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SunBlade 100 and Linux (again)

I have posted along these lines before. This time the recalcitrant machine is a SunBlade 100. I had at some point in the past managed to get it as far as a Debian testing install, but then it wouldn’t reboot (hung at various stages during the process). A correspondent who’d read the previous post suggested that I try appending ide=nodma to the boot line (so in my case: Linux ide=nodma at the SILO prompt). Worked like a charm. Splendid.

Safeguarding the Keys to the Linux Kingdom

Without proper controls, anyone with access to the root account -- the virtual "keys to the kingdom" -- is given complete super-user privileges without justification based on their job classification, specific duties or role within the IT department. This violates the security best-practices doctrine of least privilege, and can expose proprietary systems and information to malicious activity and sabotage.

Cluster Interconnects: Single Points of Performance

  •; By Gilad Shainer (Posted by deadline on Mar 1, 2007 8:45 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
Can you draw a line with a single point? Sure you can, but you can draw the line anywhere and conclude anything. Measuring network performance on Linux clusters suffers from a similar issue. Often single network performance numbers are quoted when discussing clusters. This article looks beyond single measurements and the subsequent wrong conclusions they can invite. Often times real application data contradicts the conclusions based on single point of performance data.

Lauterbach’s integrated Linux debugger to be available from ...

Lauterbach is presenting an integrated Linux debugger at the Embedded World 2007 exhibition. The integrated Linux debugger will be available from Embedded Logic .

Automate GUI testing with TestNG-Abbot

TestNG-Abbot is a testing framework that breathes new life into testing GUI components. Understand the scenario and you'll find it surprisingly easy to isolate GUI components and then verify them using the framework's handy fixture objects.

Enterprisedb is/n't Open Source

Tim and I had a great conversation with Andy Astor of EnterpriseDB last week. EnterpriseDB is a drop-in replacement for Oracle, based on the PostgreSQL codebase. Rather than forking the code, they've developed their product as a collection of extensions on top of PostgreSQL, and their releases track the latest version of the public code. They contribute patches back to the core in the virtuous cycle of benefit->contribute->benefit. They hire several developers to work on PostgreSQL (6, last I heard), and are among the largest donators to

Linux Gazette #136 is out!

Linux Gazette ...making Linux just a little more fun!

I Want To Dual Boot Debian and XP - The Debian Chronicles

LXer Feature: 01-Mar-2007

With the gift of a new computer the help of a friend I recently decided to move from running OpenSuSE to duel booting Windows and Debian. Thus begins my adventure in Debian.

UnPlug and play - download embedded media

Frustrated by sites such as YouTube that require you to return to their site each time you want view the same video clip? If so, UnPlug is the perfect little FireFox extension for you.

Visualize sar data with kSar

  •; By Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Mar 1, 2007 2:35 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The sar utility is invaluable for collecting and displaying system data, but its output could use a little help when it comes to readability. With kSar, you can display sar data with easy-to-read graphs, and even produce PDF reports of system activity.

Set Up A Fileserver For Small/Medium Enterprises With SME Server 7.1

  • HowtoForge; By Falko Timme (Posted by falko on Mar 1, 2007 1:48 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
This tutorial shows how to set up a fileserver for small and medium enterprises with SME Server 7.1. SME Server is an open-source Linux server distribution (released under the GPL) based on CentOS that can turn a computer into a gateway, firewall, fileserver, printserver, mailserver (including webmail), etc. In this article we will focus on the fileserver aspect of SME Server.

All hail Gupp Technologies' Linux-powered Phreedom

Malaysian startup Gupp Technologies is prepping its baby (and by baby we mean ugly baby, that only mommy could love) -- the Phreedom -- for Q2 release this year.

A Host For Native Linux VST Plugins ?

Fully functional support for theVST plugin standard is one of the most important remaining problems for the Linux audio world. VST plugins are ubiquitous in the Win/Mac audio worlds, they are employed extensively in professional and desktop music software, and it may be no exaggeration to claim that the VST standard has revolutionized computer-based creation of music and sound. Given its great popularity this writer believes that stable VST support would give Windows users a compelling reason to try Linux as an alternate or replacement platform, especially if they have a sizeable investment of money and experience in their collection of VST plugins.

Seamonkey 1.1 offers a good alternative to Firefox

The Mozilla Foundation's Mitchell Baker said back in October, 2004, when referring to the Mozilla browser and e-mail integrated application: "there are millions of people who continue to use the suite and are happy using the suite and like the way it works, and we intend to continue to make that possibility real" yet months later the organization entered a state of Firefox nirvana, leaving the future of the Mozilla Suite uncertain, until a band of beatifully stubborn volunteers picked up the torch and decided to carry on with its development.

The Microsoft OOXML Contradictions in ISO/IEC Revealed

Someone was kind enough to send me the package of materials distributed by ISO/IEC JTC 1 earlier today to its members. The package contains each of the responses filed during the ISO Fast Track Contradictions period for Ecma 376, the specification based upon Microsoft's OOXML formats, as well as the responses prepared by Ecma to those responses. As earlier reported, they are strongly negative.

Red Hat competition to seek fresh ideas

Graduate students from Asia can pit their skills against their peers in a global business concept competition organized by Red Hat. The reward: a grand prize of US$20,000. Winners will also be considered for Red Hat internships.

Use Firefox XForms to create your own Sudoku

Because Sudoku is based on very specific data patterns, you can use XPath expressions to evaluate the progress the user has made in a specific game. You can also use these patterns to easily use Mozilla Firefox XForms extensions to generate a game board that enables the user to play.

Bakbone’s NetVault Wins Enterprise Linux Award

Ken Horner, senior vice president at BakBone, was pleased to learn that his company’s NetVault Backup won Datamation’s Enterprise Linux Product of the Year Award by a large margin over such notable contenders as Oracle's Unbreakable Linux, Novell's OpenSUSE, and XenSource's XenEnterprise.

Open Source 'Plone' a leading solution in Brazilian public sector

As the leading IT institution in the Brazilian Federal Government, SERPRO is providing many key services to the 10th largest economy in the World. SERPRO is responsible for all IT services within the Ministry of Finance and key information systems for the federal government. Principal products are Internet access services, Intranet portal solutions, consultancy and network communication services, and government applications (cities, states and federal).

Debian-based thin client OS steps up to 2.6 kernel

Dutch network computing specialist Athena has updated its OEM-licensable Linux-based thin client operating system. The company claims NLX (New LinuX) 5 to be the first thin client OS based on a 2.6-series Debian kernel.

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