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LINA Source Code Released Under GPL v2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux Developers

Today, Lina Software released the source code for LINA under the GPL v2. LINA enables Linux binaries to run with native look and feel on Windows, Mac, and Linux, without recompiling. This release, along with the launch of our community website,, invites developers worldwide to participate in the growth of this important technology.

Applying Mount Namespaces in Linux

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Serge E. Hallyn and Ram Pai (Posted by IdaAshley on Sep 19, 2007 4:32 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
What if you could allow users to craft their own filesystem setup without being constrained by the sysadmin-dictated structure? Well now you can with mount propagation. This article provides a step-by-step guide for Linux system administrators to allow users to export part of their own filesystem tree and import other users' exported filesystem trees into their tree.

A first run with IBM's free office suite

Computer giant IBM yesterday released a free office suite for Windows and Linux machines called Lotus Symphony. Symphony is available from the Symphony website which requires users to register and be logged on to download the software.

Nine Hundred Swedish Pharmacies Switch to Linux

Nine hundred Swedish Pharmacies are switching to Redhat Linux on Intel according to this article: '...When you are dealing with people's health, you really do need an IT system that both the pharmacy and patients can rely on, said Anders Persson, IT manager at Apoteket. We put high demands on the quality of applications, availability and cost efficiency. The switch to Red Hat Enterprise Linux is part of a strategy to offer our customers the best possible access and service, while cutting costs and modernizing our IT infrastructure...'

Linux And Hand-Me-Down Computing

My father recently retired a 1-Ghz AMD (AMD) computer with 1 Gbyte of RAM that he'd built from mail-ordered parts. He'd dropped the cash for a new Dell (Dell) with Vista, which he likes quite a lot (no grousing, please, it happens), and let me have the old machine. My first move: Wipe it clean, install Linux, and prepare it for an exercise in "hand-me-down computing."

State pharmacies migrate onto Red Hat Linux

With Apoteket's server infrastructure reaching end of life and experiencing performance issues, Apoteket said it made the decision to replace both the hardware platform and the server operating system with Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on Intel-based servers. This replaced its existing SPARC-based Solaris servers running an in-hosue developed ERP system. All servers at approximately 900 pharmacies have now been replaced with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Atmel and TimeSys Announce Free Linux Board Support Package for AT91SAM9 Microcontrollers

Atmel(R) Corporation and TimeSys(R) announced today a free Linux(R) Board Support Package (BSP) for Atmel's ARM9-based AT91SAM9 Microcontrollers. Supporting the entire range of SAM9 products, this BSP includes Atmel's Linux kernel and drivers, BusyBox utilities for basic commands and features, and a Linux host/cross toolchain capable of re-building the Linux kernel and the basic packages included in the BSP. Together with a full documentation set and support services, this offering provides a ready-to-use package to validate Linux with Atmel microcontrollers.

Broadcom joins Linux Mobile Foundation

Fabless chip supplier Broadcom Corp. (Irvine, Calif.) has joined the LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation as an associate member. The group, originally formed by Motorola Inc., NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Vodafone plc, is chartered with delivering a consistent open-source Linux software platform for mobile phones. Broadcom said Linux is gaining momentum in mobile phones and that it would work with LiMo Foundation members to address power consumption, size and cost, in an effort to achieve widespread adoption of Linux-based handsets.

[If they only started making Linux drivers for their wireless cards... – Sander]

Dollars and CentOS 4.5: Updating Up2date

I'm at the tail end of my CentOS 4.5 install. Once again, I continue to be impressed with the Anaconda installer. It's one of the best I've seen. It gives you a lot of freedom to pick which packages you want to install. I bulked up on the KDE -- I wanted everything to be as ready as it could be when the install finished. Once the install was done, I clicked the icon to run up2date. It seemed to be taking forever and then I noticed the notes in one of the boxes: Up2date needs to be up to date before using it. So I opened a terminal and used yum to update Up2date. Then I clicked the update icon again, and everything started flowing.

Linux - a platform for pedophiliacs?

Last night, my son Jeremy posted some news on his blog, which sounded really weird. But it's all true I fear: the German "ARD" broadcasted some "Tatort" crime series which showed a cop hunting pedophiles using IRC chat. The shown chat was the Kanotix channel on Freenode.

Bruce Byfield on why he's sticking with Debian

You might have seen this already, but Bruce Byfield's post on his personal blog, Why I'm Staying With Debian should be read by every Linux user: "Almost as important as Debian’s technical excellence and arrangements is the community around the distribution. This community is one of the most outspoken and free-thinking in free and open source software."

ReviewLinux.Com: My First Look at KateOS 3.6 Live

KateOS 3.6 Live was release just a day ago and after 8 months of development I just thought I would take a quick look at it. Enjoy the few screenshots and flash video of the desktop in action.

10,000 municipality employees will change to open source software

17 September 2007 - All government agencies must change to open source software, the national government says in an action plan presented today. Amsterdam is already testing such software and will decide on whether to renew its Microsoft contract in December.

Macedonia to use Ubuntu thin-client for all its students

The One Laptop per Child's XO, better known as the $100 laptop, gets most of the headlines but NComputing is showing in Macedonia, with its Ubuntu Linux based servers and virtual PC terminals, that there's more than one way to get inexpensive Linux desktops into students' hands.

The LXer Interview: Benedikt Meurer of Xfce

LXer Feature: 19-Sept-2007

I interview one of the lead developers of the Xfce desktop environment, in The LXer Interview of Benedikt Meurer.

Reflections on the Revolution

So yes, I will today turn to the West and nod my head to the author of the Linux Kernel. I am not writing this to speak of his obvious genius. Neither am I banging on a keyboard to offer praise and accolades to our kernel developers, distro authors and graphic artists. What Linus Torvalds gave to us is worth more than we know. That is being done


My apologies for the rough title. However, if you have read about James Burgett and how the EPA is trying to prevent him from recycling older computers to give to the needy, then it is my hope you will understand. Kudos to ZaReason for raising awareness of this.

Internet Radio in NetBSD and Linux without KDE or GNOME

  •; By P2O2 (Posted by michux on Sep 19, 2007 4:21 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNU
Listening to Internet Radios seems easy nowadays with the rampant powerful graphical environments of KDE and GNOME. Given that the computer you have is well equipped with processing power, it will do well with all those graphics overkill. But should users who own older machines get rid of the pleasure of listening to the Internet radios? Never!

Windows Developers Meet in Berlin

During the last weekend, the KDE on Windows developers conducted their second real life meeting in the Trolltech offices in Berlin Adlershof, incorporating new developers and improving infrastructure. On Friday evening, the participants were welcomed by the Berlin Trolls and introduced to the office. After a nice meal at a local restaurant, the the group evaluated the main working areas of the participants and created a meeting roadmap.

IBM Offers Free Office Tools

IBM has released a suite of free software tools for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The company announced on Sept. 18 the tool set, known as Lotus Symphony, at the IBM Collaboration Summit at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. Lotus Symphony supports multiple file formats including Microsoft Office and ODF (Open Document Format), and can also output content in PDF format. "IBM is committed to opening office desktop productivity applications just as we helped open enterprise computing with Linux," Steve Mills, senior vice president of IBM Software Group, said in a statement.

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