work with IBM around Razor, its second commercial product for smoothing implementation of the SELinux "hardened security" now included in the Linux kernel. founders share lessons learned for working with OSS's founders, Daniel Nelson and Robert Reeves, used an open source infrastructure to develop, maintain, and market an application that makes Java deployment easier and more streamlined. For these entrepreneurs, open source was a means to creating the best possible product with the least amount of startup capital.

Open Ireland - Open Source Software in Ireland

OpenIreland, a partner of OpenForum Europe, is officially launching its online portal,, on Friday, 2nd March at Westbury Hotel.

Fedora cleans its repositories, considers move to Free Software

The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora project is undergoing several changes before the release of its next version. In preparation for Fedora 7, which will fuse the Core and Extra software repositories, Fedora's developers are auditing the repositories for non-free and non-open software that doesn't meet the project's guidelines. Eventually, the project may change its package guidelines to only allow Free Software.

Using squidGuard for content filtering

Content filtering for the Web can be a messy proposition. A business may need to block only the most objectionable Web sites, while schools may be required by law to follow a more thorough process. Whatever your needs, you can build a solution with only open source pieces: squid, squidGuard, and blacklists.

Automatic patch management with PatchQuest in a home environment

Patch management has become an area of concern for business networks and home networks as well. Updates and patches are continually developed by vendors to improve their solutions. Most network administrators would know the chaos resulting from the release of a new critical patch. PatchQuest is patch management software that frees administrators from manually managing patches for their existing Windows/Linux installations. Linux-Tip tested the free edition , which can manage up to 5 computers.

SunBlade 100 and Linux (again)

I have posted along these lines before. This time the recalcitrant machine is a SunBlade 100. I had at some point in the past managed to get it as far as a Debian testing install, but then it wouldn’t reboot (hung at various stages during the process). A correspondent who’d read the previous post suggested that I try appending ide=nodma to the boot line (so in my case: Linux ide=nodma at the SILO prompt). Worked like a charm. Splendid.

Safeguarding the Keys to the Linux Kingdom

Without proper controls, anyone with access to the root account -- the virtual "keys to the kingdom" -- is given complete super-user privileges without justification based on their job classification, specific duties or role within the IT department. This violates the security best-practices doctrine of least privilege, and can expose proprietary systems and information to malicious activity and sabotage.

Cluster Interconnects: Single Points of Performance

  •; By Gilad Shainer (Posted by deadline on Mar 1, 2007 8:45 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
Can you draw a line with a single point? Sure you can, but you can draw the line anywhere and conclude anything. Measuring network performance on Linux clusters suffers from a similar issue. Often single network performance numbers are quoted when discussing clusters. This article looks beyond single measurements and the subsequent wrong conclusions they can invite. Often times real application data contradicts the conclusions based on single point of performance data.

Lauterbach’s integrated Linux debugger to be available from ...

Lauterbach is presenting an integrated Linux debugger at the Embedded World 2007 exhibition. The integrated Linux debugger will be available from Embedded Logic .

Automate GUI testing with TestNG-Abbot

TestNG-Abbot is a testing framework that breathes new life into testing GUI components. Understand the scenario and you'll find it surprisingly easy to isolate GUI components and then verify them using the framework's handy fixture objects.

Enterprisedb is/n't Open Source

Tim and I had a great conversation with Andy Astor of EnterpriseDB last week. EnterpriseDB is a drop-in replacement for Oracle, based on the PostgreSQL codebase. Rather than forking the code, they've developed their product as a collection of extensions on top of PostgreSQL, and their releases track the latest version of the public code. They contribute patches back to the core in the virtuous cycle of benefit->contribute->benefit. They hire several developers to work on PostgreSQL (6, last I heard), and are among the largest donators to

Linux Gazette #136 is out!

Linux Gazette ...making Linux just a little more fun!

I Want To Dual Boot Debian and XP - The Debian Chronicles

LXer Feature: 01-Mar-2007

With the gift of a new computer the help of a friend I recently decided to move from running OpenSuSE to duel booting Windows and Debian. Thus begins my adventure in Debian.

UnPlug and play - download embedded media

Frustrated by sites such as YouTube that require you to return to their site each time you want view the same video clip? If so, UnPlug is the perfect little FireFox extension for you.

Visualize sar data with kSar

  •; By Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Mar 1, 2007 2:35 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The sar utility is invaluable for collecting and displaying system data, but its output could use a little help when it comes to readability. With kSar, you can display sar data with easy-to-read graphs, and even produce PDF reports of system activity.

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