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Firefox quietly celebrates first birthday

  • ZDNet UK; By Ingrid Marson (Posted by tadelste on Nov 9, 2005 10:33 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
'I don't think there will be a big party, as we are all very busy putting the finishing touches to Firefox 1.5,' says the president of Mozilla Europe

Oldenburg DevJam meeting (2005-09-23)

  • Mailing list; By Arnaud Vandyck (Posted by tadelste on Nov 9, 2005 10:09 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
This is the (long awaited) report from the DevJam (Debian Java Meeting) from Oldenburg (September 23 2005)[0].

Wikipedia contributors wonder if they digg our friends at

A debate goes on at the wikipedia site about keeping a page up for the popular website Only a few of our team had knowledge of digg, but we do recognize it as a serious entry to the interactive journalism world. In fact, we like it.

Oh you don't know about Well, it's definitely time you did.

[Ed: Take a look a the Alexa graphic showing the difference betwen Digg and Slashdot. It should surpise you. ]

Installing 2.0 for Debian

While the recent release of 2.0 (OOo) was eagerly anticipated by the open source community, it has been received with some chagrin. The OOo group released 2.0 in rpm format only. Needless to say, this has some non-rpm GNU/Linux users up in arms. What if you're a poor user like me who needs a non-rpm install? Will I ever get to run OOo 2.0?

Yes! Take heart, for what follows is a tale of how I installed OOo 2.0 on my Kanotix Debian box.

Open Source Startups: The open source market opportunity

  • InfoWorld; By Dave Rosenberg (Posted by tadelste on Nov 9, 2005 9:03 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
I have been fairly negative on technology lately, partially because I am fed up with marketing hype (even my own) and partially because I am back as an end-user and consumer of IT products and services. I've also been languishing with the notion that many open source startups are grossly overestimating their potential market size. Then, as I was reading Matt's Finally a real database market, I realized that I was looking at it all wrong--limiting the market opportunity by the relative size that exists now.

Open source financial apps offer alternatives to Quicken, Money

Most PC users are familiar with Intuit Quicken and Microsoft Money, two popular Windows-based applications for personal financial management. But's Jem Matzan reminds us that Linux users have some highly capable open-source alternatives to these, and they're just a few clicks away.

The Microsoft memos revealed

Two themes are dominant in the lengthy emails from Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman, and Ray Ozzie, chief technology officer. One is the advertising-supported business model for software distribution - for example, Google’s search and email products, which are free to use but earn money for Google by providing contextial advertising links alongside search results or emails.

The second is “grassroots”, a word which appears numerous times throughout the emails. It’s used to refer to the way in which many of the new web technologies - such as blogging, RSS feeds and tagging - are rapidly taken up by internet users with little or no marketing. It also touches on the kind of credibility afforded to open source technologies - software that is developed as a community effort for free use and distribution - which Microsoft has long seen as its nemesis.

[Ed. People have started making these memos "an event". Earlier memo, I can see that. But Gates seems like he's trying to create something that would leak out and get Microsoft attention. So, he did it. But, today's Microsoft is as buggy as their code. You might say, nothing here, move on. But, we'll point to the anyway. - tadelste]

Poseidon Linux 2.0 Screenshot Tour

  • (Posted by VISITOR on Nov 9, 2005 8:34 AM EDT) states - Poseidon Linux was created to be a friendly and complete desktop based on open source software for the academic/scientific community. Starting from version 2.0 there will be regular versions being released every 6 months (in April and October), what allows to the users to plan their upgrades.

OSDir has some nice shots of Poseidon Linux 2.0.

Installing Skype on Ubuntu Linux

  • Terpstravaganza; By John Terpstra (Posted by tadelste on Nov 9, 2005 7:42 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Ubuntu
Skype doesn't come with Ubuntu Linux. You can't go to Add Applications and simply tick a few boxes for it to magically appear. Skype's own documentation on their Linux version is close to being useless for people like me who aren't Linux geeks. I tried their download, managed to untar it without the use of a terminal (command line) but couldn't open the damn executable.

GNOME Foundation slashes board size

In September, GNOME Foundation member David Neary put forward a proposal to reduce the number of GNOME Foundation Board members from 11 to seven. After discussion on the foundation list, Neary circulated a petition, and received enough signatures to hold a referendum. GNOME Foundation members were able to cast their votes on the referendum between October 24 and November 6.

Net’s Fathers Win U.S. Award

Two Americans considered the founding fathers of the Internet, Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn, are set to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States’ most prestigious civil award, during a ceremony at the White House Wednesday.

[I wonder where RMS, Torvalds, et. al. would be without these folks? Come to think of it, what about the rest of us? - Ed]

IBM reckons Ubuntu is ready for enterprise

Obviously not content to remain trapped on the desktop, Ubuntu heading for the enterprise space, having obtained certification for IBM's DB2 database software. IBM will now support DB2 on Ubuntu in mission-critical enterprise environments.

Ubuntu Linux 5.10 Screenshot Tour states - Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. Ubuntu is suitable for both desktop and server use. The current Ubuntu release supports PC (Intel x86), 64-bit PC (AMD64) and PowerPC (Apple iBook and Powerbook, G4 and G5) architectures. Ubuntu includes more than 16,000 pieces of software, but the core desktop installation fits on a single CD. Ubuntu covers every standard desktop application from word processing and spreadsheet applications to internet access applications, web server software, email software, programming languages and tools and of course several games.

OSDir has some cool screenshots of Ubuntu 5.10.

Sony sued over rootkits

  • the Inquirer; By Inquirer Staff (Posted by tadelste on Nov 9, 2005 6:45 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Italy kicks it off.

[Ed.- May there be many more.]

Microsoft in Reality: a look at the latest memos from Gates and Ozzie

Big things happen at Microsoft— and in the marketplace— after Bill Gates announces a grand strategy. Ten years ago this coming Pearl Harbor Day, Chairman Bill famously made a speech challenging his company and his opponents to take advantage of the "Internet Tidal Wave" that was the subject of an equally famous memo the prior May.

Now Bill has issued another sure-to-be-famous , along with one by Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's new CTO.

The Right to be a Charitable Community (II)

As a Linux community member, I have the right to do charitable work centered around giving my time away for the cause of Free Software...The GPL guarantees that our gifts will have the longevity they deserve.

Siemens Business Services sets its sights on Linux -- and brings ...

Siemens Business Services is set to join the European Linux market. The company recently signed a contract cementing its cooperation with the world's leading Linux distributor Red Hat as its first European Premier Business Partner. In future, Siemens will add Linux software from Red Hat to its IT solutions and offer it throughout Europe. The first customer projects have already been implemented.

Understanding the Linux and open software Development Model

How do you try to explain a bad rap spread by interested parties that call their campaign, "Get the Facts"? How do you explain it when it isn't deserved? Open Source Software development suffers from widespread misunderstandings in the media from myths, false claims and disinformation. As someone who spent over a decade as a commercial software program and development manager, I view Open Source Software methods as simply a way to build applications. It happens to be the most efficient one.

Phishing Fix: Shoot The Toaster

To fix the Phishing Problem, banks are testing fobs, retina scanners, certificates, and New Things To Remember. But all solutions rely on the consumer maintaining a virus-free system. Email Battles says banks should hand out free virus scanners instead of free toasters.

Social Source Foundation Releases CiviCRM 1.2

We are pleased to announce the latest release of CiviCRM, version 1.2! CiviCRM is a web-based, open source, internationalized, constituent relationship management (CRM) application, designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental organizations. As an open source solution, any company, organization or individual can download it, adapt it, modify it and use it without paying license fees.

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