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How to Use XL C/C++ V8 for Linux on POWER

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Chakarat Skawratananond and others (Posted by IdaAshley on Dec 11, 2006 8:12 PM EDT)
  • Groups: GNU, IBM, Linux; Story Type: News Story
The IBM XL C/C++ Advanced Edition for Linux is a standards-based, command-line compiler for Linux running on Power Architecture processor-based systems. Besides exploiting POWER4, POWER5, and PowerPC 970, it also supports the new POWER5+ processor. This article introduces the new features added in the XL C/C++ V8.0 for Linux compiler and highlights the various differences between GCC compilers and XL C/C++.

Zenwalk: A Slackware desktop alternative

Zenwalk is a lightweight desktop oriented Slackware based GNU/Linux distribution that aims to be fast and user friendly. It is still quite new, but the growth, as well as the progress of development, has been pretty fast so far. I've taken a hike with the latest release, Zenwalk 4.0, and here's what I can say about it.

Atomix 4.0 Screenshot Walkthrough

Atomix is a Serbian Linux distribution based on Fedora Core. Version 4.0, released today, is a major update bringing the following changes: includes more than 2,700 packages; major components: Linux kernel, KDE 3.5.5 and 2.0.4; development tools: GCC, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby; complete support for Java development: Java 1.4.2, (GCJ), Eclipse 3.2.1, Jakarta Tomcat 5.5.17; support for virtualisation with Xen 3.0.3; Firefox 2.0 and Thunderbird; administration tools for configuring desktops and servers.

Bittorrent / uTorrent, open source?

After the recent announcement by BitTorrent Inc that it has acquired the popular, lightweight Windows torrent client, µTorrent, there has been much speculation about the company making the source code of µTorrent public.

Firefox 3 has Alpha Release

Mozilla today hit an early milestone on the road to the next version of its open-source browser, but the final product is still a year away, developers say. The Mozilla team released its first alpha release of Firefox 3.0 today, giving Firefox and Web application developers an early look at the next-generation browser. This release is not intended for regular users, not even those who like to play around with early versions of a product, Mozilla said.

Novell Ships OpenSUSE 10.2

Created in Partnership with the Open Source Community, OpenSUSE 10.2 Provides Everything a User Needs to Get Started with Linux

[Remember, OpenSuSE is not Novell - Scott]

Volante And MuleSource Promote Open Source Alternative

Volante Technologies, provider of platform-independent data management and messaging solutions for the financial services industry, announced a partnership with MuleSource, the official support and services organization backing Mule.

This week at LWN: The Free Ryzom Campaign

Ryzom is a multi-player online game operated by a company called Nevrax. It has a dedicated following, but has never reached anything close to the level of popularity seen by some of its competitors. In fact, it has not reached a sufficient level of popularity [Ryzom] to keep Nevrax alive; that company has found its way into French bankruptcy court. The future of this game is currently in doubt.

Debian powers Australia's largest satellite network

  • Computerworld; By Rodney Gedda (Posted by cj2003 on Dec 11, 2006 2:53 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Debian
Some 75 towns across New South Wales have started accessing the Internet through Debian-based satellite routers in what is said to be largest network of its type in Australia spanning upwards of 800,000 square kilometres.

Of Open Source, Security and the Naughty Stair

I had the pleasure of attending a forum the other day hosted by OASIS which is the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, a non-profit consortium focussed on developing e-business standards.

Innovators & Influencers: Between An Open Source Rock And A ...

Hovsepian was Novell's head honcho for only a few months when he inked a $442 million deal in November with Microsoft that covers Windows and Linux product integration, patent protection, and marketing. A short time after, all hell broke loose. First, the open source community accused Novell of selling its soul to the devil. Then Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer fanned the flames by saying that Linux uses Microsoft intellectual property and that Novell's Suse is the only Linux distribution with patent protection from Microsoft. It was widely interpreted as a shot across the bow of non-Novell Linux users everywhere.

Wikipedia founder remakes Web publishing economics

Free software is about to get freer. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said on Monday his for-profit company, Wikia Inc., is ready to give away -- for free -- all the software, computing, storage and network access that Web site builders need to create community collaboration sites.

Microsoft deal good for Linux - Novell SA chief

Other Linux companies should do similar deals with Microsoft, Novell head tells FOSS community. "We're on your side."

CLI Magic: Convert file names to a different encoding with convmv

User Level: Beginner to intermediate Recent versions of most Linux distributions support non-English languages out of the box by using the Unicode standard. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I was able to read and write in Greek -- my native language -- on a fresh Ubuntu Edgy Eft installation without any manual intervention. Unfortunately, my happiness lasted only until I tried to open files with Greek file names. Instead of Greek characters I saw garbage.

Free Windows

  • A Division by Zer0 (Posted by db0 on Dec 11, 2006 12:03 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux, Microsoft
Most people that take an active interest in the Free Software movement recognize what the future holds for the PC Desktop. Linux will eventually become the OS of choice for home users.
The question is, what will Microsoft do to prevent, or at least delay it.

The answer? Free Windows.

Vote for SA's best e-commerce sites

Voting for the first ever SA e-commerce Awards has begun. An extensive nomination process resulted in a shortlist of SA's top websites across the 19 categories. Open to all, votes will be accepted until the end of December.

Bull to Supply the Most Powerful Civil Supercomputer in France to the CCRT, the Center for Research and Technology Computing

CCRT Supercomputer Will be Dedicated to Scientific and Industrial Research Designed Around Bull NovaScale(R) Servers, the Computer Will Deliver Performance in Excess of 43 Teraflops, Positioning it Among the 15 Most Powerful Systems in the World

BEA adopts virtual strategy with VMware

BEA Systems has teamed up with VMware to deliver the first instalment of a Java virtualisation strategy to rollout in 2007. The middleware vendor is planning a version of its WebLogic Server - WebLogic Server Virtual Edition - that will run on VMware's ESX hypervisor. The application server is due for release in March.

Mobile Devices Adopt Open Source

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Dec 11, 2006 9:52 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
You don’t have to be completely immersed in the world of technology to know that we’re in the middle of an open source revolution. Even people who don’t know much about computers and technology can recognize that there’s been a rising trend for people to customize existing products and openly share information that can benefit vast numbers of people and foster creativity. Instead of just using what’s being given to us, we’re starting to take control, and this has enhanced the markets and the communities.

Sun Microsystems - doing all it can to propagate its immense software wealth

In recent times, Sun Microsystems has surprised everybody by choosing to release Java under GPL and hinting at GPLing Solaris. Now in a low key manner, it is handing out a free media kit comprising of a DVD containing the latest version of Solaris 10 and Sun Studio software as this article indicates.

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