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KDE4 Devel Live-CD Review: Work in Progress

  •; By Piotr Maliński (Posted by michux on Apr 26, 2007 12:15 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: KDE
A few days ago first KDE4 CD images presenting the current development version of KDE4 have been published in the Internet. Nobody should expect that this version is close to the final product. As the SVN code being intensively and continuously developed, no wonder it’s neither stable, usable nor it contains all the features planned for the final release due in late 2007. This review should be then treated as a pure experiment, “a glance” at the current status of KDE4 development.

Wiimote hacked to make opening doors look silly

  • Engadget; By Nilay Patel (Posted by Sander_Marechal on Apr 26, 2007 11:27 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Humor
Dissatisfied with their existing smartcard setup, a group of Japanese fanboys rigged up their, um, FreeBSD door controller (doorputer?) to accept Bluetooth input from Wiimotes. We see only two problems with this setup: first, it's far less secure than, you know, keys; and second, everyone knows Linux runs a doorputer like, so much better than BSD.

HDTV reception and network streaming in a box

I have been a TiVo owner since almost day one; seven years with a Series 1 box. But TiVo's elimination of lifetime subscriptions has made me plan on migrating to a do-it-yourself DVR, probably running MythTV. As I spec out hardware, I am increasingly frustrated at the paucity of PCI slots bestowed on us by motherboard makers today. I want good sound, good NTSC, FM, and HDTV, and hopefully multiple tuners, but there is scarcely a mobo in sight that has that much room in the interior. However, I found an alternative in Silicondust's HDHomeRun, a standalone, dual-tuner HDTV receiver that streams video over the network, and supports Linux right out of the box.

Device Profile: Hammer MyShare NAS device

Hammer Storage, a division of Bell Microproducts, used embedded Linux as the software platform in its flagship consumer network-attached storage (NAS) device. The "MyShare" NAS appliance runs Linux on an ARM9-based Marvell processor, and has two internal SATA II drives, for capacities up to 2 terabytes.

All roads lead to Debian

If most of the Linux distributions derive from either Slackware or Debian, why not just go to the source? Slackware looks way too hard to figure out, but Debian, which just released version 4.0, offers a net-install ISO -- and I've always wanted to install a distro over the Internet -- so I burned the CD this morning and am currently installing a Debian system over the Internet.

Sebastian Trüg on K3b 1.0 and More

Today we talk with the author of the K3b Project, the well known application that lets you burn CDs/DVDs and that lets you rip music from CD audio and films from DVD Video. We are going to talk with Sebastian about his story: when he started using KDE, when he started to create K3b and to talk about his plans in KDE 4 with a new KDE 4 project. This interview was originally released for KDE Italia.

OpenOffice to gain reporting functions and business intelligence software maker Pentaho on April 20 announced a deal to include the latter's open source reporting engine in's next feature release. "Report Designer" will serve as an extension to the free office suite's database application, "Base."

Learning from Ajax's best

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Jack D Herrington (Posted by solrac on Apr 26, 2007 7:17 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
It's important to consider how the best use Ajax features along with Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to create a compelling user experience.

IBM reveals new virtual Linux environment

IBM has announced the availability of an open beta version of its virtual Linux environment to enable x86 Linux applications to run without modification on POWER processor-based IBM System p servers. Designed to reduce power, cooling and space by consolidating x86 Linux workloads on System p servers, it will eventually be released as the roles off the tongue ‘IBM System p Application Virtual Environment (System p AVE).’

Exclusive Interview: Tux500 Team

If the Linux community is going to get the respect it deserves it is going to have to do something like this sooner or later to stand up and demand the attention of the marketplace. I believe people will be speaking about this project for years to come, either because of the strong solidarity and support it got from the community or the indifference and divisiveness it displayed.

Bob Metcalfe re-evaluates open source

Bob Metcalfe may not have invented the Internet, but few people's technical achievements have done more to make it popular and accessible than the father of Ethernet and founder of 3Com. Metcalfe and the open source community got a little bit sideways with each other last century, but that appears to be all in the past now.

Do Microsoft's EULAs have any real legal basis?

Asking the question is easy...I've just had an anonymous comment added to an irrelevant topic with the excuse: "The Drink or die thread seems to be closed so let's continue this here."

[A good article about whether or not Microsoft can actually enforce their EULA or not. - Scott]

Akonadi Hacking Meeting

Last weekend was not only the time for the KMail Hacking Days but also for the second Akonadi· Hacking Meeting in Berlin, Germany. 7 KDE-PIM developers came together for 2 days at the KDAB offices in Berlin's Kreuzberg district and continued to improve Akonadi, the personal information data storage for KDE 4. Meeting the other developers in real life and discussing issues face to face always helps to find new solutions and implement crucial features in a short period of time.

And Now … Life After GPLv3

In particular, it’s time for me to leave the board of directors of the Free Software Foundation, where I’ve been since 2000. FSF is in great shape under the continued leadership of Richard Stallman and his executive director, Peter Brown. Completing GPLv3 successfully underlines the credibility with which FSF combines the most uncompromising principle with the depth of knowledge and experience needed to build broad coalitions in our community. Leaving is always hard, but there couldn’t be a more appropriate or less disruptive time.

Java Theory and Practice: The Closures Debate

Everyone has a favorite feature idea or two for adding to the Java language. Should the Java language embrace major new additions, such as closures? Or is that too much messing with a good thing?

Conference aims KDE at educational institutions

The KDE desktop team is hosting an educational conference, "Edu & School Day at aKademy 2007," in Glasgow, Scotland, on July 3. The aim of the event is to improve awareness of free software and promote its use in more educational areas, a KDE spokesperson said. The event will be held at the Department of Computer & Information Sciences at University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow.

Linuxfest Northwest 2007, This weekend, Bellingham, WA

Linuxfest Northwest in Bellingham, WA with speakers from Red Hat, Google, Novell, OLPC, MySQL, Linden Labs and is this weekend. Admission is free.

KateOS 3.6 Beta Screenshots

As was outlined in a previous Phoronix article, we have been evaluating KateOS as a possible Linux distribution to append to our arsenal of OS compatibility tests. Recently KateOS 3.6 Beta was introduced and we have went over this distribution with a fine tooth comb. KateOS 3.6 Beta is a huge improvement for the KateOS team with the improvements to the LiveCD as well as for the installation process. Shipping with this beta is everything from to Xine, making it a viable desktop distribution powered by Xfce.

When is Linux suitable for you

  •; By ggarron (Posted by ggarron on Apr 25, 2007 10:58 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Analysis of some scenarios where you can use Linux, and when you can't, at least like the author says, for some more time, ... Just wait :)

Debian Project participates in Google's Summer of Code

The Debian project is proud that it has been accepted by Google as a mentor organization for this year's Summer of Code program, with nine tasks in total. Google will fund the students mentioned below to work full time on these tasks during their summer vacation, from May 28th to August 20th. They will be guided and evaluated during this time by active Debian developers.

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