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Linux pro turns to Active Directory identity management

Research in Motion (RIM) systems architect Ian Brown wanted to give his administrators the same central identity management authentication functionality for their Linux and Unix machines that they enjoyed with Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory -- but it just wasn't happening.

Skype approves Linux Wi-Fi handset platform

Trolltech Qtopia has been chosen by Skype as the preferred platform for connecting the Skype user interface to the operating system in Skype Certified WiFi handsets and a variety of other devices that deliver a Skype experience. Skype works with handset manufacturers who wish to add Skype capabilities to their devices. As this business expands, it becomes increasingly important that handsets share the same application platform. The Qtopia platform will reduce the time-to-market for Skype devices while ensuring that handsets can be updated easily.

Firefox and Firefox Security and Stability Update

As part of Mozilla Corporation's ongoing stability and security update process, Firefox and Firefox are now available for free download from Due to the security fixes, we strongly recommend that all Firefox users upgrade to these latest releases.

Oh Sure, Everyone SAYS they want Open Source Healthcare Solutions...

Here is an opinion piece about FOSS and the IHEConnectathon:'...This year IBM supported the open source openEMR application participation fees. We will probably not be able to do it next year. I know of open source applications that wish to go to the '08 Connectathon (openEMR, Mirth, Tolven, MirrorMed, and more are coming). They have lots of motivation that comes with considerable barriers in the shape of travel expenses plus the investment in integration, implementation, and passing the MESA tests. From talks with them I understand that the 8K$ registration fees is something they will not be able to swallow, and I assume that it will prevent them from participating in the event...'

Oracle CEO: Linux Support Program Working

Oracle Corp. has gotten off to a "very strong start" with its support program for users of Red Hat Inc.'s Enterprise Linux, according to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Ellison announced the program back in October at Oracle's OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, but since then the company has declined to comment on the progress of the support offering aimed at both Oracle and non-Oracle users.

Taking over the world, one GNU/Linux PC at a time

"A reasoning which suggests that merely making GNU/Linux "just work", even if we need to put proprietary software in by default, will open the doors to the mass market is flawed. It can't get us this far as long as people are required to actually install it to be able to use it." Now let's build some 100% proprietary fat free PCs, shall we?

Set Up DB2 9 on Linux Virtual Machine with VMware ESX

  • IBM/developerWorks (Posted by IdaAshley on Mar 21, 2007 6:33 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: ; Groups: Linux
Need to consolidate your servers? Or maybe you are trying to set up a test environment that needs to be completely isolated from the production environment. This article introduces the VMware Infrastructure components and walks you through setting up DB2 Enterprise 9 on a 64-bit Linux virtual machine using the VMware ESX Server product.

Other Popular Articles

Will an open source router replace your Cisco router?

How do Vyatta's open source routers stack up to Cisco? David Davis took one for a test drive to find out.

ZoneMinder Digital Surveillance Systems

  • InfoWorld; By Justin Brink (Posted by drhigh on Mar 21, 2007 4:59 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Justin Brink's article ZoneMinder Digital Surveillance Systems outlines the benefits of using the Open Source security camera monitoring application ZoneMinder over buying a "blackbox" DVR for your security system.

[I install video surveillance equipment for a living. I am going to take this software for a spin and see what it can do. - Scott]

How To Get Better ATI Linux Support

  •; By Michael Larabel (Posted by phoronix on Mar 21, 2007 4:35 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Many Linux users have expressed concern over ATI's Catalyst Linux drivers for various reasons, but most of these users seem to be taking the wrong approach. These users express their disapproval and seek improvements by flaming on forums, forming petitions, bombarding the BugZilla, and using the ATI feedback form. However, this isn't really effective. On Michael's Phoronix web-blog he has outlined some strategies for actively engaging ATI/AMD's OEM/ODM/AIB partners in seeking Linux display driver improvements. He also states that at least one major OEM is interested in improved Linux drivers, but they are afraid of adverse effects to the Windows Catalyst drivers.

Open source association challenges fines against DRM circumvention

The APRIL, a French association promoting open source software, has requested the annulment of a decree which specifies that possessing or using technologies that circumvent technological protection measures for copyrighted works (thereafter TPMs or DRMs for Digital Rights Management) should be punished by a €750 fine.

Novell introduces Linux thin client

  • ZDNet Australia; By Colin Barker (Posted by daria42 on Mar 21, 2007 3:30 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Novell
One of the headaches of introducing an open source solution to a business is the work that has to be done in making a solution fit-for-purpose once the software has been acquired. Novell is hoping to make that process slightly easier with a thin-client version of Suse Linux that comes with a tool third parties can use to create a finished, tailored system.

This week at LWN: The Grumpy Editor's guide to HDR with Linux

Your editor has long enjoyed photography. As a high school student, he even pondered, briefly, the idea of pursuing photography as a career; for better or for worse, common sense won out and your editor went to engineering school instead. But taking pictures has remained an active hobby, even if it has tended to degrade to the creation of a stream of snapshots of the kids for grandparent consumption in recent years. The advent of digital photography has brought a couple of your editor's passions back together, with only one thing - free time - missing. But, your editor has discovered, one of the keys to the finding of free time is to take an activity of interest and redefine it as "work." Thus, this article.

Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit?

Always a branding powerhouse, Apple is a company whose television advertisements are usually excellent. Their recent Get a Mac campaign (”Hi, I’m a Mac / And I’m a PC”) certainly does not disappoint. At this point, the television commercial are very well known. Naturally, various members of the Linux community have attempted to insert Linux into the original concept. After all, it is clear that Apple means “Windows” when they say “PC,” so how would Linux fit in this arena?

Stallman Talk in NYC

For those interest Stallman is talking on 3/20 at 3.30pm Warren Weaver Hall NYU (251 Mercer). His abstract:

Device Profile: Muse Research Receptor

Muse Research used Linux and the open source WINE Windows emulator to build a virtual instrumentation and effects box used by the Rolling Stones, U2, Herbie Hancock, John Mayer, and others. The 2U rackmounted "Receptor" runs VST-format audio effects and virtual instruments on commodity PC hardware,

How to create video titles and graphics with Kino

Kino is one of the better free software video editors for Linux, but it isn't always intuitive. Consider such common tasks as adding titles and graphics to a clip. The best approach isn't obvious. After a little exploring, I figured out good ways to add titles and graphics.

Microsoft invades BrainShare

The new new best friends. Novell unveiled upgrades to its enterprise Linux and management software at its annual BrainShare conference in Utah this week.

Pakistan offers open source training toolkit

Pakistan is the third largest low-cost IT-enabled and offshore business processes outsourcing services provider in Asia after India and China. The country's Open Source Resource Center (OSRC), a project of Pakistan's Ministry of Information Technology, has developed and released a FOSS resource kit entitled "OSS Training Toolkit," originally put together in order to facilitate OSRC's own training workshops in Pakistan. The toolkit contains step-by-step manuals in six modules covering various Free and Open Source Software applications. All the content is available in printed manual form and as OpenDocument (.odt), Portable Document Format (.pdf), and Microsoft Word (.doc) files for download.

A Mozilla Desktop Environment?

"A discussion at the list has given the birth to the idea of a Mozilla Desktop Environment. This sure sounds like a possibility for Mozilla as it already has many of the applications needed; and the company is thoroughly familiar with XUL, which is a more-than-potent language upon which to build a desktop environment. By building a desktop environment Mozilla wouldn't have to worry about drivers (and such) and could choose from a variety of kernels, and still be in the center of attention. Mozilla has to expand some of the applications for this to work, though, like adding local file management with Firefox."

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