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Vector Linux 5.1 LiveCD RC1 iso available

Vector Linux Tuesday announced that a new development LiveCD version of its 5.1 Standard Edition (RC 1) is now available for download from the project's FTP site and various mirrors. The distro includes a 2.6.15 kernel, Firefox 1.5, 2.0, and a choice of three window managers, among other features.

Build your own ISP with ISPConfig

ISPConfig is a fully-fledged solution for multi-domain Internet hosts, covering email, FTP, database and Web services through a nifty control panel. Throw in security, a customer management and billing solution, and it gets pretty attractive.


Review: SageTV Not Ready for Prime Time

As much as we may love and support the open source Linux community, it's nice to see commercial vendors moving into the Linux platform space, especially when it's a consumer-facing product. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to see that SageTV, known for their Windows-based personal video recorder software, had announced a Linux version at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Linux: Documenting Kernel<-> Userland ABIs

Greg KH recently proposed the creation of several directories for documenting Linux kernel ABI's. He acknowledged that the userspace<-> kernelspace interfaces are frequently modified between the different kernel releases.

Linux and smart phones

So you want a cell phone that's also a PDA? Smart phones can make calls, synchronize your calendar with your PC, act as data storage devices, and connect your PC to the Internet. You can use your Linux PC to connect with and even program some mobile phones using some of the following tools.

Tools: GCC 4.1.0

Mark Mitchell announced the availability of GCC4.1.0 saying, "this release is a major release, containing substantial new functionality relative to previous releases." Among thechanges, new features and fixes listed for this new release series are a number of general optimizer improvements, language specific improvements, and some protection from stack-smashing attacks by providing buffer overflow detection and reordering of stack variables.

GCC is the GNU Compiler Collection which includes C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada compilers. Download GCC 4.1.0 from a gcc.gnu.orgmirror.

MS in geek sex hard sell shocker

  • The Register; By Lester Haines (Posted by tadelste on Mar 2, 2006 9:17 AM EDT)
There was a time when Microsoft ads were a bit more entertaining than the current "dinosaur head" offerings which have of late been baffling adults and scaring small children worldwide.

The proof comes in this hitherto-unseen-in-the-civilised-world shocker for MS Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003:Fantastic. For the record, an MS operative confirmed this morning that this is "an old advertisement which ran only in New Zealand for a short period and is no longer being used". For the love of all that's Holy, why not?

[ed: The ad shows a woman teacher in bed with a student. It's worth a mouse click. -tadelste]

Craigslist Lockout of Hotmail and Yahoo Enters Month 4 - Email Folies

Yahoo intermittently refused email from CraigsList. Hotmail nailed the world's largest classified advertising website to its blocklist. In response, CraigsList shut off subscription mail to them... kind of. Months later, CraigsList techs were still complaining of spasmodic delivery problems to the very services they claimed... and still claim... to have shut down. Email Battles takes a stab at sorting the whole mess out.

Virtualization in Xen 3.0

Dive into the new Xen release and find out what it offers for paravirtualization, split drivers and Intel's new virtualization technology.

Local non-profit org on the cards to fight Microsoft patent

Anti-software patent supporters are meeting on Monday to discuss the formation of a non-profit organisation to tackle the issue of software patents in South Africa. Tectonic caught up with University of South Africa senior lecturer, Bob Jolliffe, who is currently driving the process.

A Ride Past the Event Horizon that is True to the Physics as it is to Art

A Science Film built on equation solving where no instrument can return information, utilizing open source graphics (Open GL). Makes science fiction movies tame by comparison. [Free registration required to view articles - or use one of the shared access routes.]

LinuxWorld Boston adds "government day"

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo has added a new "Government Day" to the upcoming conference set for April 3-6 in Boston. Scheduled for April 4th, the Government Day event will focus on the dominant issues facing public-sector decision makers in building and maintaining systems and staff, IDG said.

Dana Farber turns to TYPO3 and Enomaly for cancer-research site

The Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) is a research consortium made up of seven Boston-area medical institutions, including Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Its mandate is to improve the treatment and prevention of cancer by facilitating communication and promoting cross-pollination of ideas among the various consortium members. With more than 800 scientists and researchers working at disparate locations for different institutions, collaborating through DF/HCC was a challenge. To meet the challenge, the organization has developed a Web-based content management system (CMS) based on open source software.

Open source key for Victorian schools' wireless

  • ZDNet Australia; By Renai LeMay (Posted by daria42 on Mar 2, 2006 4:52 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Red Hat
Victoria's Department of Education and Training is continuing to develop the in-house server software it built on top of open source tools to bring its state-wide wireless network to life.

KDE developers elect Technical Working Group

KDE developers last month elected the project's first Technical Working Group (TWG), making seven longtime contributors responsible for coordinating projects and helping to smooth decisions on the project.

Novell Claims China Linux Lead (Again)

  •; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by tadelste on Mar 2, 2006 12:03 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Novell; Story Type: News Story
Novell is claiming again that it is the Linux leader in China. This time the data comes from China-based analyst firm CCID Consulting, which reported that Novell holds a 25.1 percent revenue share of the China Linux market.

Zend cosies up to Oracle

In brief No, not like that

Philips touts 65nm CE SoC, Linux

  • (Posted by tadelste on Mar 1, 2006 10:09 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
One of the world's largest consumer electronics companies claims to have booted Linux on an ARM11 SoC (system-on-chip) built on 65-nanometer CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) process technology. Philips Electronics calls the unnamed SoC "the first truly consumer product-oriented SoC to be successfully produced in 65-nm low-power CMOS."

Linux company rPath hires Red Hat alum

Maker of rBuilder, which helps developers create Linux-based software appliances, taps Dave Cotten to head sales.

Opinion: Why Windows Vista will suck

  •; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by tadelste on Mar 1, 2006 8:15 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
Responding to a recent article in ExtremeTech entitled "Why Windows Vista Won't Suck," columnist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, who's been using Vista for months, is pulling no punches: Microsoft's replacement for Windows XP is flat-out going to "suck," he retorts.

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