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Fedora Infrastructure Team - Help Wanted

The Fedora Infrastructure team is looking for some more volunteers to help better support the day to day activities of the Fedora Project contributors and developers. We are looking for dedicated, capable volunteers to help in all aspects of our Infrastructure.

Breach Security Releases Latest Version of ModSecurity(TM) Open ...

Breach Security Inc., today announced the release of the ModSecurity version 2.0 open source Web application firewall. ModSecurity version 2.0 provides greater flexibility, enhanced attack detection, and support for XML and Web Services. At the same time, Breach Security is releasing the ModSecurity Console for monitoring multiple sensors and ModSecurity Core Rules that together provide easy-to-deploy baseline Web application security.

Open Source Pioneer, Eric S. Raymond, Joins Freespire Leadership Board

Eric S. Raymond, one of the co-founders of the open source movement, has joined the Freespire Leadership Board. A community-driven, Linux-based operating system, Freespire was developed to give users the option of combining free open source software with certain proprietary codecs, drivers and applications.

Mr. Raymond, well-known as both a theorist and an advocate for the open source movement, joins twelve other Freespire Leadership Board members, composed of thinkers, business people, evangelists, and key members of the Linux community. In recent weeks, Mr. Raymond has spoken publicly about the ''necessary compromise'' that open source advocates must be willing to make, by providing for an easy way for open source software to work with key proprietary technologies for which there are not yet adequate open source alternatives.

Another slip in the FC6 schedule

... we decided to respin the release candidate tree and push the release date out another couple of days... We're planning to release on Thursday Oct 19th.

Larry Ellison's Linux nears release

Not so stable but looks great in a Tux Wall Street continues to drool over the idea of Oracle producing its own line of Linux software for reasons unclear to us.

Novell makes file storage software shift

Customers coax Novell to move SuSe Linux away from ReiserFS and toward ext3, used by rival Red Hat.

Facts about Debian and Mozilla® Firefox®

From the From One of the Horse's Mouths dept.: There have been quite some comments on the Iceweasel case all over the planets, and I saw several assertions, especially from the Mozilla camp, that I, as the Firefox® co-maintainer, the xulrunner maintainer, and (soon) seamonkey iceape co-maintainer, have to rectify.

Seven steps to increase Linux security

Ask a network administrator in any large organisation to compare Linux with network operating systems like Windows NT or Novell, and chances are he'll admit that Linux is an inherently more stable and scalable solution. Chances are he'll also admit that when it comes to securing the system from outside attack, Linux is possibly the most difficult of the three to work with.

Where’s the Progress?

  • Open for Business; By Timothy R. Butler (Posted by dcparris on Oct 16, 2006 11:08 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: GNU, Linux
Those of us observing GNU/Linux over the past decade have spent so much time talking about how “next year is Linux’s year on the desktop” that it has become more of a humorous cliché than a useful statement. Nevertheless, while every year the Penguin has disappointed us in not quite readying itself to compete against Apple and Microsoft’s systems, at least in the small office and home office market, we can always cling to the eternal hope: next year. Or can we?

Living With Nas

A network-attached storage (Nas) drive is more than just a hard disk. The fact that the drive is connected to your entire network – rather than being directly connected to a PC – adds another level of complexity to the situation.

Massachusetts: State of Open Source

Massachusetts' plan for adoption of open standards has been in place since 2003, according to Tim Vaverchack, manager of shared services for Massachusetts' information technology division. "Our main focus is to bring in as many open source products as we can and also [to promote] an open source mindset."

Introduction to IDS – IPCop

  • Original; By Barrie Dempster, James Eaton-Lee (Posted by kshipras on Oct 16, 2006 9:24 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Community
There are a variety of Intrusion Detection Systems in the market ranging from the enterprise-level managed-network monitoring solution to a simple on-the-host logging system. There is also a distinction between an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and an IDS. An IPS goes one better than the IDS and attempts to block an attack in progress whereas the IDS attempts to log the attack and optionally notify a responsible party to employ an incident response plan.

Pentaho beefs up open source OLAP

Pentaho Corp continues to hammer out rapid upgrades to key components of its evolving open source business intelligence suite.

Shuttleworth backs KDE

  •; By Staff Writer (Posted by dcparris on Oct 16, 2006 7:44 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: KDE
Celebrating its 10th birthday this past week the KDE project announced that Mark Shuttleworth was to be its first patron in a new financial support programme for the popular desktop environment.

Fsm Newsletter 16th of October 2006

Welcome to another of Free Software Magazine’s fortnightly newsletters. Our newsletters aim to let you know what’s happening on our site and with the magazine. Through these newsletters we’ll keep you up-to-date with new content, competitions, new features and more. Please note: we have lots of exciting developments coming up in the near future, so take a little time to catch up with us. And as always enjoy!

Jefferies: Oracle Close to Entering Linux Market, Challenging Red ...

In a research note, Jefferies analyst Katherine Egbert says that she has heard Oracle will probably be entering the Linux market “soon,” with a “software stack” featuring Ubuntu Linux. “We have heard that Ubuntu is currently working to certify its recently introduced server OS to all [of] Oracle’s major products, including databases and middleware. The relationship between Oracle and Ubuntu seems to have come together rather quickly, and is perhaps the fallout from an attempt by Red Hat and Oracle to work more closely together. Red Hat management offered yesterday that they would continue to work closely with Oracle should such an event occur, while at the same time continuing to develop complementary technologies.”

Rant Mode Equals One: Let's Re-License Redmond

LXer Feature: 16-Oct-2006

There's yet another "feature" missing in Linux -- it doesn't look for hardware changes and shut itself off, only to be reactivated once the owner has phoned someone to beg to use the software they already have the rights to use. Paul Ferris discusses yet another benefit of using Free Software; You don't have to worry about the product getting crippled or removed just because you simply added new hardware or switched to a new PC.

DistroWatch Weekly: 3D desktop computing with Mandriva and SabayonLinux, PC-BSD gets acquired

  •; By Ladislav Bodnar (Posted by dave on Oct 16, 2006 4:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter
Welcome to this year's 42nd issue of DistroWatch Weekly! As we brace up for the brand new Fedora Core 6 later this week, the focus of this issue of DistroWatch Weekly is on the 3D accelerated Linux desktop. How usable is it? And does it bring anything more than eye candy? Find out in a blog-style report about our experiences with Xgl- and AIGLX-enabled desktops on Mandriva Linux 2007 and SabayonLinux 3.1. Also in this issue: iXsystems acquires a popular FreeBSD-based operating system for desktops, Debian developers vote to resolve controversial issues, and Fedora Core maintainers look for ways to count their user base. Finally, in the new distributions section, we introduce Lintrack, a new Arch-based project designed to run on network routers. Happy reading!

CLI Magic: Use cURL to measure Web site statistics

cURL is a handy command-line network tool whose name stands for "client for URLs," but think of it as a "copy for URLs" -- it can copy to or from a given URL in any of nine different protocols.

IBM Uncloaks Power6 Chip Details

  • IT Jungle; By Timothy Prickett Morgan (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Oct 15, 2006 11:09 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM
IBM's Brad McCredie, who works for the Systems and Technology Group as the chief architect of the future Power6 processor, gave his presentation at the forum last week, and divulged a lot of the inner workings of the device. There's a lot of stuff in this chip, which is what you would expect from a device with around 750 million transistors.

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