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Installing SugarCRM OpenSource Edition On Debian 4.0 (Etch)

  • HowtoForge; By Till Brehm (Posted by falko on Jul 15, 2007 9:27 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian, PHP
SugarCRM is a webbased CRM solution written in PHP. SugarCRM is available as an OpenSource edition and a ClosedSource version. In this tutorial I will describe the installation of the OpenSource edition on Debian 4.0. With the modules My Portal, Calendar, Activities, Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Bugtracker, Documents and Email, SugarCRM OpenSource Edition offers everything that can be expected from a CRM solution.

Pardus 2007.2 Unrivalled Wifi Support.

I have tried many Linux distributions, only a few has good wifi support for notebooks. However, Pardus 2007.2 has done it out-of-the-box even with the Broadcom's chipset.

OpenMoko Neo1973 - an open source Linux based iPhone killer in the making ?

OpenMoko is a GNU/Linux based open software development platform. What this means for the lay person is that using OpenMoko software development kit, phone manufacturers will be able to bring out mobile phones which have more or less the same features of the now widely known iPhone from Apple and much more - all this under an Open license powered by GNU. This also means that for the first time there is potential for you to be completely free from being tied up with one mobile carrier or even a single phone manufacturer (read Apple) for want of anything better.

Very easy installation of Apache subversion and Active Directory

  • (Posted by mic_linux_usa on Jul 15, 2007 6:15 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux
Everyone is facing the problem of integration of apache/Subversion with Active directory. I found the document with complete package and it takes only 5-10 mins to install. You can also use the same and if any problem, Logon to, It is really very good.

Nettest 2.1

New release of nettest is available. Nettest is a network testing tool originally developed by SGI which I am maintaining out of need.

OLPC official challenges Michael Dell

Walter Bender, the One Laptop Per Child program's director of software, told on July 13 that he invites Dell Computer founder and CEO Michael Dell to help figure out how to better use 125 million computers that are discarded annually because they are archaic.

LXer Weekly Roundup for 15-Jul-2007

LXer Feature: 15-Jul-2007

In the latest LXer Weekly Roundup we have, Mark Shuttleworth announcing that Gobuntu is a go, Confessions of a Linux Fan, a review of Siag Office, Turbolinux signs a deal with Microsoft, IBM Pledges Free Access to Patents for use in Open Standards, my interview with Sebastian Kügler of KDE, 16,000 Linux computers delivered for free and Paul McDougall tries to put words in Linus Torvalds mouth. All this and more, plus the FUD article of the week.

Linux: Real Time Kernel Patch Queue

Ingo Molnar announced that the real time patchset that he and Thomas Gleixner maintain is now available as a series of 374 broken out patches, "from now on (as of it will be part of every upstream -rt release and it is available from the -rt download site". Regarding the patches, he notes that it's responsible for, "698 files changed, 27920 insertions(+), 9603 deletions(-)", going on to note, "which is impressive as we moved a huge chunk of -rt into mainline already ;-)

Misleading InformationWeek GPLv3 article

  • Free Software Magazine; By Ciaran O’Riordan (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Jul 15, 2007 1:03 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
LINUS CALLS GPLv3 "A FINE CHOICE" - is a title that InformationWeek could have used for their article. It would have been very selective quoting, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for InformationWeek. Nor does pretending that old emails are new emails, or misrepresenting people. In reality, there is no news. Their article contains nothing at all that is new since GPLv3's June 29th release. I thought this clarification was worthwhile because Slashdot has now featured that article, and from looking at the comments, it seems that most readers have been fooled into thinking this is some new statement from Linus.

Installing Sidux (Debian Sid) on Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad X61s

Author chose Sidux since it is a nice current distro (also because of the support for current hardware), and also gets more support and testing done on it than just plain Debian Sid. Sidux is probably one of the quickest booting and running distro's available at the moment. Package management is easy and updates are frequently available. Works well on X61s.

A world apart

  • Larry the Open Source Guy; By Larry Cafiero (Posted by lcafiero on Jul 14, 2007 11:22 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
In both GNU/Linux and Mac circles, PowerPC Mac hardware is divided into two categories: Old World for the pre-iMacs and New World for those which have color to them. So what do we call Intel Macs? Larry the Open Source Guy proposes Other World.

GNOME 2.19.5 Desktop Screenshots

Thanks to the power of GARNOME, this afternoon we decided to take a look at GNOME 2.19.5, which was released this past Wednesday. GNOME 2.19.5 is the fifth development release in the road to GNOME 2.20, which will arrive this September. Among the bits of the GNOME desktop with new features in this release include Eye of GNOME, Evince, Evolution, GDM, gedit, and many other packages.

Finding a Linux Job at LinuxWorld

So, you want a job in Linux do you? Well then get your tickets for San Francisco to see Dice's free Technology and Engineering career fair at LinuxWorld Conference& Expo.

Red Hat High update

This is actually the second summer we’ve run Red Hat High. We learned a lot of lessons in our first year. The biggest lesson: We’re a technology company, not a summer camp company. It took the truly heroic efforts of many Red Hat employees to make the camp happen last time, and it was clear that we wouldn’t be able to duplicate those feats. Thus, our partnership with Science House at N. C. State.

iPhone matures the "free your phone" movement

We've been using locked down phones and been served proprietary content by single providers for quite a while now, but it looks like it took the iPhone buzz for enough people to start opposing this for it to become a seed of a movement, or at least an extension of existing movements into new areas (Free Software and Free Culture movements).

Serial bus expands embedded computers flexibly

Embedded board vendor VersaLogic has started shipping small, low-cost I/O boards based on a proprietary new expansion board format. The company's SPX (serial peripheral expansion) modules offer cost and space savings compared to traditional stacked PC/104 I/O boards, with no reduction in throughput or capability, the vendor claims.

Linux Creator Calls GPLv3 Authors 'Hypocrites' As Open Source Debate Turns Nasty

Linux creator Linus Torvalds said the authors of a new software license expected to be used by thousands of open source programmers are a bunch of hypocrites and likened them to religious fanatics -- the latest sign of a growing schism in the open source community between business-minded developers like Torvalds and free software purists.

The secret of successful open-source companies, Part II

Last year (almost to the day), I wrote a post that detailed how JBoss went from $0 to a $350 million acquisition by Red Hat and scored a range of paying customers along the way. The research for that post was actually done in preparation for an OSCON presentation I was to deliver, which is the same impetus for this post.

Review: Nokia Navigation Kit for N800 Internet Tablet

Nokia's Navigation Kit for the N800 Internet Tablet works great when used in a car in metropolitan outskirts. However, the unit seems a bit pricey for what you get, is ill-suited to outdoor use, and seems to struggle holding a fix when the battery gets low.

What's your favorite news hub for free software news?

Whats the use of a poll when the others involved arent aware there is a contest going on? Get in there an vote LXer's

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