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Linux CDs for free from

Ryan Cloke's vision is to do business in a "better way." He's the owner of, a Web site that sells low-cost Linux CDs, laptops, and custom workstations. This morning, to fulfill his vision, he began distributing free CDs of popular distributions like Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, and Knoppix. The response has been overwhelming.
So at midnight on July 13, opened for business. Demand for the free disks has been brisk, to say the least. Less than 24 hours into the venture, Cloke had more than 2,500 requests for free disks, with SUSE the most frequently asked-for CD set.

"This is a huge amount," Cloke says. "A lot more than I anticipated." He says he's going to need financial help to meet the demand. "I currently only have enough funding to fill 400 requests." The project is funded partly by profits from The Linux Store, but Cloke is also relying on donations and sponsorships from the general public and community businesses.

[Time to help, if you can! -- grouch]

Hovsepian to focus on Linux growth

Following a disappointing second quarter and a failure to grow its base of Linux customers as quickly as investors had hoped, the board of directors at Novell Inc. said they voted to oust former CEO Jack Messman and former CFO Joseph Tibbetts last month.

Embedded Linux specialist RidgeRun runs again

RidgeRun, a stalled start-up focused on Linux development for Texas Instruments (TI) dual-core (RISC/DSP) processors, has re-launched. The new RidgeRun will offer Linux, Windows, and RTEMS BSPs (board support packages), drivers, application development, and software integration services for ARM-based processors from multiple vendors, including TI.

SUSE to Rename SUSE Linux Distro to openSUSE

SUSE has announced SUSE Linux 10.2 Codename "Basilisk Lizard" Alpha2. It's downloadable from today on and will be the last community/consumer distribution called SUSE Linux. SUSE Linux will be renamed to openSUSE.

Ingres Appoints CA's Sam Greenblatt to Board of Directors

Mark Barrenechea Retains Board Seat Representing Garnett & Helfrich

Google Adds ODF to Its Online Office Moves

  • Linux-Watch; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by grouch on Jul 14, 2006 12:16 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
First came Google Spreadsheets and Google Calendar, and now the company plans to support OpenDocument Format.

Overhauled CUPS: Improved Unix Printing

  • Enterprise Networking Planet; By Carla Schroder (Posted by tuxchick2 on Jul 14, 2006 11:44 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) version 1.2 was released last month, bursting with over 90 fabulous new features and improvements. Today we'll take a look at them and decide how fabulous they really are. Then for dessert, next week we'll dig into using CUPS as a printer server on mixed Linux/Windows/Macintosh LANs.

Podcast: Linux Audio Players

In this episode: LR email notification now available; future voice mail possibility; Mutt and Mutt-ng; listener feedback, our first Listener Tip on symbolic links; a review of Linux audio players and applications, including Xmms, Beep Media Player, BMPx, Audacious, Grip, Ripperx, Goobox, Soundjuicer, Kscd, Gnome CD Player, Amarok, kaboodle, Juk, Noatun, Banshee, Rhythmbox, and the Music Player Daemon (mpd) and its related clients, like Gnome Music Player, Glurp, Kmp, mpc, and ncmpc.

'The Guardian' on Being Forced to Use Internet Explorer Instead of Mozilla Firefox at the Office

Today's edition of The Guardian, the UK newspaper, has a humourous column about the horrors of being forced to use Internet Explorer rather than Mozilla Firefox at work.

[Some mozillaZine commenters could use some gentle enlightenment on who to blame for IE's horrors. -- grouch]

The 2006 Linux File Systems Workshop

Why do we need a Linux file systems workshop, when all seems well in Linux file systems land? .... After all, file systems are a solved problem, right? Right?

If computer hardware never changed, we kernel developers would have nothing better to do than argue about the optimal scheduling algorithm and flame each others' coding style. Unfortunately, hardware has this terrible habit of changing frequently, drastically, and worst of all, exponentially. File systems are especially vulnerable to changes in hardware because of their long-lived nature.

Using Internet Explorer at work can be a nasty shock if you use Firefox at home

So it's only when I work in an office that I am exposed to the full horror of Internet Explorer. Businesses, particularly newspaper offices, have yet to join the Firefox revolution. Corporate IT installations are like ocean liners: vast, not updated often enough, slow to respond and bloody difficult to turn around.
Firefox is wonderful. It's up there with chocolate and sex on the grand scale of great things about being alive.

A family business based on PHP

Tedd Caldwell didn't know much about computers before his dad retired from NASA in 1999. But Dad didn't take too well to just "sitting around"; he needed something to keep him active. After some consideration, Caldwell decided the answer would be to start a family business. So he created a Web site called, with message boards, chat, links to news stories, and other interactive community content. One good site led to another, until today the Caldwells find themselves in the Web development business.

Who reads LXer? Why do I care?

grouch A recent discussion on LXer asked the question, " Where are the readers?" It spawned an informative discussion about analysis of web site statistics. Those statistics are fairly obviously of financial concern to the publisher, since it costs money to keep LXer online, but are they important, otherwise? Do they serve the community of GNU/Linux and FOSS?

Women in Free Software: Findings From FLOSSPOLS

Hanna Wallach is a wonderful speaker and presenter. This is a 500k PDF slideshow summarizing the FLOSSPOL findings. Slide #29 gets my vote as Best Showstopper.

Those who want to read the original reports will find them here, Deliverable D16: Gender: Integrated Report of Findings and Deliverable D17: Gender: Policy Recommendations.

Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird Community Test Day

In preparation for the forthcoming releases of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, a Community Test Day is taking place today. From 7:00am until 5:00pm Pacific Daylight Time (2:00pm until 12:00am UTC), testers will be invited to check the latest release candidate builds of for new bugs and regressions. The event will be coordinated via a special IRC channel.

People Behind KDE: Ellen Reitmayr

Today on People Behind KDE we introduce you to Ellen Reitmayr, one of KDE and's top usability experts.

RIAA Case Against Mother Dismissed With Prejudice; Court May Award Attorneys Fees Against RIAA

  • Recording Industry vs The People; By Ty Rogers and Ray Beckerman (Posted by dave on Jul 14, 2006 5:14 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
In Capitol Records v. Foster, in federal court in Oklahoma, a case against a mother -- whose only connection to the alleged filesharing was that she was the person who paid for the internet access -- has been dismissed with prejudice.

Need-to-Know XML Data Sets for Security

  • (Posted by IdaAshley on Jul 14, 2006 4:41 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: IBM
Most developers have to learn a different playbook when they deal with XML and they are used to database technologies. XML's transparency requires a lot of care when you expose XML to applications on a network. Learn how to avoid security breaches that come with XML's transparency, as well as how to deal with other vulnerabilities that may arise.

Linux Pre-installed on a AMD 64-bit Based System for $300

Technalign has said that they have partnered with Britt Systems in Florida to provide a 64-bit AMD 2800+ computer for under $300.00. The certified system will include a SATA 80 GB hard drive, CD-RW, 256 MB of memory, 1.44 MB floppy, 400-Watt power supply, and a full OEM copy of the newly released Frontier Operating System.

Firefox 2.0 preview

The first beta of Firefox 2.0 was officially released on yesterday, and I couldn't wait to take it for a spin to see what new and exciting features would be available. After spending the day with beta 1, it looks like Firefox 2.0 has plenty to entice users to upgrade.

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