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Report: Novell BrainShare 2007 Preview

When Novell's BrainShare users' show opens its doors this Sunday, Microsoft will be on hand for the first time ever. With and without this controversial, recently minted partner, Novell will issue announcements around SUSE Linux in areas that include products, training, and new customer wins, say company sources.

A reason why Dell probably won't pre-load OpenOffice

In an open letter released earlier this week, the community invited Michael Dell to work with them to pre-install 2 office software on Dell computers. This rather humorous ad campaign could play a roll in why Dell may not accept the invitation.

Unlock the Power of Linux on SMP Systems

  • IBM/developerWorks; By M. Tim Jones (Posted by IdaAshley on Mar 17, 2007 9:38 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux
This article explores the ideas behind multiprocessing and developing applications for Linux that exploit SMP. As evidenced by major CPU vendors, multi-core processors are poised to dominate the desktop and embedded space. With multiprocessing comes greater performance but also new problems.

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K3b 1.0 Has Finally Landed

I am proud to announce the release of K3b 1.0. After years and years of development, all the sweat (actually in the summer it can get sticky in front of the screen), all the tears (ok, admittedly, not that many), and all the countless hours I spent on a single application finally we have what I think is worth the big 1. K3b has come a long way since the early days in 1998 when it started as a dummy project for me to learn C++ and Qt development. The reason for that (besides my hacking) is the amazing feedback I got from the open source community and especially all the KDE worshippers. Give yourself a hand. Without all of you K3b would not have lived this long. I also want to thank Mandriva for supporting the K3b development these last few months. Their KDE support makes a big difference.

A test drive of Debian/etch Xen

Daddy's got a brand new toy to play with :-) A few months ago swbrown posted a fantastic tutorial on the LXer forums that gave a short overview of setting up RAID with LVM, Xen and LUKS. Around that same time I noticed a decommissioned HP server at my job. I decided to buy it off my boss and see if I could get to swbrown's nice setup. Here's how I fared in making this new toy into a flexible Xen server.

Only 326 lines of code said to be at issue in SCO-IBM flap

The Mount Everest of evidence proving IBM's Linux contributions infringed SCO's intellectual-property rights amount to little more than a mole hill, according to a lawyer for Big Blue, who recently told a federal judge SCO has identified only 326 lines of offending code out of a base of more than 700,000 lines.

Simply one of the best Bash FAQ's on the net..

This Bash FAQ has taught me more about correctly using BASH then most books these days.

Practice Fusion Announces 'Free' EMR

You knew it had to happen. According tothis article, Practice Fusion, Inc. has announced a partnership with Google to provide no-cost electronic medical record software to physicians supported by advertising.'Practice Fusion is not the only company offering Internet-based medical-record systems."We just happened to find a way to subsidize the cost of it," said Ryan Howard, the company's chief executive officer...'

Embedded Linux vendors face market challenges

Foreword: This guest column summarizes results from a recent study on Linux in the embedded systems market by Venture Development Corp. (VDC). The results suggest that commercial Linux OS suppliers, such as MontaVista, Wind River, TimeSys Sysgo, and many others, are struggling to compete with purely open source offerings.

For video vendor, Web site is an open and closed case

  • ITManagersJournal; By Tina Gasperson (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Mar 17, 2007 2:35 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story streams and sells catchy Bible-based videos for today's multimedia-leaning Christian religious services. When video producer George Temple started the company in 2004, it leaned on LAMP, a Tasman router, and osCommerce shopping cart software. Today, with 50,000 users downloading streaming media each month, SermonSpice's infrastructure looks different. The proprietary router is out, in favor of an open source device, but the open source shopping cart has been replaced with an application favors performance over freedom.

Wine 0.9.33 Released

Wine 0.9.33 was released with many Direct3D fixes and performance improvements, more comctl32 tests and some bug fixes, compatibility improvements in cmd.exe, still more fixes to builtin OLE, support for process control on Solaris and bug fixes.

Tracking time using shell scripts

  •; By Pandu Rao (Posted by raopm on Mar 16, 2007 10:23 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
The Unix shell provides marvelous constructs and mechanisms that allow you to create useful applications. With very little effort. Here's an example that demonstrates the power and the elegance of the Unix shell.

Become a digital video editing guru using Linux tools

Shooting, editing, and producing video clips has been my passion for about 10 years. As a free software adept, I always tried to perform this process on Linux. This year I have finally found a set of tools that work for me. This article provides a brief tutorial on home video production.

Howto install Flash, Java, Real Player 32 bit plugins under 64 bit Firefox

This tutorial covers the installation of 32bit plugins under 64 bit Linux Firefox with the help of nspluginwrapper wrapper. It is an Open Source compatibility plugin for Netscape 4 (NPAPI) plugins. It enables you to use plugins on platforms they were not built for. For example, you can use Acrobat Reader, Real Player etc plugin on Linux/x86_64 , NetBSD and FreeBSD platforms.

Pharmacy System Using Ubuntu to fight AIDS

Red Hat insists rivals not gaining

Leading Linux vendor dismisses suggestions it is losing its foothold; IDC analyst notes that market share shouldn't be Red Hat's biggest worry.

Rails extensions are growing fast thanks to many

See how Ruby on Rails plug-ins work by looking at a popular plug-in called acts_as_state_machine. Its a great example of a good integration technique.

Xandros Server 2.0 Targets Microsoft SharePoint Shops

With new software from O3Spaces added to its forthcoming Linux server, Xandros is targeting not just Windows server, but SharePoint servers in particular.

Firefox Community Beta Program

During the run up to Firefox 2, we released beta builds and release candidates for wide testing and feedback as part of a community beta program. Anyone who downloaded and installed these pre-release versions of Firefox became part of this beta program and was automatically updated to the Firefox 2 final release. To ensure continued improvement in the quality of Firefox 2, we are now applying the same program to our security and stability release process for Firefox 2. Starting within the next 24 hours, everyone who participated in the beta process will be offered a pre-release version of the next security and stability update.

Nominations open for second annual Mellon Foundation technology awards

  •; By Nathan Willis (Posted by dcparris on Mar 16, 2007 3:05 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's Research in Information Technology (RIT) program has opened nominations for the 2007 Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration (MATC). Prizes of $50,000 to $100,000 will be awarded to the winners in December. Any open source software project that assists educational or not-for-profit ventures is eligible to be nominated, and self-nominations are allowed. Last year's inaugural MATC awards awarded more than half a million dollars to winning projects.

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