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Kubuntu 6.10 Released

Kubuntu 6.10, codenamed Edgy Eft, is hot on the download mirrors, this release is based on the brand new KDE 3.5.5. For all your photo needs the award winning Digikam is now installed by default and renowned artwork by the beloved Oxygen artist Ken Wimer shines all over. On top of this Kubuntu makes the perfect platform for KDE 4 development and porting KDE 3 applications with all the KDE 4 development libraries available along with Qt 4.2.

HP's "LightScribe" disc labeling tech comes to Linux

French storage drive vendor LaCie is distributing a pair of Linux applications that enable CD/DVD drives equipped with HP's "LightScribe" technology to burn CD labels. Support for LightScribe technology was previously available only on Windows and Mac, according to the company.

VoIPowering Your Office with Asterisk: Getting SIP through Firewalls, Part 2

  • VoIP Planet; By Carla Schroder (Posted by tuxchick2 on Oct 27, 2006 2:45 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux

IAXed you first

First let's look at something that's a little easier: using IAX trunks. IAX is a more NAT-friendly protocol because it only needs a single port. If you set up IAX trunks between servers, then your SIP traffic will waltz happily through your IAX trunk to your SIP endpoints

Ubuntu 6.10 Released

The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu 6.10, codenamed "Edgy Eft". This release includes both installable Desktop CDs and alternate text-mode installation CDs for several architectures.

Where ODF stands in the EU

A battle over Open Document Format (ODF) and the treatment of open standards is taking place deep in the bureaucracy of the European Commission. The information came to light during aKademy, the KDE world summit, in Dublin last month.

IBM gets the YouTube itch and scratches it

  • IBM/alphaworks (Posted by solrac on Oct 27, 2006 12:23 AM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
The image of YouTube as a revolutionary alternative to corporate media culture has just been blurred a bit. Here IBM is trying to leverage the YouTube channel with a very well done video about its alphaWorks tech download site and its 10 year anniversary.

Linux file system catches up with NFSv4

The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), sponsor of Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, has announced that the Network File System v4 (NFSv4) for Linux is available in SUSE Enterprise Linux from Novell.

SAP Co-Founder Backs New Open Source Forum

Hasso Plattner, the billionaire cofounder of business software maker SAP, has teamed with IBM and Deutsche Telekom to host a forum aimed at giving open-source software entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their business ideas to venture capitalists and other IT experts.

Position Statement to the Dunc-Tanc "experiment"

After a long and ambivalent discussion during the last weeks the project "Dunc Tank" (short DT from now on) has recently started. We consider that to be a major change to the Debian project culture: For the first time Debian Developers are paid for their work on Debian by a institution so near to the project itself.

With this mail we would like to summarize our thoughts about the DT project and the idea behind it. We also want to raise some questions we still consider unanswered and open.

Oracle Linux uncovered

Yesterday Oracle announced its move into the enterprise Linux market, revealing how it may challenge Red Hat. Linux Format got hold of the 'Unbreakable' distro to find out what's going on under the hood. Is it a breakthrough for Linux in the corporate market, or just another RHEL respin? See the article for all the info.

Oracle Joins Free Standards Group at the Highest Level

Oracle's announcement yesterday of its "Unbreakable Linux 2.0" program, aimed squarely at Red Hat, understandably overshadowed another announcement Larry Ellison made in the same speech. That announcement revealed that Oracle has joined the Free Standards Group (FSG), at the highest level of membership. despite being active in Linux for many years, Oracle had not previously been a member of the FSG at any level.

Aspect oriented programming with Java

Writing software is a complex business - not only do you have to get the enterprise logic of the application correct, typically you also have to deal with multiple other concerns at the same time, such as "what should happen if something goes wrong", "how should I make sure we know what is happening during execution", "how to enforce security throughout my application" and in some languages "how do I handle memory" or "when should I free up memory", etc.

Oracle's Red Hat Ripoff

Here is another reader comment that I think is superior to the story:

"it is pretty deep PR for Red Hat, too: Oracle is not only using their base system, instead of developing their own, they're calling it 'Unbreakable Linux.' Oracle is calling RHEL unbreakable; they aren't developing it themselves (when they have the people that could do that!); man, that is pretty deep PR for Red Hat, even if the business perspective isn't rosy. They didn't pick Ubuntu; they didn't pick SuSE: they picked Red Hat."

ERP vendor, eight, seeks partners

Hosted ERP provider NetSuite has announced an open source developer platform to attract new partners and increase its uptake in vertical sectors. NetSuite chief executive Zach Nelson unveiled SuiteFlex across the road from Oracle's OpenWorld in San Francisco, California, where thousands of Oracle partners had been getting the worldview from Oracle for three days.

The Indian Summer of Linux

With the largest technology service and software companies — IBM, Oracle, SAP — now offering two parallel streams of application platform: proprietary and open, corporations around the world now have a real choice.

Ubuntu Weekly News #19

In This Issue: Ubuntu 6.10 release candidate out, Mark Shuttleworth's announcement naming Ubuntu 7.04, A feel-good"Thank You!" for Edubuntu, Edgy Changes, Oracle relationship speculation and much more.

Exceptional C++ and More Exceptional C++

Book review: This pair of books brings together a variety of small but annoying puzzles mediated byHerb Sutter through thenews:comp.lang.c++.moderated newsgroup. However, any irritation is in a good cause. Each puzzle illustrates an important point in C++ that many of us still get wrong. An early example is exception safe programming, which most of us (OK, yes, me), have struggled against. Fortunately for my self esteem, these puzzles are given a difficulty score of between 7 and 9 out of 10.

Tapping Linux as an application framework for consumer electronics

In the highly competitive consumer-electronics industry, product life cycles are notoriously short, and downward price pressures are constant. As a result, electronics manufacturers must produce consumer devices faster than ever and reduce overall costs and time to market.

Buck DNS Monoculture with BIND Alternatives

  • Enterprise Networking Planet; By Carla Schroder (Posted by tuxchick2 on Oct 26, 2006 2:03 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
DNS is fundamental to network operations, but rather surprisingly, given the usual free/open source software community's habit of having multiple versions of everything, it has evolved into a DNS server monoculture dominated by ISC BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain). All other issues aside, such as security and performance, monoculture is not healthy. There's a whole world outside of BIND; a pleasant world full of DNS servers that are simple to configure, and reliable and secure to use.

Linux Competency Centre open for use

The IBM Linux Competency Centre was launched yesterday at the Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering. Boasting a powerful sever set up, the centre is available free of charge for corporates wanting to test systems as well as for academic research.

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