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OpenMoko Update

Sean Moss-Pultz updates the OpenMoko community on behalf of the OpenMoko team regarding the progress of the project as it moves towards the Phase 1 of its development. It looks like there may be some delays due to certain hardware issues, and stability and quality are a priority.

Paragon Software Launches New Version of NTFS for Linux

Paragon Software Group announced that it has released Paragon NTFS for Linux 6.0, the latest in its family of software. The product’s purpose is to provide reliable, rapid and transparent read/write access to NTFS volumes under Linux. Among the new improvements and features in this release are complete support for 64 bit CPU architecture, Windows Vista NTFS file system, the latest Linux kernel and also includes performance enhancements.

New Mozilla Minimo Mobile Browser Released

The newest version of Minimo, the Mozilla mobile browser, became available this week in the midst of changes within the Minimo project that make its future uncertain.

Make a Linux Home Data Server of an Old PC

Converting your old computer in to a home data server opens a range of possibilities, and a range of new things you can do with your computer(s) and the network. So, how do you do it?

Ultimate EMR Launches

April 2, 2007, Miami Florida: Empower Med, Inc. announces the immediate release ofUltimate EMR under the GNU General Public License. Ultimate EMR is the first Plone(tm) based, full-featured, web-enabled Electronic Medical Record software.

Oracle Linux adopters labelled 'idiots'

Melbourne company Opes Prime Stockbroking told ZDNet Australia that in the weeks following its announcement to adopt Oracle Linux, upset Linux enthusiasts phoned, e-mailed and wrote about the company online to complain at the decision.

GNUmed 0.2.5 released

GNUmed version 0.2.5 has been polished and released ! For the impatient: Go grab your copy at Next to bug fixes and code cleanup this release has a nice selection of new features as well ...We need testers. Let us know if it works for you.

Easy Mod Rewrite

Voodoo. A dark art. Black magic. All have been used to describe the power and complexity of Apache's mod_rewrite, and all are equally wrong. The rewrite engine is just another piece of software - it will function as you tell it to and nothing more.

Tibco Intros Open Source Suite for Testing AJAX Software

TIBCO Software, Inc., is a public, Palo Alto, California-based company (successor to Teknekron Software Systems, founded in 1985) committed to developing enterprise-grade software that helps companies realize their service oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM) goals. The company’s 40+ offices worldwide collectively serve more than 3,000 customers.

Arch Linux releases "Voodoo," changes name

The Arch Linux project today released Arch Linux 0.8 (aka "Voodoo") CD ISO images for i686 and x86_64 machines. Additionally, the project announced that its name will soon change to "Ark Linux," due to an upcoming merger of the Arch Linux and Ark Linux projects.

Editorial: Compiz and Beryl Merger

It isn’t official yet, but Compiz and Beryl are merging. For the last few weeks I have been following the mailing list discussions on this topic. A lot of the work has been started. It is sort of unofficially announced, so I feel now is as good a time as any to comment.

Flourish conf - Floss conference, April 6-7 Chicago

Is there a professional future in Free and Open source software? To answer these and other questions, we have invited quite a few of really smart people from different organizations: Google, IBM, Red Hat, and the FSF, and we are going to have a a chance to hear about the opportunities that FLOSS has to offer for our future. Come join us!

The Busy Java Developer’s Guide to db4o

An object database like db4o simply has more to offer to object-oriented developers, in today's object-oriented world, than its relational cousins.

A Death Blow to DRM

Less than two months after Apple chief executive Steve Jobs challenged record labels to stop insisting on "digital rights management" copy restrictions, one of the major record labels took him up on the invitation. This morning, EMI Music announced that it would allow customers to buy music off Apple's iTunes Store--and later, other music stores--without any "DRM" encumbrances, and in a higher-quality format than before.

Oracle Linux customer undergoes trial by fire

One of the first converts to Oracle's support for Linux said it has endured a public backlash since its decision to drop Red Hat.

Department of Homeland and Security wants master key for DNS

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to have the key to sign the DNS root zone solidly in the hands of the US government. This ultimate master key would then allow authorities to track DNS Security Extensions (DNSSec) all the way back to the servers that represent the name system's root zone on the Internet.

[Not Linux related, but definitely of interest to LXer audience — Sander]

Linux Desktop: Seven Leading Products

For those serious about considering Linux as a desktop alternative, here are seven applications and open-source projects that could help tip the scales towards Linux, moving it beyond servers to full enterprise adoption.
[ LXer warning: Flawed article - hkwint ]

Use a wiki to integrate your information systems

Managing documentation and support requests and collaborating effectively are difficult tasks for many organizations. Most companies have separate systems to track customer information, handle support, and manage a general knowledge base, but when someone needs a 360-degree view of a project, or needs to find all of the information on a client, the task can be next to impossible. Why not glue all of your separate systems together using wiki software?

Latest GPL draft splits legal hairs over Novell/Microsoft, causing ...

The latest draft release of the GNU Public License version 3 (GPLv3) released last week includes provisions that aim specifically to stop future software patent deals like the one made by Microsoft and Novell last fall. The proposed language has caused controversy in the technical and legal realms of the open source community.

Next Up on the System i5: Native GNU g++ and IBM XL C/C++

While the Java and C# programming languages and their respective Java Virtual Machine and Common Language Runtime environments for executing Java and C# programs get a lot of the glory these days, and there's plenty of excitement around PHP (also an interpreted language) as it moves into the commercial world from the Web, the simple fact remains that an awful lot of very good systems and application programs are still written in the C or C++ language. And that is why I think that IBM should offer support for a native, open source GNU g++ compiler on the System i.

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