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Outstanding Technical Program Set for Gelato ICE: Itanium® Conference & Expo 2007

The Gelato Federation ( is proud to announce the technical program for the Gelato ICE: Itanium® Conference & Expo to be held on April 16-18, 2007 in San Jose California. The full program is now available online at

Free Geek Vancouver helps the needy get nerdy

Free Geek is a nonprofit society in Portland, Ore., dedicated to recycling computing equipment and distributing computers loaded with free software to organizations or individuals in need. Since its founding in February 2000, the group has seen sister organizations open in cities throughout North America. One of the most recently established groups is in Vancouver, Canada. We talked to David Repa, the founder and coordinator of Free Geek Vancouver, about the origins of the group and the challenges of organizing it.

Use Zend Core PHP on System i

With the availability of Zend's PHP products on i5/OS, PHP provides another scripting option to System i developers.

Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Coming -- In 'a Few Weeks'

Oracle is working hard to release the next version of Oracle Enterprise Linux, which is based on the recently released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Oracle said it has at least 25 customer wins for its Oracle Enterprise Linux, including at least one customer that it shares with arch-rival Red Hat. If recent Oracle Linux trends are any indication, there will be more.

Tango Marathon

What a day. Today has really been a blast. We had a crazy idea last week to fix up the gtk+ stock in a day. It sounded a bit easier than the usual deal as all the metaphors were set in stone and the icons only need to be done in a few sizes, but still:199 icons done.

Mozilla releases version 2 of Minimo mobile browser

As the release iPhone draws nearer, open source browser purveyor Mozilla has joined the throng moving to release more full featured browsers for mobile devices with a new version of its own project Minimo.

Slax wears the pants

I was reading Sal Cangleso's excellent article on his Mini-ITX project, in which he builds small computers that run off of Compact Flash memory (just like the Thin Puppy!), and he mentioned that while he liked Puppy Linux, another small distribution, called Slax, was better. So I went over there and am intrigued -- I downloaded a few ISOs to burn later and try.

Wine 0.9.34 Released

Wine 0.9.34 was released today, with the following main changes: Support for Xcursor, a range of fixes for various installers, new builtin xcopy tool, the usual assortment of Direct3D fixes and lots of bug fixes.

Open source swarms around NAC for security

A pair of Harvard University IT staffers last week released a free virtual appliance that supports their open source network access control platform -- just one of many free NAC tools springing up to address security-hungry customers.

Secure your Java apps with Acegi

Acegi Security System is a formidable, easy-to-use open source framework alternative to writing endless security code for your Java enterprise applications.

Release-critical Bugreport for March 30, 2007

Bug stamp-out list for March 30, 2007

Process XML using XQuery

Learn to search your XML date easier and more naturally with XQuery 1.0.

Ahead of the Bell: Red Hat climbs

Red Hat Inc.'s fourth-quarter results reflected strong demand for the open source software maker's products and should ease concerns that competition in the space is increasing, a number of analysts said Friday.

Speed Up Google Analytics

  • HowtoForge (Posted by falko on Mar 30, 2007 7:04 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
This method uses crontab to execute a shell script that downloads an updated urchin.js file every 24 hours and saves it into your local sites directory so that it can be served by your web server instead of the web server. The problem with is that when is requested by billions of web users all over the world at one time, it can cause your pages to load very slowly, especially if you are using WordPress or a similar CMS.

MochiKit by Example

Interactive Web pages, long dreamed of by designers, are finally here-Web interfaces that respond instantly to user commands, with minimal page redraw. All this and more is possible via Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), which recently has come into vogue with the Web illuminati.

Oracle names 26 Unbreakable Linux customers

Oracle has demonstrated there is demand for its Unbreakable Linux program by announcing no fewer than 26 customers that have signed up to its cut-price Linux support offering.

Article: Why you want Object Oriented Programming in PHP

Quaint Tech has a new post by Paul van Iterson that explains the issue around Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Traditionally (from the beginning of the computer era), programming was done by combining conditional statements with GOTO blocks to create a program flow. In the early '70s a Dutch computer scientist Edsger Dijksma strongly advocated the use of procedural programming, which means abandoning GOTO statements and creating a sort of chronological program flow in your code (from top to bottom). This style has been widely adapted and for most people is the way they program PHP applications. It is however already a thing of the past.

Quicksilver for Linux (& incidental etch upgrade)

I have a Mac laptop, which I am very fond of; and on it I use Quicksilver which I find inordinately useful (to the point that I have trouble using other people’s Macs if they don’t have it). There is a project available entitled Gnome Launchbox which claims to be an effort to do a similar thing for Linux, which I’ve been meaning to experiment with for ages.

C,mm,n, the world's first open-source car

Earlier this week c,mm,n (website in Dutch), the world's first open-source car, was revealed at AutoRAI, the Amsterdam car show. The initiative and vision behind the c,mm,n (pronounced "common") comes from the "Stichting Natuur en Milieu" (The Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment) and the three technical universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Enschede.

Novell says GPLv3 will not disrupt its Linux business

Novell has maintained that there is nothing in the third draft of the GNU GPLv3 license that would prevent it from distributing GPLv3 code in its SUSE Linux Enterprise distribution, despite attempts to outlaw its patent deal with Microsoft.

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