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A First Look at Windows Vista

Back in the day, your operating system was a big deal. It was who you were. Mac vs. Windows was like Catholic vs. Protestant, or Republican vs. Democrat, and about as rational. Now it's somewhere down around Coke vs. Pepsi...So many of the file-compatibility issues have been solved, and so much computing goes on in the browser anyway. So who cares?

Did Microsoft want to 'whack' Dell over its Linux dealings?

Barely a week after a U.S. judge approved a landmark antitrust agreement with Microsoft, company executives were swapping e-mails suggesting Dell deserved a beating for its growing interest in Linux, according to documents filed with a state court.

Educators can manage course content with Moodle

As an educator, I am interested in course management systems (CMS) applications for courses, curriculums, and institutions. Well-known proprietary CMS applications such as WebCT and Blackboard are too expensive for the schools and companies I work with. After testing and playing with several open source CMS applications, my favorite is Moodle.

Backup & Recovery

The previous incarnation of this book (seven years old, now) was a heavy hitter in the Linux and UNIX communities. While that's not a bad thing, it doesn't do much for you if you administer a heterogeneous server and desktop environment (tell me you don't have any Windows computers at all where you work). Preston threw a much wider net this time, covering not only UNIX/Linux and Windows but Mac OS X, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and even VMware. Most backup and recovery books on the market target specific OS and hardware platforms. That would seem to make sense on the surface and would make the book easier to write. This book however, proposes to be the "one-stop-shopping" text for just about everyone's needs. Preston's first book on the subject was a smash. Let's see if lightning strikes twice in the same place.

ECIS Accuses Microsoft of Plotting HTML Hijack

An industry coalition that has represented competitors of Microsoft in European markets before the European Commission stepped up its public relations offensive this morning, this time accusing Microsoft of scheming to upset HTML's place in the fabric of the Internet with XAML, an XML-based layout lexicon for network applications.

Nine tips for Web 2.0 entrepreneurs

  • ITManagersJournal; By Bruce Byfield (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Jan 27, 2007 12:56 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Web 2.0 is a popular buzzword, but nobody seems altogether sure what it means. It has something to do with user-driven content and interaction among users, but is there more to it?

Geronimo stacking up against Web 2.0 concepts

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Nicholas Chase (Posted by solrac on Jan 26, 2007 11:59 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM
Web 2.0 is still one of the computer industry's hottest buzzwords, despite widespread disagreement as to what the term actually means. This month, The Geronimo renegade cuts through the hype and looks at the Apache Geronimo project as both an enabler of Web 2.0 applications and as a Web 2.0 application itself.

Linux and Open Source Messaging Leader Scalix Expands Into India

Scalix announced its appointment of GT-Enterprises, India’s leading distributor of Linux-related products, as a Scalix Master Distributor. Scalix also signed agreements with six new value added resellers (VARs) across India, all who have extensive Linux and messaging expertise.

Firms to Develop Linux Distro for High-End PCs

Themis Computer revealed on Thursday plans to join Terra Soft Solutions to develop a complete Linux distribution for Themis' TPPC64, a high-end computer built around a next-generation single-board computer, featuring an advanced 64-bit architecture and 90 nm silicon on insulator technology. The TPPC64 is designed to operate in harsh environments.

Release-critical Bugreport for January 26, 2007

Bug stamp-out list for January 26, 2007

BSD goes live with FreeSBIE 2.0

Last year the Italian FreeBSD user group, GUFI, rekindled the FreeSBIE project to develop a live CD based on the FreeBSD operating system. After more than four months of development, and an equal number of beta releases, the project released FreesBIE 2.0 this month. Codenamed Clint Eastwood, the live CD is based on the recent FreeBSD 6.2 release, and is an ideal platform to experience BSD and learn how things are done in BSD land.

Unisys releases open source services and product packages

Those with long IT backgrounds may associate Unisys with mainframes, or large enterprise services integration, but the company is driving to become more of a player in open source software and Linux technology.

Passive entertainment with Democracy TV

Tired of the networks telling you what to watch? Check out Democracy TV, giving users access to the best indie video on the Net. No TV license required.

Kurumin Linux 7.0 Light Screenshots

Kurumin Linux is a distribution we had never heard of prior to today's encounter. The latest Kurumin release, Light 7.0, is a mini LiveCD that is targeted for Brazilian users and is based on Debian/Knoppix. This mini LiveCD is sized at 182MB while featuring the full KDE desktop along with plenty of extra software.

New version of Highlight out now

Problems in changing your code to easy readable text? Maybe have a look at highlight, a tool from André Simon, it should solve your problems :-)

IBM donates new privacy tool to open-source

IBM has developed software designed to let people keep personal information secret when doing business online and donated it to the Higgins open-source project.

Review: Practical PHP and MySQL

I've got to hand it to Practical PHP and MySQL author Jono Bacon: There aren't a lot of writers who could get me to bring a book about Web development on a plane to keep from being bored. He understands that some people don't want hundreds of pages of tutorials about everything a language has to offer. Instead, Practical PHP and MySQL dives right in with a compact, efficient overview of both the PHP programming language and using a MySQL database, and follows that with some hands-on projects.

LPIC-1 Linux Certification Training Available Online

Want a job working in Linux? Then one of your first steps should be to get an LPIC-1 (Linux Professional Institute first level) certification. In the past, getting this entry-level certification could be easier said than done, since classes aren't available everywhere.

Review: Geeklog delivers a portal in a box

It's called "The Ultimate Weblog System," and if you can shear off some of the hyperbole in that you'll find that the quick-to-install Geeklog does provide what it claims: a Web portal with all the trimmings, and all of it working right "out of the box."

Medsphere Posts OpenVistA(tm) Pharmacy Job Listings

Despite Medsphere'slitigation issues andnot keeping its promises to open source its products, the company appears to be generatingnew business and is alsohiring.

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