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Just who is Microsoft trying to kid?

Does anybody really believe this nonsense? Let me turn it into English. Microsoft wants to earn more money from you. It intends to do this by releasing products even earlier with loads more defects because the faith it puts in methodologies like Extreme Programming (ie “Extreme” as in taking risks), and Scrum, whatever that is, is touching but entirely unsupported by any experiment. The only thing that is supported by experiment is that if you rush complex applications to the marketplace, they will be full of bugs. The only reason Microsoft lengthened its development schedules in the first place was because of the extraordinary reliability of Linux.

Pervasive Software Contributing Code to PostgreSQL Community

Pervasive Software Inc., a global value leader in data infrastructure software, announced it plans to contribute source code for DTrace probes to the PostgreSQL community. DTrace probes provide a superior interface for monitoring the PostgreSQL engine and allow for more effective tuning. Pervasive also formally welcomed Sun Microsystems to the PostgreSQL community and applauded new support of PostgreSQL through the Solaris 10 Operating System. In January 2005, Pervasive introduced the first integrated set of open source support and services for the PostgreSQL database from an established database company.

SleepyCat releases Berkeley DB 4.4

The company claims 200 million deployments of Berkeley DB, a “massive user base”, which as Mike Olsen, Sleepycat Software’s CEO, modestly notes, “continues to help us advance the state of the art in database technology. Our latest release of Berkeley DB includes new features based on customer requests and delivers significant improvements in performance and flexibility for developers."

Device Profile: Buffalo TeraStation Home Server

Japanese storage device vendor Buffalo has brought out a "Home Server" version of its NAS server aimed at home users. The "HS" models of its Linux-based TeraServers now include multimedia file management and serving software developed using a Linux SDK from tools and middleware vendor Mediabolic.

Through Project Looking Glass with Hideya Kawahara

  • Linux DevCenter (Posted by tadelste on Dec 9, 2005 2:38 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview
3D has taken over video gaming. When will it take over mundane computing areas such as file managers, word processors, and desktop environments? Maybe soon, if Hideya Kawahara and the Project Looking Glass team have their way. John Littler explores the ideas, implementations, and possibilities of 3D interfaces in this interview.

Linux Advisory Watch - December 9, 2005

This week advisories were released for gdk-pixbuf, horde2, helix-player, Inkscape, horde2, Perl, Webmin, eagle-usb, spamassassin, mailman, xpdf, libc-client, and imap. The distributors include Debian, Gentoo, Mandriva, and Red Hat.


Credit Union Experiences Improved Network Reliability, Enterprise-level Network
SecurityBURLINGTON, Mass. – December 8, 2005 – Astaro Corporation today announced that Families And Schools Together Federal Credit Union (FAST FCU) has selected Astaro Security Gateway appliances to improve the reliability of their remote offices and to enjoy enterprise network security capabilities as a small and growing business.

Accountancy firm dumps Microsoft for OpenOffice

  • ZDNet Australia; By Renai LeMay (Posted by VISITOR on Dec 9, 2005 1:03 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Sun
The Melbourne member office of international accountancy and business advice provider HLB International is mid-way through the process of replacing its Microsoft Office-based desktop suite with the open source alternative.

Google gets Microsoft treatment on book search efforts

Microsoft and Google have engaged in a bit of role reversal when it comes to making it possible to search print books online. This time around, Microsoft and an open technology community are fighting against Google, a rival seen as aggressive, arrogant, and set on doing its own thing for the sake of its cause.

Japan's Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University to Install New System Architected Around SGI's Linux OS-Based Supercomputer

  • PR Newswire; By Press release (Posted by tadelste on Dec 9, 2005 12:16 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
Shared-Memory Computer with 1,280 Processors, Advanced Visualization and One Petabyte of Storage to be Used for Next-Generation Fluid Integration Research

Learn KDE Programming with PyQt

Sebastian Kügler has written a new PyQt tutorial. Python is the perfect language to start learning programming with and this tutorial takes you through making a basic Qt based program.

Sugarcrm Expands Open-Source CRM Capabilities

Features enhanced by the developer community include workflow management, campaign management, and the ability to convert E-mails into leads.

Index Bets on Open Source

Index Venture Partners, backer of blowout-success Skype, added an open-source company to its stable Thursday with a $5-million investment in business-intelligence software maker Pentaho.

This isn’t the first open-source startup in the European venture firm’s portfolio. It is a backer of MySQL, a Red Herring 100 Europe company. The database startup has gained significant traction internationally, with some $20 million in sales in 2004 (see RH-100 Europe: The Ikea of Databases).

Microsoft happy to kill off other ISVs' code businesses, but not it's own

Based on a smidgen of new detail on how Microsoft will proceed into the business services market, it appears that Redmond will be happy to add services that augment its core Windows, messaging, and Office applications — and thus stab in the back those ISVs that have created the third-party safety net for Microsoft users. But when it comes to building out services that may in any way replace the functions of its core code products — the equivalent of "Business Live," if you will — Microsoft appears to want no part of it.

Is Firefox the new target for hackers?

This year will almost certainly go down in Web history as the Year of the Firefox. The open-source browser ended up the greatest beneficiary of the barrage of bad press aimed at Microsoft Internet Explorer and its various security vulnerabilities. With the ever-present threat of spyware, it's little surprise that so many users have made the switch to what is now widely considered to be the "safe" Web browser, at least compared with IE.

[ED: For a PC Mag. quite balanced - flaw that entered via Firefox that lands only in IE (open or closed) is not seen by the author as a Firefox flaw, blames Active X and Java plus users going to the wrong sites-HC]

The (Open) Source of the Problem

  • Destination CRM; By Coreen Bailor (Posted by tadelste on Dec 8, 2005 8:19 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Software vendors, enterprise IT managers, and investors face challenges as the market evolves, including quality of software and confusion about license models.

Blueglue open-source application stack aims for the enterprise

The latest version of OpenLogic Inc.'s BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite, unveiled yesterday, adds enterprise-centric features designed to make it easier for corporate users to select and deploy a custom-tailored stack of compatible, preconfigured, precertified open-source applications.

Blast from the Past: Microsoft Dips Into Slush Fund To Fight Off Linux

According to reports published in the Thursday edition of the "International Herald Tribune," Microsoft is prepared to draw on an internal slush fund to sell its products at deep discounts, or at last resort, give them away, when it runs up against Linux in contests for big government and institutional contracts.

In internal memos written last summer and obtained by the paper, then top Gregg Leizer wrote: Microsoft sales executive Orlando Ayala -- who has recently gone on to oversee sales to small- and mid-sized businesses, and to expand the company's Business Solutions partnering channel -- outlined the strategy to keep Microsoft in its leading position as the purveyor of desktop system software.

"Under NO circumstances lose against Linux," Ayala said in the July memo.

[Ed: Evidently it did not work with South Korea -tadelste]

Economics Researchers Meet OpenDocument

A FOSS supporter recently spoke to a group of Italian economic researchers about the future--and costs--of information exchange and archiving and the possibilities offered by open formats.

Ecma Does What it is Told to Do (by (Microsoft)

  •; By Andy Updegrove (Posted by VISITOR on Dec 8, 2005 5:48 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
There was a time when people talked about Latin American "Banana Republics" that would do what the US told them to do. Does Microsoft have a Banana Standards body now?

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