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Dell to ship Ubuntu 7.10 on desktops and laptops

Ubuntu 7.10 arrives Oct. 18, and not long after that Dell will start shipping that version of the Ubuntu Linux desktop on its laptops and desktops. "We will offer Ubuntu 7.10 preinstalled on our systems soon," said Anne Camden of Dell corporate communications, in an e-mail interview. "For customers who are interested in updating their existing Ubuntu systems, we advise them to visit the Ubuntu 7.10 page on our wiki, which will go live [Oct. 18] after the official launch."

Linspire 6: Two steps back

Former Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony was pretty gung-ho about the company's upcoming release back in June. He said it would "fill some key holes in our current offering." Unfortunately Linspire 6, released last week, lacks the refinements you'd expect in a distro you pay $50 to download. It drops some key distinguishing features, and in return gains only some Microsoft technology as spelled out in the Microsoft patent covenants Linspire agreed to. This release seems to be about deferring to Microsoft.

'Choice Is Absolutely Essential'

  • Wall Street Journal; By Lee Gomes (Posted by SamShazaam on Oct 17, 2007 1:53 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview; Groups: Linux
Linus Torvalds, head of development for Linux, comments on the operating system, its rival Windows, what motivates software developers and the occasional messiness of free choice.

Linux Foundation to begin third annual desktop Linux survey

  •; By Steven J. Vaughan Nichols (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Oct 17, 2007 12:56 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, will announce its third annual desktop Linux survey on Oct. 17. This survey is not designed to measure how popular the Linux desktop is or how popular one desktop distribution is over another, although it will also measure some of that kind of information. What the survey is really designed to do is to pinpoint areas of user need in order to focus development efforts and accelerate the global adoption of Linux desktops and clients.

Novell woos small business with Linux

Linux vendor Novell is heading off after the small business sector now with its latest release, the Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition (say that in one breath). The suite is a desktop-to-server setup that the company says is tailored to meet the needs of small businesses.

Increase page ranking with FOSS tools for SEO

Theoretically, search engines should find all the best Web sites and rank them at the top of their search results. Unfortunately, due to the gap between artificial and human intelligence, this doesn't always happen. Users have the ability to alter the rankings by doing search engine optimization (SEO) -- a two-edged sword that can either be beneficial or harmful, depending on whose hands it's in. You can improve your site's search-engine rankings by using free or open source software (FOSS) tools for SEO.

Exclusionary Agreement Grievance Gets Airing in Novell-Microsoft Suit

One of the biggest gripes the FOSS community has with respect to Microsoft's business tactics is that its longstanding exclusionary agreements with hardware vendors has stifled genuine competition. This is the very issue of one of two claims Novell will be allowed to press against Microsoft in their anti-trust lawsuit.

phpDesigner 2007 on Linux with Wine

  • Wine-Review; By Thomas Wickline (Posted by twickline on Oct 17, 2007 9:09 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
Wine-Review has posted a article about running phpDesigner 2007 Professional 5.5.2 on Linux with Wine.

Microsoft licences get open source nod

In a surprising announcement, which will no doubt stir up the open source community, the Open Source Initiative said that it had approved two of Microsoft's licences as being fit for open source software.

13 reasons why Linux should be on your desktop

In this guest column, technology marketing consultant Kim Brebach, who last month published an essay titled "13 Reasons why Linux won't make it to a desktop near you," discovers why desktop Linux has thrived despite what he terms its "troubled childhood."

Community is top priority in monetizing open source Openads

Openads, formerly known as phpAdsNew, is one of the more successful open source development projects. Its online advertising software is used by many thousands of domain owners who want to make a profit on their Web content by selling advertisements. Scott Switzer, the project leader, recently went commercial with the project, securing $5 million in venture capital and a new CEO straight from Skype. The key to the company's success? "I have really seen the value in what a community can give to a software project," he says.

Ubuntu by Dummies: switching between saved network settings

I never read the manual. That can be a detriment in Slackware, baffling at the command line, soul-killing in FreeBSD (OK, that's just my experience) and ... just slightly irritating in Ubuntu. I have saved network settings for home (dynamic IP) and the office (static IP) -- a feature that didn't work at all in Xubuntu but is operational in Ubuntu 7.04 -- but I was baffled as to why, when changing from one of the saved settings to the other, the change would not go into effect unless I rebooted.

KDE 3.5.8 Release Fixes Hundreds of Bugs

The KDE community today released KDE 3.5.8. While the developers' main focus lies on finishing KDE 4.0, the stable 3.5 series remains the desktop of choice for the time being. It is proven, stable and well supported. The 3.5.8 release with its literally hundreds of bugfixes has again improved the users' experience.

Linux Product Insider - On Your Marks, Get Set...Gutsy Gibbon!

Welcome to a new blog here,"Linux Products Insider". I'm James Gray, Products Editor atLinux Journal. After the spam has been deencrusted and hucksters repelled, I'll use this space to update you on the latest and greatest products and services that I find using my secret channels. This week, I had the chance to take part in a press conference with Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu. Read on to learn why Shuttleworth's is so fired up about the new Ubuntu 7.10"Gutsy Gibbon" (available this week), as well as why he thinks Ubuntu is so darned successful.

SSH with Putty

  •; By goudacaster (Posted by michux on Oct 16, 2007 10:52 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNU
One of my favourite tools (that I use almost everyday) is PuTTY. I use it both on Windows (very useful because Windows has no SSH client) and on Linux. It is a program that enables SSH connections using a graphical interface. It also allows for the establishment of SSH tunnels as well as omitting some of the restrictions to Internet access.

Using the XBox 360 as an HTPC with uShare

uShare is an UPnP (TM) A/V & DLNA Media Server. It implements the server component that provides UPnP media devices with information on available multimedia files. uShare uses the built-in http server of libupnp to stream the files to clients. We discovered uShare as an way of connecting Microsoft's XBox360 to a Linux PC.

How a timer wheel algorithm can reduce overhead

Reduce the overhead of per-tick processing with a timer wheel algorithm that implements the retransmission timer. In this article, learn how to get lower granularity with your retransmission timer by using the AIX TCP fast timer, and discover other advantages of lower timer granularity.

Ubuntu goes 3-D

The folks at Canonical have started to prepare their servers for downloads of the latest Ubuntu release - 7.10 or "Gutsy Gibbon." Past Ubuntu releases have been marred by downed servers, as the Umbongo faithful rush to get their fresh code injection. So, this time around, Mark Shuttleworth and crew are doing their outreach early. They've started talking up the OS before it's available on Thursday, hoping to spread out demand a bit. With 7.10, Umbongo users will find fresh additions for the client and the server.

SA FOSS awards launched

Prizes up for grabs as awards encourage students to get involved with free and open source projects and make a difference.

O3Spaces 2.2: A step closer to open source

O3Spaces is a proprietary integrated collaboration and document management application for workgroups and businesses. Almost a year after its launch, the company behind the software has released version 2.2 beta. While the new version doesn't offer any earth-shattering new features, O3Spaces 2.2 sports a wealth of improvements aimed at solidifying its position as a viable alternative to Microsoft SharePoint.

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