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Report: businesses going open-source

Two reports released this week show that open-source software is gaining adoption worldwide - to the extent that it is putting significant pressure on commercial software companies and their business models.

Improved ways to suspend and hibernate a laptop under Linux

Last June I wrote about suspending and hibernating laptops under Linux. Since then a few things have changed -- thankfully, for the better -- so it's time to revisit the subject. Also, a few readers have responded offering suggestions for improving the suspend shell script I wrote back then, and I've incorporated these suggestions in a new version; unfortunately most of the comments are anonymous, so I can't give proper credit to their authors.

Intel GMA 3000 Performance Q1-07

The last time Phoronix had taken a thorough look at Intel's Linux display drivers was last October when we had shared our initial performance figures for the GMA 3000 integrated graphics processor found on the Q965 Express. Testing at that time was only about two months after Intel had launched their new open-source Linux graphics website along with support for the 965 Express Chipset. With more and more readers inquiring about Intel's open-source graphics offerings, we have decided to take another look at the GMA 3000 performance. In this article we look at the GMA 3000 Q965 once again and compare it against the ATI Radeon X300SE using the most recent open-source drivers.

SCO to Pamela Jones: Please Call

In an interview with Darl McBride, SCO's CEO, McBride tells the editor of Groklaw: "If you read this, please, give me a call. We just want to chat." (Linux-Watch)

Vyatta apes Red Hat's development process

Vyatta, one of the most well-known open-source routing companies, is to split its product development process.

Red Hat joins Interoperability Vendor Alliance

Red Hat has announced it has joined the Interoperability Vendor Alliance, an organisation created originally by Microsoft to improve interoperability with non-Microsoft products (is interoperability between Microsoft products ever a problem?) JBoss, now a division of Red Hat, originally partnered with Microsoft back in 2005 and one of the areas of effort was around interoperability. Therefore, this move by Red Hat can be seen as a logical extension of that effort.

[Hmmm... Have you ever tried opening Word documents using different versions of MS Word? So much for inra-MS interoperability! - dcparris]

First "open" Linux phones available online in March

FIC has announced an on-sale date for its Neo1973, expected to be the first low-cost, high-volume phone with a user-modifiable Linux-based operating system. Additionally, the OpenMoko project building open-source software for the phone has published a wealth of technical resources.

IBM aims business software suite at Linux desktops

IBM has released its new Open Client Solution for business, a package of office software applications that supports several operating systems, including Linux and Windows. In particular, the Linux business desktop runs on both Red Hat's Enterprise Linux Workstation and Novell's SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop).

Save the BBC from Windows DRM!

The BBC has a long and glorious past as a technological innovator. Throughout the history of broadcasting, it has often been the first to develop and promote new technologies. Sadly, it seems now to be teetering on the brink of making technical choices that will not only damage its own reputation as a world-class institution, but which will also have serious knock-on consequences for free software.

OpenSUSE kicks off 10.3 cycle with first alpha

Chief maintainer Andreas Jaeger announced today that development of the next version of openSUSE Linux is officially under way, with the release of the first public alpha. OpenSUSE 10.3 boasts a 2.6.20 kernel, a choice of GNOME or KDE desktops, and its usual full-bodied application set.

What if Microsoft Ignored Linux?

Let’s be clear, Linux really isn’t the most lucrative platform on the market. It goes on the least expensive hardware, and much of what goes into it appears subsidized by other revenue streams. The marketing, such that it is, appears largely voluntary. The organizations that sit at the center, like the Linux Foundation, seem constantly underfunded or in the process of downsizing or changing leadership in preparation for downsizing.

[You know, we should all just quit supporting Linux and jump in the river.. - Scott]

Samp Offers Unix-Based Alternative to LAMP

Sun has assembled a new program stack to give users access to some of the most popular open source applications. Sun's enhancement primes the existing applications to run optimized on Sun's Unix-based Solaris platform. Apache, MySQL and Perl already are well established on the Linux platform.

ODF 1.1 adds support for sight-impaired users

Members of OASIS, the international standards consortium, this week approved version 1.1 of the Open Document Format (ODF) for Office Applications (OpenDocument) as an OASIS Standard. A key enhancement in OpenDocument 1.1 is support for users who have low or no vision, or who suffer from cognitive impairments.

[Excellent! Instead of beating Curtis Chong over the head, we've won him over. Now, if we could just do the same with that Ballmer guy. - dcparris]

Firefox's New Add-on Site Set to Launch

Mozilla plans to fire up its revamped Firefox add-on Web site tonight.

Open source is back in fashion

One sure way to catch the eye in the IT marketplace these days is by announcing that you are "going open source" - whatever that means. In one of the latest such happenings, CNET reports that a company named Aras, which develops software entirely using Microsoft technologies released the code to a design application.

New OpenVZ Features

OpenVZ Open Source Software Virtualization Project Delivers New Features

Court smack down for Russian piracy epic

A tiny Russian software piracy case that ended up pitting Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin against Bill Gates has been thrown out of court.

Colonizing a free new world with FreeCol

Colonizing a new world is not a trivial task, even when you're doing it in a clone of a famous game. FreeCol is a free-as-in-free-software Java-based clone of Sid Meier's Colonization that's currently at the 0.5.3 release. But even this far short of a 1.0 release, it is coming along nicely enough to have earned it the designation of Project of the Month. It is certainly playable, albeit with a few rough edges here and there and a few missing pieces.

HP trumpets new HP-UX release and Itanium kit

HP today gave its Unix business the big squeeze with a new release of HP-UX and a pair of compact Itanium-based servers.

Much Growth in Store for Linux Ecosystem

Sizing the Linux market ecosystem is no easy task. Downloads of Linux operating systems and applications are not an accurate measure. Analyst firm IDC, however, has a handle on the market and its size, and it's large. At this week's LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit in New York City, IDC analysts detailed where they see the Linux ecosystem today and where it will be by 2010.

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