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African developers build pharmacy management tool

Free software developers from around Africa have developed a hospital pharmacy management system to replace existing proprietary systems. The system was developed after a request by a pharmacist who needed to replace his outdated Access-based system.

[And it's almost complete! - Ed]

Red Hat grows up

Red Hat has ridden the Linux wave quite successfuly for a decade now. It's by far the leading Linux distributor and growing at 40% to 50% per year. This is mostly based on a simple formula: For many applications, corporations can cut their computer hardware costs by 30% or more by shifting from proprietary Unix software and RISC-chip hardware to Linux running on Intel- and AMD-based servers.

Now comes Red Hat's next act. In its next major release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, due out before the end of the year, the company is introducing a handful of technologies and services aimed at making computing substantially cheaper for corporations. It's attacking the total-cost-of-ownership issues that Microsoft has raised in an effort to hold back the Linux tide. If Red Hat brings down the cost of open-source computing by another big step, it, and Linux, could prove mighty hard to stop.

SCO Starts to Show Its Cards

  • eWEEK Linux; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by tadelste on Nov 1, 2005 11:09 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM, SCO
But, the Unix company still doesn't show any public smoking gun of proof of Linux copyright violations or IBM wrong doings.

Massachusetts' CIO defends move to OpenDocument

Jack Loftis writes: Open standards and open source software (OSS) got political on Monday when Linda Hamel, the general counsel for the Massachusetts Information Technology Department (ITD), suggested that groups that oppose the OpenDocument file format standard might be influenced by Microsoft.

[The comment about going from open source to OpenDocument is either intentionally misleading or ignorant. It would be good to know which. - Ed]

Moglen to Focus on the Meaning of Free Software

The co-author of the upcoming GPL Version 3 says his conference speech will target big-picture issues such as why user rights are so important to business users.

No Respect for Windows Open Source

  • DotNetNukeBlogs; By Shaun Walker (Posted by tuxchick on Nov 1, 2005 9:58 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
It's hard being an open source project on the Microsoft platform. Because no matter how hard you try to exemplify true open source ideals, you will not get any respect from the non-Microsoft community.

[Ed.- Is it "free as in freedom" or "my way or the highway?"]

December 2005, From the Publisher: The Desktops Are Coming

AlthoughLJ readers have been using Linux desktops for years, putting desktops in front of ordinary users is now a reality. To help, we createdTUX.

I know we are all going to miss Don Marti. Many of usLJ folks have known Don"forever", and we have worked with him for five years. Don had the big picture, knew his bits and was a great writer-exactly the right mix.

The Venture Capital Reluctance Toward Linux

Aside from the general unwillingness of VC's to invest in startups, Linux is a no go. Many factors come into play with the primary lack of an exit strategy topping the list. When will Linux companies see the light at the end of the tunel? Or will they?

Sun Grid Utility Aimed at MS Word Docs

Sun Microsystems is starting a new grid utility service that unlocks the data stored in Microsoft Word documents and converts it into Open Document Format files that can be used by the StarOffice and OpenOffice desktop suites.

Mysql hangs on to BitKeeper

  • Sydney Morning Herald (subscription); By Sam Varghese (Posted by dcparris on Nov 1, 2005 8:23 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: MySQL
At least one open source software project is still using the proprietary BitKeeper source code management system, after it went commercial and stopped producing a free version.

Novell Changes Leadership

Hovsepian becomes president, but beleaguered Jack Messman stays on as CEO.

Elmer 5.0 Released Under General Public License

Elmer 5.0 is a finite element based computational tool for multiphysics problems containing physical models for fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, electromagnetics, and heat transfer, etc. The program has been developed at CSC, the Finnish IT center for science over the past 10 years and has now been released as open source software under the GNU General Public License.

Linux Kernel Potential Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Two vulnerabilities have been reported in the Linux Kernel, with an unknown impact.

1) A boundary error due to missing parameter validation in the "map_to_seg7()" function in "drivers/usb/input/map_to_7segment.h" of the Yealink driver may cause out-of-bound memory references.

2) A boundary error in "/drivers/i2c/i2c-core.c" when handling SMBus Block Write transactions may cause a buffer overflow.

The vulnerabilities have been fixed in version 2.6.14-git4.

Comment of the Day - November 1, 2005

Commenting on the report of Firefox increasing its market share, TxtEdMacs wrote:"Don't believe it!".

Related to the Article Firefox Jumps In Browser Market Share.

Device Profile: D-Link DRO-200i multi-service access router

D-Link India used Linux to build a multi-service access router aimed at providing remote offices with network fault-tolerant access to corporate headquarters. The DRO-200i is based on an Intel XScale network processor, and uses V.35 as its primary WAN interface, with ISDN and dial-up backup.

Continuent: New Name, Same Mission

Emeryville, CA-based Continuent, formerly Emic Networks, is readying the release of database virtualization middleware for the most widely used commercial and open-source databases for business. Although the tech firm has undergone a name change, but its mission to boost business database availability remains the same.

Fresh off a new round of series B funding that netted the company $5.75 million, and a name change, the company announced that the coming months will see the release of its database virtualization product tailored to all of the major providers.

Do you really want to hear the latest in the SCO-IBM case?

I don't.

I long ago lost interest in SCO's claim it "owns" Unix and can force everyone to "license" Linux for its benefit.

At this point I believe SCO is basically a law firm, specifically the law firm of Boies, Schiller and Flexner LLP of New York. Four of its partners signed the latest filing, along with SCO's local Salt Lake City counsel, Brent Hatch and Mark James of James, Hatch & Dodge.

To me the most interesting aspect of the latest filing, the cover letter of which was sent to me by SCO's PR officer, Blake Stowell, is the listing of partners who worked on the sealed enclosure, which claims to detail which specific pieces of Linux IBM allegedly "stole" from SCO's Unix. There are two partners who work in Armonk, which is IBM's headquarters, one from Ft. Lauderdale and one from Miami. Missing is the "name" partner, David Boies, he of U.S. vs. Microsoft fame. (The BS&F partners are, for the record, Robert Silver, Edward Normand, Stuart Singer, and Stephen Zack. Good lawyers no doubt, but none with their name on the door.)

Fedora Weekly News Issue 20

Welcome to our issue number 20 of Fedora Weekly News.

Black Duck Targets Small Businesses with Software Update

Version 3.0 of Black Duck's protexIP/development software is aimed at organizations just getting started with software compliance management.

All hail the speed demons

With the Open Source desktop getting larger and more complex, the world need a special type of hacker. Bow down to the speed demon and their abilities to make the world start-up quicker...

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