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KDE Commit-Digest for 22nd July 2007

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: Plasma progress, with new Plasmoids: Browser, Notes, 3D Earth Model, Twitter, Desktop, and Tiger (scripting example), and the development of a mouse cursor data engine. Bug fixing spree in TagLib, K3b, and the Kopete Cryptography plugin. Support for encrypted storage devices in Solid, with better integration of device support in Amarok. Further integration of Plasma in Amarok. Work on making Konsole follow KDE settings more strictly. Much work on revamping Ark for KDE 4...

Ubuntu Live 2007 Day 1

Starting out the first-ever Ubuntu Live 2007 conference was Mark Shuttleworth's keynote followed by Stephen O'Grady and Jeff Waugh. The day was broken up into a variety of sessions from the deployment of an open-source model at Purdue-Fort Wayne to building cross-OS applications on Linux. Starting off the day was the announcements of Canonical Landscape for system monitoring and management and Ubuntu 8.04 being a Long Term Support (LTS) release. The day had ended with free food and drinks along with some entertainment and other fun. The Ubuntu Live 2007 conference is being put on by Canonical and O'Reilly in Portland, Oregon this week prior to the start of OSCON 2007. Phoronix served as media partners with O'Reilly for this event.

Installing Beryl On A CentOS 5.0 Desktop

This tutorial shows how you can install and use Beryl on a CentOS 5.0 desktop (the system must have a 3D-capable graphics card). With Beryl, you can make your desktop use beautiful 3D effects like wobbly windows or a desktop cube.

Enano green computer is linux compatible

  •; By Paolo (Posted by paolo on Jul 22, 2007 3:31 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Enano green computer is linux compatible, according to a pdf present on website

What Linspire Agreed To

We can read the Linspire-Microsoft patent agreement now, and I thought it would be worthwhile to give it a close, line-by-line reading. I'll explain it as best I can, but ask your lawyer if it matters to you in a real-world sense. For our purposes here, let's just have fun with the worst deal I've seen yet in this category.

Puppy to Slackintosh: the week's distros

Another week and another set of new Linux releases. Tectonic does a quick roundup of what's new on the Linux distribution front.

Pleasant Diversions At Studio Dave

Judging by the number of hits tallied for Troubleshooting Linux Audio Part 1 it seems the topic is of interest to many readers. Alas, I must apologize to everyone waiting for the next parts of the series. Various events have kept me from completing it in short order, but you may rest assured that it will return in my next installment. Meanwhile, this week we'll look at two excellent applications that are coming into greater use here at Studio Dave, the LiVES video editor for Linux, and Reaper (yes, again), a native Windows audio/MIDI sequencer running under Wine.

People needed: Editors for First Steps in GNU/Linux

"GNU/Linux Matters is looking for Linux users who are able to present GNU/Linux to everyday computer users (and nowadays, "everyday computer user" means "windows user", but we should also take into account Mac users)."

Dual-Booting Windows XP/Vista And Ubuntu 7.04

  • HowtoForge (Posted by falko on Jul 22, 2007 10:34 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
In this tutorial I will teach you how to dual-boot between Windows XP/Vista and Ubuntu. This tutorial will be split up into two parts: Part one for people who have no operating system installed. Part two for people who have Windows XP/Vista installed and do not want to re-install Windows.

LXer Weekly Roundup for 22-Jul-2007

LXer Feature: 22-Jul-2007

This week we have the launching of a new Linux Hardware site, cool videos of PhotoSynth and SeaDragon and MPX or Multi-Pointer X being demonstrated and a Firefox user bangs his head against a wall. All these and more plus I have to create a FUD article section just to contain them all.

Is 'green' software possible?

As Kermit the infuriating frog puppet once said "It's not easy bein' green" - especially as a software developer. OK you can do all things that everyone else does - buy a Toyota Prius hybrid or even cycle to work (as long as you avoid Lycra and silly helmets). You can scribble notes on recycled paper with a pencil (made of wood from managed forests) and turn your machine off standby. You can even diligently recycle your printer ink cartridges and offset your energy consumption by planting a few trees.

Setting up slrn for Ubuntu Linux

This page aims to facilitate the installation of the newsreader slrn amongst the users of Ubuntu Linux. I will be describing in some detail the setup and configuration of the newsreader while mostly leaving the actual use of the program untouched. Explore and learn!

Managing disk space with LVM

  •; By Ravi (Posted by dsTst on Jul 22, 2007 4:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Roundups; Groups: Linux
Now a days, when one installs Linux on ones machine, in more cases than one, there is a trend to create a logical volume and create the file system on this volume rather than creating the file system in individual partitions. I have myself created logical volumes on one of my machines running Linux.

Tools: GCC 4.2.1 Released

Mark Mitchell announced the availability of GCC 4.2.1 saying, "GCC 4.2.1 is a bug-fix release, containing fixes for regressions in GCC 4.2.0 relative to previous GCC releases."

Potentially Huge Legal Boost for EU File Traders

BusinessWeek reports that a high court adviser in the EU has decided that ISPs are not required to reveal information to authorities

Puppy 2.17 released

If you need a compact, streamlined distro capable of running on an aging machine, take a look at Puppy Linux 2.17, a fresh release containing a number of new features, including seriously upgraded printing capabilities and enhanced modem detection and configuration. New features in this release include CUPS, soft-modem support, full automatic support for MultiMediaCards (MMC) and Secure Digital (SD) cards, better image file and drive mounting, enhanced boot configuration management, Linux kernel upgrade to, and a better PDF viewer -- ePDFView, which replaces Gsview.

Many Linux users work with multiple OS platforms, survey finds

I recently received a new MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.4 from our corporate headquarters. The choice of platform was deliberate, driven by professional requirements for applications not available on Linux. Still, it has been a long time since I've run anything but Linux, and starting to use a different platform after all this time made me curious. I decided to conduct an informal poll among Linux users -- including notables like Linus Torvalds -- to see how their platform usage compared with mine.

359 Choices

For quite a few pundits out there, the fact that there are so many Linux distributions is a bit troubling to them. I am not sure why this argument keeps coming up, but it goes something like this: there are X Linux distros out there, which is too many to choose from for users, and creates a strain on developer resources.

Alfresco: Competing in the Enterprise – interview with John Newton

John Newton, CTO and chairman of open source enterprise content management (ECM) vendor Alfresco, is certainly no stranger to the industry. Two years after cashing out of Documentum, Newton started Alfresco with John Powell, former COO of Business Objects. Activity has ramped up this year with a license change to the GPL and earlier this month a new release that adds a Web-oriented architecture on top of SOA. Newton recently discussed his challenges and outlook for Alfresco with

Office Open XML Standards Push Not Dead Yet

Like the Terminator – just when the monster machine seems defeated, it always somehow rises again – Microsoft's push for international standards status for its Office document formats refuses to die. Just last week, a committee charged with deciding whether or not to recommend that the U.S. vote in favor of adopting Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) formats when the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) considers them in September, deadlocked, leaving the formats' future as an ISO standard cloudy at best. Not so, said Microsoft (Quote) officials. Indeed, since the technical committee was unable to hand up a recommendation, the executive committee with responsibility to determine the U.S.'s response has decided to move forward on its own. So Microsoft's aspirations remain alive.

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