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Ubuntu Gutsy With ExpressCard - Working Options

  • Lockergnome's Linux Fanatics; By Matt Hartley (Posted by extradudeguy on Nov 6, 2007 1:05 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
Today, I show you working options that work for wireless on notebooks using ExpressCard on Ubuntu instead of PCMCIA as we talked about before. But instead of actually trying to tackle an ExpressCard solution directly, I purchased two USB wireless devices, no revision number nonsense and both use Linux native drivers, despite also offering drivers for Windows users as well.

Linux-based programmable clock device ships

Chumby is shipping its Linux-powered device designed for the bedside, desktop, and kitchen counter. The alarm-clock sized "Chumby" has hackable hardware, software, and outerware, connects via WiFi, and can be programmed to display everything from clock faces to stock quotes, says the company. A few new details have emerged since the original announcement in June. Measuring only 5.5 x 4.25 x 3.25 (base) and 2.25 (top) inches, the Chumby lacks a keyboard or other standard interfaces. There is a touchscreen, plus an accelerometer and bend sensor that detect when the device is moved or squeezed.

Linux Professional Institute forms European affiliate

With its new affiliate, the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) intends to promote the certification of Linux professionals across Europe. LPI-Central Europe will be responsible for Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Four ways to extract the current directory name

When you're programming a shell script, you often only need the current directory name, not the whole path that the pwd command returns. Here are four ways you can extract only the current directory.

OpenSocial: After the hype, the holes

Open standards always cause security problems and Google's OpenSocial API introduced last week is no exception. Not only was an early application based on the standard hacked within minutes, it quickly became evident that OpenSocial is vulnerable and offers an open door to anyone who wants to put a little effort into pushing it open.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 108

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 108 for the week of October 29th.

CCID Consulting: China's Linux Market Grew by 29.2% and Desktop Has Great Potential

CCID Consulting, China's leading research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, and the first Chinese consulting firm listed in Hong Kong, recently released its article on China's Linux market, which grew by 29.2% and has great prospects for its new Linux Desktop. CCID Consulting's analysis of their most recent data has shown that the sales revenue of China's Linux market has reached 40.3 million Yuan in 2007Q3, up by 29.2% over 2006Q1. Linux maintained solid growth, showing the prosperity of China's Linux market.

Red Hat, Sun finally buddy up on Java

Sun Microsystems' move to make its core Java software a true open-source project may still be a project in its early stages, but on Monday the effort produced some concrete results: a partnership with long-time holdout Red Hat. The top Linux seller announced Monday that it's signed an OpenJDK Community agreement, a move that gives it access to the Sun compatibility kit that can be used to ensure a Java software foundation meets requirements to properly run Java software.

Editor Promotion

LXer Announcement: 06-Nov-2007

Sander Marechal has been promoted from Contributing Editor to Editor.

Ubuntu Server: Attractive Choice, Paltry Documentation

Whatever anyone may think of Ubuntu, you can't deny they're busy little critters, stuffing all manner of new things into every release. Which is a splendid thing, and what would make it even better is if they documented all of these wonderful new things. And also the old things. I think it's the worst of the major Linux distributions for documentation.

Anatomy of the Linux File System

Linux supports a large number of file systems, from journaling to clustering to cryptographic. Linux is a wonderful platform for using and developing standard and more exotic file systems. This article explores the virtual file system (VFS) in the Linux kernel and then reviews some of the major structures that tie file systems together. You can also take this Linux file system tutorial to learn more about how to control the mounting and un-mounting of filesystems, examine existing filesystems, create filesystems, and perform remedial actions on damaged filesystems.

Nexenta ZFS Storage Appliance released

Nexenta Systems, Inc releases enterprise-grade ZFS storage appliance software NexentaStor based on hybrid Opensolaris/Debian platform.

Linux Ready for Prime Time Desktop

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Nov 6, 2007 4:16 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
Is Linux really ready for prime time, and just as importantly, can the idea of changing the way people compute be passed onto the common home user? When reading brilliant comments like this, I have to wonder if the common user is bright enough to make such a subtle switch over to the open source OS alternative...

JeguePanel 2.0 – More power on your network

With full support to Active Directory and MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, JeguePanel comes to it’s 2.0 version, bringing you a lot of management options to Gnu/Linux and Windows networks.

Interview: The Brief on Groklaw

When Pamela Jones, better known as PJ, started Groklaw, a Web site devoted to covering and explaining legal cases of interest to the Free Software and Open Source communities, she preferred to remain anonymous and showed no desire to become well-known. Today, Groklaw and its founder are very famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask).

Murder, Code and Hans Reiser

Hans Reiser, well-known open-source developer, goes on trial Nov. 5 for the murder of his wife, Nina Reiser, in Alameda County Superior Court in California. Reiser is the founder of Namesys and creator and primary developer of the popular ReiserFS Linux file system.

Up close with the Eee PC user interface - part 2: Installing unsupported programs

Sure, the Asus Eee PC comes with a cool new user interface that makes the tiny laptop with the 7 inch screen easy to use even if you know nothing about Linux. But can you play Doom on it? Well yes, we're pretty sure you can, but we didn't try. What we did try was adding unsupported Debian Linux repositories that let you install a whole slew of applications beside the 40 or so that the Eee PC ships with. In part one of our series we looked at the "easy mode" interface. Now let's take a look at some of the hidden goodies Asus packed into this little box.

Google rallies allies in open Linux phone initiative

Google and 33 other companies have announced an ambitious industry alliance that will maintain a completely open source mobile phone stack. The Open Handset Alliance (OHA) says. The Android stack is based on "open Linux kernel," the group says. It also includes a full set of mobile phone application software, in order to "significantly lower the cost of developing and distributing mobile devices and services," OHA said. phones based on its Linux-based "Android" stack will reach market in as soon as eight months.

Call for papers for the Sixth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

A call for papers for the Sixth Annual So Cal Linux Expo. Registration is now open, speakers and exhibitors are signing up steadily for the February 8th-10th event.

LTSP saves old hardware in Brazilian doctor's office

Integrated Neurology Service SINEURO's office, located in São Paulo, Brazil, migrated from various versions of Windows (from 98 to XP) on a network of five computers with eight nonskilled computer users. I was the consultant in charge, and I spent no money on new hardware. Thank to the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), hardware that's too old for new versions of Windows runs Linux applications just fine over a network from a server.

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