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Ballmer joins Linux Foundation board

In what many long-time observers of free and open source software consider a natural progression, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer is to join the board of the Linux Foundation.

[What day of the year is it? ;-) - Scott]

Mozilla Corporation Collaborating with eBay in France, Germany and the UK

The Mozilla Corporation and eBay International have announced a Mozilla Firefox partnership to "improve the online auction experience for people in France, Germany and the United Kingdom". According to the press release, "Mozilla and eBay are collaborating on new technology and approaches to enable eBay users to stay up to date with their auctions more easily from within Firefox regardless of where they are on the Web."

Guide to Deploying Mozilla Firefox in an Enterprise Published

Mozilla developer Michael Kaply has written a six-part series of weblog posts describing how to deploy Mozilla Firefox 2 within an enterprise or similar institution. The series is aimed at organisations that cannot deploy standard Firefox releases for some reason and need to distribute customised builds to their users. It focuses on the Microsoft Windows version of Firefox.

Pramari and Uni. of Arkansas Form Open Source RFID Partnership

Pramari and The University of Arkansas have announced a strategic partnership to further integrate their RFID Open Source Products and create a comprehensive open source offering for RFID. Under this partnership both organizations will work closely by integrating their products, and leverage their collective knowledge in helping some of the most influential RFID users. With this free exchange of ideas and tools, Pramari and the University of Arkansas seek to create an Open Source community that can further advance RFID infrastructure and create products that fill the needs of the rapidly evolving RFID software market.

State of the VNC art

Are you adept with Virtual Network Computing (VNC)? If not, you'll find that learning even a little about this desktop sharing system pays off big in your daily development or system administration responsibilities.

Portrait: GNOME Foundation's Dave Neary

Many free software advocates make a name for themselves by being involved with a single project. Dave Neary casts a wider net. He is a GNOME Foundation member, community manager of the OpenWengo project, and a former contributor to the GIMP project.

Diy embedded Linux service deemed "disruptive"

Embedded Linux development services provider TimeSys is among seven companies chosen for a new Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) attraction designed to showcase innovative startups. The "Disruption Zone" honors startups that significantly "speed electronics design and development, and improve digital signal and memory performance," CMP said.

ChangeLog: HP clarifies warranty under Linux

We received the following today by email from Hewlett Packard, which clarifies their warranty policy for customers running Linux on HP hardware, at least in the specific case we reported on recently: "HP is committed to supporting its customers and backs its PCs with a solid hardware warranty regardless of the operating system."

Ready? Set? Port an App From Windows to Linux!

Thanks to the Novell-sponsored open source Mono effort and its contributors, the idea of cross-platform ASP.NET development isn't a dream. It's a reality. But how quickly can you go from being only conceptually possible to becoming a reality and then deployed? For the winner of the first round of the Race to Linux 2 contest, it is five hours and 26 minutes.

OpenGL Hardware 3D Acceleration for Virtual Machines

OpenGL apps running inside a Virtual Machine (VM) can use VMGL to take advantage of graphics hardware acceleration. VMGL can be used on VMware guests, Xen HVM domains (depending on hardware virtualization extensions) and Xen paravirtual domains, using XVnc or the virtual framebuffer.

Fedora 7 test 3 ready for download

The Fedora project this week announced the availability of the third of four development releases of Fedora 7, which can be deployed as either GNOME- or KDE-based live CDs or installed to a hard drive.

Dell's new love for Linux: the proof is in the penguins

In response to recent demand for Linux preinstallation, Dell plans to expand its Linux offerings. At the present time, Dell's Linux lineup is limited to three Dell Precision workstations which come with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and sell for the exact same price as the equivalent Windows-based systems. After conducting a survey to help determine the wants and needs of Linux users, Dell decided to expand its Linux lineup to include additional desktop and notebook systems.

Thin Puppy torture test -- Day 3

It's Day 3 of the Thin Puppy torture test, in which the Thin Puppy -- a Maxspeed Maxterm thin client repurposed to run Puppy Linux 2.14 -- will run continuously to test the hardware and OS ... and also because since the Compact Flash memory died, I booted the machine with a CD drive, then disconnected said drive. So the Thin Puppy is running totally in RAM (I have a 256 MB USB flash drive connected in case I want to save anything big, but there's no OS or apps on it), and it can't be rebooted without me cracking the case open and re-plugging the CD drive, or inserting a pre-programmed CF module in the back (the only "disk" this thin client is wired for is the CF, via an IDE adapter that plugs into the motherboard and a floppy power connector.

Hacking Linux onto your 360 just got a wee bit easier

Once again, we're a far cry from PS3-Linux-easy, but those 360 kids seem rather hard to dissuade. The latest development on the XeLL bootloader front is that you no longer need a serial cable hooked up for executing the boot loader, all you need is a 360 set up for running burned DVDs, a modified version of the King Kong disc -- you'll want the original game, Windows and a DVD burner to get that together -- and of course a Live CD with XeLL and your Linux distro all prepped to go. Calc functions, part 1: Understanding functions

A function is a pre-defined calculation entered in a cell to help you analyze or manipulate data in a spreadsheet. All you have to do is add the arguments, and the calculation is automatically made for you. Beginners might be content to use Calc for lists, but, for advanced users, functions are the main reason for spreadsheets. If you understand functions, then you can start to use the real power of a spreadsheet.

Outstanding Technical Program Set for Gelato ICE: Itanium® Conference & Expo 2007

The Gelato Federation ( is proud to announce the technical program for the Gelato ICE: Itanium® Conference & Expo to be held on April 16-18, 2007 in San Jose California. The full program is now available online at

Free Geek Vancouver helps the needy get nerdy

Free Geek is a nonprofit society in Portland, Ore., dedicated to recycling computing equipment and distributing computers loaded with free software to organizations or individuals in need. Since its founding in February 2000, the group has seen sister organizations open in cities throughout North America. One of the most recently established groups is in Vancouver, Canada. We talked to David Repa, the founder and coordinator of Free Geek Vancouver, about the origins of the group and the challenges of organizing it.

Use Zend Core PHP on System i

With the availability of Zend's PHP products on i5/OS, PHP provides another scripting option to System i developers.

Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Coming -- In 'a Few Weeks'

Oracle is working hard to release the next version of Oracle Enterprise Linux, which is based on the recently released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Oracle said it has at least 25 customer wins for its Oracle Enterprise Linux, including at least one customer that it shares with arch-rival Red Hat. If recent Oracle Linux trends are any indication, there will be more.

Tango Marathon

What a day. Today has really been a blast. We had a crazy idea last week to fix up the gtk+ stock in a day. It sounded a bit easier than the usual deal as all the metaphors were set in stone and the icons only need to be done in a few sizes, but still:199 icons done.

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