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Top 10 Gnome Desktop Tweaks

The desktop environment for many Linux users, Gnome, is fast, organized and very easy to learn. But Gnome is also very powerful and highly customizable. Today's top 10 lists the various ways you can tweak Nautilus and the Gnome desktop to turn Linux into a productivity powerhouse.

SPECviewperf 10 to come for Linux, Mac OS X

Two months have passed after the release of SPECviewperf 10, but the benchmark development group is not sleeping. The organisations behind this industry-standard benchmark are working hard on putting the SPECviewperf 10.1 out the door. The future of this benchmark is going multi-platform, since development group is pushing to release binaries for Linux and Mac OS X. If the people manage to pull this one off, there is no reason why SPECviewperf will not continue to dominate the professional graphics benchmark space for many years to come.

GPLv3 adoption is up 14% week over week

California-based IP gurus Palamida emailed me this week with some intriguing GPLv3 information that I thought I’d share with everyone this morning. Apparently all the GPLv3 haters can go to lunch, because the little license that could is seeing adoption rates of approximately 14% week-over-week. In the mailing, entitled “Get ready — it’s ramping up,” Palamida’s Melisa LaBancz-Bleasdale details the growth of the GPL’s third incarnation, which went live last month.

Building Your own Custom Linux PC

Hardware compatibility was a major issue with Linux some years ago, but it's quite safe to say that we have gone past that point. However, some hardware producers have done a better job at supporting Linux now. If you are absolutely sure that your next PC will run Linux, a brief moment of planning ahead can earn you a very powerful system that runs like a charm. So lets build a Perfect Custom Linux PC. These hardware specifications are for Linux which are fairly popular.

Software bonhomie: Microsoft products to operate better on Unix, Linux

Microsoft will launch several projects around Linux and other open source technologies for allowing Indian customers the option to run its products on different operating systems and technologies. The initiative, to be rolled out in around a month’s time, is aimed at grabbing “more market share for the Windows platform by allowing interoperability with open source technologies such as Linux,” said Radhesh Balakrishnan, director, platform strategy, Microsoft India.

Browser, graphics stack tag-team eyes Linux devices

Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST) has ported Opera Software's Opera browser to its FancyPants embedded graphics stack. The companies say they will jointly market the combined stack, which initially supports Linux on ARM processors, to developers of smartphones, set-top boxes, POS (point-of-sales), electronic signs, in-car systems, and building automation equipment.

OLPC team shows off UI design

At the keynote for the recent UX Week conference in Washington DC, designers from the OLPC project and Pentagram Design gave a live demonstration of the laptop's Sugar user interface, including a "zoom" spacial navigation system and its extensive collaboration tools. Using a handheld video camera to relay the screens of four on-stage laptops to the audience, presenters showed Sugar running smoothly on actual XO hardware.

Mini-ITX PowerPC system includes Linux

A board vendor in China/Taiwan is touting a mini-ITX system based on Freescale's fastest PowerQUICC II processor. Micetek, which specializes in 8- and 32-bit processor development boards, said its MPC8349E-mITX system comes with Linux, and can be used to build networking, communications, and "pervasive computing" equipment. Micetek's mini-ITX system is based on its MPC8349E-mITX board, which it appears to have originally developed for Freescale. Freescale resells the board as its MPC8349E-mITXE reference platform, and will feature the board in this fall's 23-city MontaVista/Freescale roadshow.

QEMU: Virtualization the easy way

If you run a modern Linux distribution, chances are that you already have all the necessary tools to run other distributions or even proprietary operating systems as well, all at the same time. You don’t have to be a kernel hacker to do this - just follow some simple steps explained here to get going.

Portrait: Phil Shapiro

Phil Shapiro seems to delight not only in remaining a staunch supporter of free software ideals, but also in his role as a encourager and defender of people."I see myself as more of a follwer than a leader," he says. But Shapiro really is a leader, the best kind: one that nurtures the gifts in others instead of promoting himself.

KDE to Have Room at FrOSCon

FrOSCon is due to start this weekend, and KDE will have our own room and give several talks. The KDE room will be shared with developers from Amarok and Kubuntu DE. There will be talks on Marble, Amarok 2, Kubuntu in Deutschland and in the main track one on KDE 4. If you are in the Bonn area, drop by Sankt Augustin this weekend and meet the developers and community.

Nouveau Companion 26

Through a joint effort between Phoronix and the Nouveau project, we will now be publishing the Nouveau Companion on Phoronix to update the progress made by these developers working on an open-source display driver for NVIDIA's complete selection of hardware from the NV0x chips to the latest models in the GeForce and Quadro series. This is the 26th edition of the Nouveau Companion.

firmware-tools update—Brand-spanking-new GUI.

Get it while it's hot. After being available for two years now, the formerly CLI-only firmware-tools now has a pretty slick GUI, called 'inventory_firmware_gui'. Firmware-tools is available in the Dell Software Repository. Once you have firmware-tools installed, you probably want to be able to actually use the new GUI to update something.

Closed iPhone opens road for Linux phones

Linux developers have been dying for a phone of their own ever since Sharp killed the Zaurus Linux-based PDA. Apple's decision to close iPhone to 3rd-party applications gave the green light to Linux phones and mobile devices. LinuxWorld Expo 2007 basked in Apple's unwitting generosity, with one booth after another featuring fledgling mobile Linux projects prospecting for funding, direction, and developers. The whole exhibit floor had the feel of a mining town that was just getting its footing.

Whitepaper: Open Source Best Practice

  •; By Yann Cheri, Anna Schaller, Greg Wilson (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 23, 2007 1:31 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
This guest whitepaper offers suggestions on creating Linux stacks that are fully compatible with proprietary software. It was written by three Access employees, and at times uses the Access Linux Platform (ALP) as an example of such a stack.

Open Source: Changing Models, Changing Mindsets, Part 1

Open source software has introduced a radically different development model -- and mindset -- to the stream of high-tech innovation. It is one that is having repercussions in the corporate world that go beyond how software, telecommunications and other information technologies are developed. Through a collaborative process that's somewhat akin to peer review in academia, open source taps into the skills and talents of a global pool of software developers -- organizing, coordinating and leveraging their efforts to allow industry-wide use of the results.

2007 Desktop Linux Survey results revealed

According to's just completed survey, the number of Desktop Linux users has more than doubled in the past year, and Ubuntu remains their Linux distribution of choice. Since's recently completed survey is a self-selected group, we can't claim scientific proof that the number of desktop Linux users has more than doubled in the past year. Still, this year's survey produced 38,500 votes versus 14,535 votes over the same number of days in a similar survey one year ago.

Standards NZ to canvass local views on Open XML

  • Computerworld New Zealand; By Rob O'Neill (Posted by d0nk3y on Aug 22, 2007 11:53 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Microsoft
Forums will discuss whether Microsoft’s format should be accepted as a standard alongside Open Document Format

Levanta Launches Free Linux Management Virtual Appliance

Levanta today announced the release of the Intrepid VM Linux Management Appliance. The Intrepid VM is a VMware appliance version of the Levanta Intrepid line of Linux life-cycle management products, which automate provisioning, change control, migration and disaster recovery processes for Linux systems.

Skilled C++ Developers Needed to Crash Code

A research study on failure sampling in KDE is scheduled for September. We are now looking for skilled C++ developers to test one or several C++ classes. The developers at KDAB have already provided some code for the occasion from kdepim. Discussions have been held with the SQO-OSS project on adding the sampling method's basics to Alitheia, the successor to the English Breakfast Network, if the outcome of the study is promising, now all we need, is you...

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