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Improving server management with Minicom and conserver

With all of the redundancy in today's servers, its easy to think that you will never need serial port access to your shiny new server. But what do you do when you're at home and your server is at the data center, and your trusty friend SSH fails you? Go back to where remote access started -- a console server.

Open Source Robotics Toolkits

Robot simulators can greatly simplify the job of building physical robots. Through simulators, you can test ideas and strategies before putting them into hardware. Luckily, the Linux and open source communities have several options that save you time and money, and can even support direct linkage to hardware platforms. This article introduces you to some of the open source robotics toolkits for Linux, demonstrates their capabilities, and helps you decide which is best for you.

Pointsec Unveils New Version Of Encryption Software For Linux

Pointsec has announced the latest version of its endpoint encryption software for Linux desktops and laptops, Pointsec for Linux 2.0.

j-Interop: DCOM Access from Linux

  •; By Vikram Roopchand (Posted by vikramrc on Sep 6, 2006 5:33 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
j-Interop implements DCOM wire protocol (MSRPC) to enable development of Pure Bi-Directional, Non-Native Java applications which can interoperate with any COM component.The implementation itself is purely in Java and does not use JNI to provide native access,thus being truly platform independent. It has full support for COM automation and supports callback from COM Servers (event handling).

The Future of Virtualization On Linux

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Sep 6, 2006 4:51 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
When I first started writing about this, my goal was to do a review on Win4Lin and offer my findings to you. As luck would have it, Win4Lin and the latest version of the Ubuntu kernel had other ideas in mind. To say that it left a bad taste in my mouth would be an understatement, I think.

Tinker for Freedom

  • Enterprise Networking Planet; By Carla Schroder (Posted by tuxchick2 on Sep 6, 2006 3:50 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
An essential freedom is the freedom to tinker. We need tinkers: those incurably nosy natural-born lab rats who take things apart to figure out how they work, and how to repair them or morph them into other things. Anyone can be a tinkerer. Of course some people have more tinkering aptitude than others, but I think it's downright pitiful when a couple of button pushes or swiping a credit card exhausts a person's manual skills, and they don't understand the basic concepts behind devices they use every day. You'll never hear a tinker wail helplessly "but I want it to just work!" tinkers make things work, often better than they originally did.

Canadian Feds put open source into active service

Called Intellectual Resources Canada (IRCan), the project is being led by the CIO Branch of the Treasury Board Secretariat but has its origins in Public Works and Government Services. The departments are setting up a repository of sorts based on GForge, an open source collaboration and code management tool which grew out of the original system created by VA Linux.

Ohio LinuxFest 2006 looms

The Ohio LinuxFest 2006, set for Sept. 30 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, will feature a total of 19 presentations by noted speakers such as Jon 'maddog' Hall, Jeff Waugh, Chris DiBona, Jay Pipes, Michael Johnson, and Jorge Castro -- as well as a guest appearance by live penguins!

Review: Search the Web, vi Style

The mouse isn't the be-all end-all of the PC-to-human interface system. Before the mouse there was the keyboard, which is perfectly fine to use while searching the vast Internet--once you try a new search engine called visearch. Rob Reilly types away at the engine and interviews its creators within.

Open source companies to watch

Open source software is a given in most enterprise data centers, so it's not surprising to see the ranks of open source companies and projects swell. It's not just Linux anymore - community-developed software is offering alternatives for everything from databases to application servers to network management to disaster preparedness. How do you know which open source approach is right for you? We've pulled out a few start-ups that you might not be familiar with, but we think should be on your radar.

A German Linux box builder lands in Bedford

German startup Collax Inc., a maker of Linux-based servers for small and midsize businesses, is bringing its technology to New England. The year-old company is taking up residence in Bedford, making its new local facilities the company's world headquarters as it attacks a growing Linux server market.

What is Grid Computing and why its important now

This is an ultimate guide to help you start learning about the benefits grid computing can offer. It highlights the basics of grid computing in their proper context.

It's not just Linux: Open Source has arrived

Open-source true believers have been saying forever that open source is the way to develop software. It turns out they've convinced most programmers that they're right. According to a newly released IDC study, open source isn't just hype; it's now the way most developers make software.

As venture dollars flow to OSS companies, CEOs urged to be picky

It's no secret that the open source business model is attracting the attention of venture capital dollars. The list of companies that have received millions in funding recently includes JBoss, SugarCRM, SourceLabs, Hyperic, Zenoss, and Digium, to name a few. Still, if your OSS company is hoping to catch the eye of a venture capitalist, don't just jump on the first offer that comes in, say the experts.

Review: LixSystems LX8100

It’s here. As some of you might have noticed from my personal blog, the machine which was kindly sponsored by LixSystems arrived on Friday. Plus we found another sponsor, who prefers to stay anonymous, and who kindly donated an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ EE plus 1Gig (2×512MB) of DDR2-667 RAM, made by German chipmakers MDT.

Debian Weekly News - September 5th, 2006

Welcome to this year's 36th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for the Debian community. Alexander Sack called for people to test upcoming security updates to the Mozilla packages for sarge. Ben Hutchings has managed to upload the final files for DebConf session videos. Three documentary videos filmed by Biella Coleman fill follow later.

Cold War makes for intriguing gaming

Pssst! Hey, you over there. The one running Linux. Maybe you can help me. I'm a freelance journalist by the name of Matt Carter. It's 1986, at the height of the Cold War, and right now I'm stuck inside the Kremlin with a Soviet secret agent by the name of Grushkov. If we don't escape, we'll be killed. At least that's the story as I got it from Mindware Studios and LGP.

The changing face of charts in

The charting component is probably the least satisfactory part of A few minutes with the issue tracker shows that, since 2.0 was released, 62 issues have been filed for charting. By contrast, the bibliography component and the formula editor, two other problematic subsystems that are comparable in size, have nine and 27 issues files against them respectively. Work has begun on many of the issues about charts, but complete relief is unlikely to come until the final release of Chart 2, the rewriting of the charting component that is due to be part of the as-yet unscheduled 2.6 version of the office suite.

Review: Can Linux-based Collax Replace Microsoft Small Business Server?

Page 1 of 4 With the release of Collax Business Server (CBS), Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003 (SBS) is starting to look a little like France in 1940, with Germany amassing troops on the border, readying invasion. Collax has made it no secret that it intends to battle Microsoft for the small business server market and is aggressively seeking soldiers in the form of solution providers.

New book introduces Open Source ideology and business models, entertaining and in layman terms

'Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source' is a newly published book about Open Source ideology and business models.

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