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Linux Foundation Partners with Chinese OSS Promotion Union to Host Linux Developer Symposium in Beijing

The Linux Foundation (LF), the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced an agreement with the Chinese OSS Promotion Union (COPU), to jointly host the Linux Developer Symposium in Beijing, China, February 19 – 20, 2008. The Symposium will address desktop, server and embedded Linux opportunities and will include well-known speakers such as Jonathan Corbet, Coly Li, Matt Mackall, Andrew Morton, Dave Neary and Jim Zemlin.

Ubuntu Gutsy And ipv6: The Problems Continue

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Dec 18, 2007 12:06 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Ubuntu
Admittedly, this is not an issue for me, since I know better than to put anything Ubuntu puts out right off the bat on my daily use machine. I use Feisty (only recently upgraded) on my PC and then Gutsy on my notebook. Unfortunately, while this did not affect me personally, it seems that ipv6 issues are at it again. Yes, I realize this excuse is getting really old, so I will not argue any points regarding the fact that Ubuntu continues to deal with problems related to ipv6 and refuses to make the issue extremely clear in its release documentation.

Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance Powers Mission-Critical Applications with Red Hat Solutions

Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance has selected Red Hat solutions to power the organization's mission-critical applications. The Ministry selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux for reliability and heightened performance, and is utilizing the solution as the main platform for many of its critical applications, including its "Service Personale Tesoro" (SPT) application, which runs on one of the most popular Italian government websites.

Writing J2ME applications in Linux

If you want to make the most out of your Java-enabled handheld device, you can write Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) applications (also called midlets) on Linux and run them on your mobile platform. Here's how easy it is to get started; we'll write a HelloWorld application you can run on your cell phone.

PatientOS 0.26 "Upgrade" Released

This version marks the start of upgrade support for installation by providing a clean database and adding code to upgrade the database schema, data contents, server and client. Issues are now being logged inJira. Scheduling setup and configuration tools have been added to build Resources and Appointment Types. A new registration form was added configured to streamline data entry.

Help Wanted: FPL

The Fedora Project is looking for a new Fedora Project Leader. Skill set includes being able to juggle a community of around 1500 members, mostly volunteers with the needs of the Fedora Projects flagship product: Fedora the operating system. Must be smart, calm, cool and collected under stress and have an attention span that can be spread in many directions at once. Must have vision of the current landscape of Linux and Open Source in general as well as where it can / should be headed.

Canonical releases distributed VCS

Canonical, the company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, has released a content-development tool designed to move development into the Internet age.

Convert video for phones, iPods, DVDs

Need to convert a video file to a DVD template? Or your favourite song to a ringtone? WinFF is a graphical front end for FFMpeg and converts just about any multimedia format to another, including to phone ringtones, DVD formats and Flash files. And it works on Windows and Linux.

Adobe BlazeDS goes open source

Adobe said last week it would introduce an open-source version of a tool for connecting data sources to Flash-based rich Internet applications. Adobe's announcement follows on from open-source plans for several of its other developer products.

Red Hat sounds virtualization call

Red Hat has launched a regionwide campaign in hopes of raising awareness of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5's virtualization capabilities. The campaign, Integrated Virtualization Inside, kicked off in Beijing Thursday, and will introduce RHEL 5's virtualization capabilities to customers through methods such as training courses.

Software Portals Can Do More Than Install Software

One problem many people face is finding the right software for their needs. With the huge number of open-source applications avaliable, it can be hard to sort through them, unless software portals focus not just on installing software, but also on helping you find software.

Sun to Offer Backline Support for

Sun also has created a large batch conversion engine that converts supported documents into a PDF or ODF. Sun Microsystems is offering distributors and OEMs backline support for the productivity suite, which is a free alternative to its own branded StarOffice offering.

Open source telephony gives customers control, consultant says

Thomas Howe is a telecommunications developer and consultant who is passionate about the role of open source software in the telephony industry. He calls open source the "next generation" of telecommunications, and works with large enterprise companies to help them design phone systems that fully integrate with their business flow. "Only open source can do that," Howe says.

BusyBox and Xterasys Settle GPL Lawsuit

BusyBox has just successfully settled its GPL ligitation against Xterasys. Xterasys has agreed to stop all binary distribution of BusyBox until the Software Freedom Law Center confirms that it has published complete source code on its web site. After that, Xterasys' "full rights to distribute BusyBox under the GPL will be reinstated." Xterasys has agreed to appoint an internal Open Source Compliance Officer and will pay an undisclosed amount to the BusyBox plaintiffs.

BBC iPlayer Linux screenshots

BBC iPlayer after a lot of complains, petitions, talks and discussions is finally available for GNU/Linux as beta. I took a look at what BBC has prepared and in general I have to say: good job!

Review: A Look at Pardus 2007.3 Lynx

There were a few things that immediately stood out about Pardus for me, though: it has its own package management system called PISI (Packages Installed Successfully, as Intended), it's pretty new on the already crowded Linux distro scene but not based on any other distro, and it contains some really interesting developments. LinuxPlanet welcomes review Dan Lynch with his look at this unique distribution.

Building Websites with webgen

In my article about theweb site for theGeek Ranch I suggested three tools that made sense for doing the site: Drupal, Joomla and Karrigell. Well, as usual, all I have to do is say "I will pick between X, Y and Z" and good old option W shows up. This time, it is named more

Track projects and time the easy way with jWorkSheet

High-end project management tools and low-end to-do utilities are a dime a dozen these days. But what if you need something less complicated than a full-blown project management application, but more flexible than a simple to-do list? In that case, give jWorkSheet (JWS) a try. This tiny Java-based tool offers basic project and task management features sprinkled with worksheet-like capabilities. The result is a simple yet functional tool for keeping track of your projects and tasks and the time you spend on them. It's especially useful if you bill per hour and a need a simple utility to track your time.

10 Open Source Companies That Will Dominate 2008

The VAR Guy spent most of 2007 blogging about open source start-ups and open source business models. As he looks ahead to 2008, The VAR Guy knows hundreds of open source software providers are seeking to catch on in the corporate market. Here are the top 10 open source providers and platforms that are set to succeed in 2008.

Paludis, Gentoo and Ciaran McCreesh uncensored

Self-hosting GNU/Linux distributions are one of our major interests here since we will be exploring that field as thoroughly as possible. They provide the entire building system for creating a GNU/Linux based platform on most architectures, tailored to suit particular needs. Among them we have various implementations of the same idea like Gentoo, T2, CLFS. The reason for it has little to do with "optimize your binaries for your cpu" scenario, which for various reasons may not always be the best way to go. Thing is, that within the GNU/Linux distribution world, such projects allow end users to tap into a much bigger control power over their platform.

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